Sunday Afternoon 7/01/2018

Everything ready to be loaded into the small container – all of this didn’t even cover one side of it though.

July is here! This is going to be a busy month for us, although after this coming week things should calm down and it will be all about the cleaning. But, we’ll be out of the house on the 28th and into our condo at the beautiful Waipouli Beach Resort for a final “Kaua’i vacation” before we go. Right now though it feels like Crazyland around here. The house has been something of a mess as we had things organized and staged for the movers last Friday and now we’re now getting things ready to go to Alan and Cheryl this week and for our garage sale on Friday. We were able to sell a few more pieces of furniture through our local Buy & Sell group this past week – those things thankfully went very quickly. The only furniture that’s left to sell now are our sofa and living room chair, and the two wicker chair that were out on the lanai, but we’ll put them out at the garage sale and hopefully they will go. Whatever is left over from the garage sale though will go to the thrift store.

I scored an amazing deal this past week for the car rental for our last 24 days on the island. We are going to have our car detailed and listed for sale on the 20th of this month, and want to have a rental we can use on the chance the car sells quickly. I started checking the deals Costco had (we have always found the lowest price through their site) and the best I found there was $57/day through Budget. Brett had also checked with two local car rental businesses, where you can get a “less than new” car for supposedly less than regular car rentals, but their prices, once we added in fees and taxes, weren’t any better. When I showed Brett the Costco price he thought it was OK, but suggested I call the local Budget office and see if they would give us a kamaaina discount. However, the price I was quoted was more than the Costco price (!) so I said “thanks but no thanks, I’ll go ahead and rent from Costco.” I was asked to wait for a moment and then the agent I was speaking came back and offered me the same car for $38/day, all taxes and fees included! So, one more thing taken care of – I just hope though we can fit all of our luggage in the car when it’s time to head to the airport.

Brett level (on the right) is keeping the oven light off for now. So classy.

The repairman came as scheduled this past week to replace the oven door glass, but he could not finish the repair because the landlord had failed to order an additional part needed. Sigh. So, the repair guy ordered the part but no one has any idea how long it will take for it to show up or when the repair guy can come back. It also turns out that the landlord would have been better off ordering a whole new door versus just the glass – the door costs $146 and Brett could have put it on. By ordering just the glass but paying the repairman’s service fees for installing it the landlord is paying twice that. In the meantime, without a door the oven light was staying on all the time which was super annoying, but Brett jury-rigged the light switch with his level. I also figured the lack of a door on the oven, and the fact we probably won’t be using it again before we go (and can’t anyway until the door is repaired), made it a good time to clean it for our move out, so I got that job done.

This afternoon I am:

  • Reading: I’m almost done with the Donna Leon mystery and have been enjoying it, but the new Inspector Lynley mystery, The Punishment She Deserves, also came off of hold this week so I’m reading that too (Inspector Lynley during the day, Donna Leon at night). Elizabeth George’s Lynley mysteries are always great to read, but always require just a bit more concentration to catch everything (which has sort of been hard to do this week).
  • Listening to: It’s overcast and cool-ish today (but still a bit humid) so everybody and their brother is out working on their lawn – lots and lots of weed trimmers and lawnmowers are in operation outside and it’s noisy. Inside it’s quiet though – YaYu is at work (double shift today), and Brett is reading. I’m getting ready to start the laundry though so the inner quiet will stop for a while. With YaYu wearing a uniform to work the amount of laundry we have to do has been cut in half versus what we washed while she was in school (three changes a day: school, sports, and evening).
  • Watching: Brett and I have watched a few more episodes of Bailey & Scott, another episode of The Great British Baking Show, and we’re going to watch another episode of Endeavour tonight. We’re taking a break from Parts Unknown – it’s just too much to try to binge watch. The TV will come down off the wall tomorrow to be boxed up for its move. Anything we’re watching from here on out, until we get to the condo, will be done on our computers or tablets.

