A State of Inertia

Hot chocolate packages sit out on the counter so we remember to use them.

Inertia (n.): a tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged.

It feels a little right now like we are holding a place in slow-moving line. It feels like nothing is happening, or at least the things that are happening are small and mundane, and aren’t moving things along much, if at all.

I’ve been taking down pictures and filling holes (and I defy our landlord to find them!), cleaning out the pantry, continuing to go through and sort things to go the thrift store or trash. Brett has cleaned out our papers and has shredded the items we’re not keeping. We’re working through what’s left in the pantry, using things up or at least trying to figure out how to use them up. No matter what we do though, for now it doesn’t seem as if we’re accomplishing much of anything.

I don’t remember feeling like this back in Portland, before we moved over here. There seemed to always be something to do, something big and important that made a noticeable difference. Maybe there wasn’t though – maybe there actually were long stretches of nothing like we’re experiencing now and I’ve forgotten it all.

I keep reminding myself that all the little stuff adds up, and I will be glad in a few weeks that I have been taking care of all these small things now. The movers are scheduled to pack us out on June 29, our friends arrive on the island on July 1 and will be taking most of our furniture, and we’ll hold a garage sale on July 6-8. After that it will pretty much be just us and our clothes, one bed and an inflatable mattress, our computers and Kindles, the vacuum cleaner, and maybe the slow cooker if it doesn’t get sold at the garage sale. The car will be listed for sale toward the end of July. We’ll step up our deep cleaning around here so we’re ready to do the walk-through and hand over the keys to the landlord on the afternoon of 28th of July so we can head over to the condo to begin our last three weeks on the island.

There are still a few reservations to be made for our trip before we leave Kaua’i, but in the meantime we’ll keep plugging along with the small stuff, and I’ll keep reminding myself that we’re just at a slow spot in the river right now, and that things will soon pick up and begin moving swiftly again. I know when it’s time to depart we’ll wonder how the time passed so quickly.


4 thoughts on “A State of Inertia

  1. We just moved to Arizona from Boston and it was just like that. I shipped all our stuff out here via UPS in three shipments. It seems like I was always packing something but it always seemed like nothing was happening. By the time we got to the end when the apartment was finally empty then it felt like we had accomplished something. Good luck with everything. All you can do is plod along…..


    1. What I remember about leaving Portland is that we we always seemed to be working on something, and that even the day we left the house and turned over the keys there was still a pile of stuff by the door to drop off at Goodwill! The work was never ending – here it seems like we are waiting, waiting, waiting.

      Oh well – things will start happening next week, and then I’ll probably long for it to be more quiet.


  2. It was like that for us too when we moved from Atlanta to S. Cal. Lots of things to do and then a waiting period before the last minute stuff. Use the time to do things you enjoy where you are.


    1. I think I’m feeling down about it because it all just seem so disorganized right now. Some stuff is already out in the garage, ready for the movers, but there are also stacks of things here and there that will be taken out for them – we don’t want to wait until the last minute so we don’t forget anything. In the meantime there’s not all that much to do, but the house is a mess or at least feels that way.

      I know even though we’ve moved out and will be at our condo, we’re going to feel very rushed at the end, so I am trying to enjoy the peace right now (but not doing very well).


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