Goodbye May, Hello June

June doesn’t actually arrive for another couple of days, but we now officially have less than two months to go before we move out of our rental house, and there is more than plenty to do in the coming month to continue to get ready for that.

First though, here’s how we did with last month’s goals:

  1. Pay at least $900 on our credit card balance. We paid $4613.50 on the balance. We still have a bit more to go though.
  2. Clean out paper files. Brett took care of this, and got our entire file box compressed down to one envelope of papers to keep.

    Before: The original finish on the table was dissolving, and a hot mess thanks to heat, humidity and salt.
  3. Strip, sand and oil table top. Done – the table is beautiful and ready to go to its new owners!

    After: Believe it or not, this is the same edge on the table. Citrustrip, mineral oil and a little elbow grease made the table gorgeous once again!
  4. Reserve window cleaners and house cleaners for move out in July (we’ll need help with the windows and floors). We decided to do these tasks ourselves.
  5. Clean out bookshelves in YaYu’s room and help YaYu fill at least one bag of stuff for the thrift store. The most difficult task of all because she hates to throw away anything (but of course can’t take it with her to college either), but she got it done! We filled one bag of stuff from her room along with another bag from around the house to go to the thrift store.

Here are our goals for June:

  1. Pay at least $900 on our credit card.
  2. Purchase travel insurance.
  3. Clean, oil and buff three tansu for new owner.
  4. Take down and package TV for new owner; disassemble girls’ bunkbed and clean.
  5. Take down all art work from the walls; fill and repair nail holes.
  6. Empty pantry, clean shelves (repaint if necessary).
  7. Take all items to be shipped and stored into the garage for the movers.
  8. Start pricing items for moving sale.

Let’s see how it goes!



4 thoughts on “Goodbye May, Hello June

  1. That table is beautiful! I’m not a wood finisher, but I’m amazed at the before and after. Whoever is buying it will be getting a real beauty. 🙂


    1. We’re not wood finishers either, but the tabletop is solid cherry butcher block, and we knew from taking care of our tansu that just applying oil after the old finish was off would do the trick, and it did. Citrustrip was amazing – worked very quickly with little effort on our part, and no messy fumes, and the sanding and oiling went quickly too. I’m not sure why we didn’t do it earlier other than getting the table out to the garage was a royal pain.

      I am sending the picture of the table top before refinishing to Room & Board so they can see what happened over time here in the tropics. Their furniture is top quality, and we’ve had no problem with any of their pieces until we brought this table over here (matching cherrywood chairs did fine though, so who knows).


      1. Interesting! I’ve stripped wood long ago with some nasty chemicals, but haven’t heard of Citrustrip. Will have to remember it in case I ever have the need again.


      2. The Citrustrip was amazingly easy to use and effective. No weird smells either. We worked on the table out in the garage, but realized afterwards that we could have done it inside with the windows open. We are both asking ourselves now why we didn’t do fix the table earlier, but we had no idea the task would be as easy as it was.

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