    We didn’t move very much this time, but it still seemed like we had So. Much. Stuff.  (there were also a few things in the kitchen besides what’s in this picture)
  • Cooking/baking: The cookware went into our shipment on Friday so all we have to cook with now is our wok and a frying pan. Add this to YaYu’s crazy schedule and her decision to give up meat and it’s difficult to know what to have. Brett and I are going to have Stouffer’s stuffed peppers for dinner tonight, and all I know that we’ll be having next week are Italian sausages and marina fixed in the slow cooker, and kalua pork in the slow cooker. I’m putting the slow cooker out at the garage sale though so this may be the last week we’ll have it. If it doesn’t sell though we’ll take it along to the condo and use it there before taking it to the thrift store. Brett is going to clean up the grill this week and we’ll see if we can get someone to take it off our hands.
  • Happy I accomplished this past week: Getting everything organized for the movers was a chore – we kept going through the house and finding things we’d missed before on each round (and still found a couple of things we missed after they left). To us it still looks like we have way too much stuff, but it’s less than a quarter of what we shipped over here. I finished painting the pantry closet, and have started on the other closets. It was difficult to find time to walk this week – it rained quite a bit, and was very humid in between – but we managed to get four walks in. It was cool and windy enough on a couple of days that we were able to walk out to the Pineapple Dump.

    Fierce seas out at the Pineapple Dump
  • Looking forward to next week: We’ll be getting everything staged to go over to Alan and Cheryl’s house this week, and then setting up for the garage sale. It’s going to take some work, but it means we will be that much closer to getting ready to go. I’m not sure though what we’ll be displaying things on – we have one 6-foot table (that will be for sale) but that’s it. I’m looking forward though to getting rid of more stuff – that’s the important thing. 
  • Thinking of good things that happened: YaYu took Brett and I out on Thursday to see Incredibles 2 – very fun! It was especially nice to get out of the house for a while – we didn’t realize how much we needed a break until we had one.
  • Thinking of frugal things we did: We’re still pinching ourselves over huge savings on the car rental because the best we thought we might save with the kamaaina discount was around $150, tops. We also took the last of our change/$1 bill savings to the bank this past week. It was an easy way to put away a little extra every month, and it added up more quickly than we imagined. Brett and I plan to set up a new jar once the Big Adventure is over, to save for our next adventure.
  • Grateful for: I’m feeling thankful right now for the time we’ve had and will have to pull all the parts of our move together. Although this coming week is going to be hectic and busy, after this we’ll have lots of time to wrap up things up here and get ourselves relaxed and ready to travel.
  • Bonus question: Do you like any weird or strange food combinations? This question came from YaYu, who puts sriracha, other hot sauces, red chili flakes or chili powder on everything. She also likes marinara sauce on salad instead of salad dressing. No thanks! I don’t think I eat any weird combinations now, but when I was young I liked sour cream with ketchup sandwiches because they were so tangy. I can’t imagine eating that now – ugh! Also, I went through a thankfully short phase where I liked peanut butter and mustard sandwiches. I have no idea where that combination came from but I’m sure glad it didn’t last long. I never had any weird cravings when I was pregnant either – just tasty Memphis barbecue.
I had to boil eggs in the wok yesterday because all the saucepans went with our shipment. I’m going to try to boil spaghetti in it this week – wish me luck!

That’s all for this week from the shrinking Casa Aloha – I hope you all had a good and productive week as well. What good things happened for you? Did you or do you eat any “strange” food combinations? Do you have special plans for the Fourth of July?


15 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon 7/01/2018

  1. I am really impressed with the few things you are saving. Not sure I could get that small at this point….but maybe in a few years. You are an inspiration!
    You might consider holding onto your slow cooker. The money you save may outweigh the amount you will end up getting from it. You could leave it with the condo as you walk out the door!


