Sunday Miscellany

My favorite view on the island.

There’s no regular Sunday post today – Brett and I are down on the west side for the weekend with no Internet connection. I do have a few odds and ends though:

  1. We’ve had a long, cool winter and spring, and I knew it was coming, but . . . the humidity is back. Ugh. It’s not as bad as it’s going to get, and the trade winds are currently still brisk, but the humidity is noticeable and has gotten uncomfortable at times. For a brief while though I had almost forgotten what it’s like to sweat so much! We’ve got less than two months to go in the house, and the condo we’re moving into at the end of July is air-conditioned – we’re all looking forward to it!
  2. I’ve been reminded that while there are a few big moments during the downsizing process, mainly it’s lots and lots of little tasks, ones you have to keep doing every day. Sometimes I look at all that’s left to do and feel discouraged, but then realize that our shipment at the end of this month will take care of a lot of what’s here; friends moving to the island are taking a big part of our furniture at the beginning of July; and right after that we’ll have a big garage sale and will hopefully get rid of most of the rest! It all will be happening sooner rather than later.
  3. I’ve also realized that because of the above scheduled events, for most of July we won’t have a TV, or any furniture other than our inflatable mattresses. We’ll still have our Internet connection to the end of the month though and will watch stuff on our laptops, and we’ll be working hard in the meantime on getting the house deep cleaned. It’s going to be an interesting month though, to say the least.
  4. This month will mark the fourth anniversary of our arrival on Kaua’i. It seems though like we’ve been here a lot longer than four years. I feel very sad when I think about leaving, and I find myself looking at things around the island more closely these days, or closing my eyes and picturing different places in my mind so that my memories stay strong.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Miscellany

  1. We too are moving in less than 2 weeks from a place we have lived for a very long time. We are going 2600 miles away and I am starting to feel that way too. I am looking forward to a new adventure though so that is all good. Good luck with your move.


    1. Looking forward to a move or what’s coming next is the best motivator I can think of. You sound like you’re ready to go! I think we’ll have most everything gone by the time we move out of the house at the end of July, but I’m sure there will be things we can’t get rid of other than to take to the thrift store. I just want to make sure we have lots of time to get the cleaning done – we get the sense our landlord is going to be very picky.


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