    1. I was somewhat surprised to realize the other day that I haven’t missed anything we’ve given up. It really was time to let them go. The stuff we decided to keep are things I know that for now I would miss if we no longer owned them (or did not want to have to pay to replace, like my cookware). We’ll see how we feel about these things whenever we settle – I have a feeling we’re going to be able to let some more go.

      I sold the slow cooker today (Sunday)!! A woman came to buy one thing I had advertised, and ended up buying another $100 worth of things we had set out for the yard sale. I mentioned I would be putting out the slow cooker, she offered me my asking price today so I sold it to her. Better a bird in the hand and all that. I’ll somehow manage without it for the next few weeks.


  2. I think I missed the answer somewhere. Are you storing your things in Hawaii or having them shipped back to the mainland? Is YaYu going to work until the last minute? Is she excited to go to college?
    When I was young i liked vanilla ice cream and potato chips. Also vinegar on my french fries.


    1. They’re going back to the mainland – a friend will keep them in her basement while we’re moving around. We looked into storage here, but it was way too expensive and the climate here is not conducive to long-term storage, and we also decided that since we were not coming back for a while it would cheaper to send them to the mainland.

      I have had ice cream with potato chips in it – it was good! The chips were chocolate covered, I think, but still salty and crisp. I’d order it again. And I’ve had vinegar on fries when they came with fish & chips. It was also good.


  3. Great progress and you adventure start date is moving up quickly! I don’t think I like any weird combinations but always found my Dad’s baked bean sandwiches pretty bizarre.


    1. Less than two months to go before we set out!

      My grandmother would have eaten a baked bean sandwich. She’d put just about anything between bread to make a sandwich – she loved them. Brett has made some pretty strange sandwiches too over the years, but I don’t think he’s ever had a baked bean sandwich.


  4. Ha! I like salsa on my salad so that’s not too far off.

    Heat. Wave. Here in Massachusetts. It’s awful, supposed to linger most of this week so I am really only looking forward to my day off for the holiday. Nothing planned.

    I cannot believe how close you are to beginning your adventure!!


    1. I think if I could eat salads (I can’t eat lettuce) I would prefer salsa over marinara. Pasta sauce just seems so wrong somehow, although I do like it with steamed vegetables.

      BIG heatwave going on – WenYu has been telling us about how hot it is in MA. She said all she wants to do right now is sit. At least it’s air-conditioned at her job. It’s been exceptionally humid here lately – already much worse than it was at this time last year. I’m looking forward to moving over to the condo – it will be air-conditioned plus we can get in the pool to stay cool.

      Less than two months to go! Less than four weeks left in the house.


  5. Putting hot sauce or pepper flakes on everything is not considered weird in this part of the world. Although I cannot eat very hot stuff, I still like to put a little pepper or pepper sauce to casseroles, soups and even some sandwiches. We consume tons of cheese and olives for breakfast along with jams, honey, butter or olive oil. For some that may be weird but here, it is regular breakfast.


    1. I’ve never seen her do it, but it wouldn’t surprise me if YaYu put hot sauce or pepper flakes on ice cream – she’s that devoted to the stuff. I add pepper flakes and such when I cook, but she always adds more, lots more, to her portion. Cheese and olives sound delicious for breakfast! Especially with some good bread, butter and jam or honey. YUM! I love non-traditional foods in the morning, and the girls enjoyed having leftovers for breakfast when we had them. My favorite leftovers for breakfast are still macaroni & cheese or leftover pizza. I guess maybe those two things might seem weird to some.

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  6. Here people tend to lay things out on a tarp if they don’t have tables, for a garage sale. 🙂

    Sounds like many happy moments this past week! 🙂


    1. I think that’s what we’re going to have to do next weekend – set some of the things out on a tarp in the garage. We only have a 5-foot folding table left, but it’s for sale too – the woman that came today almost bought it! We really don’t have a whole lot left – a woman who came yesterday and the one today both went through our stash and bought a LOT of our stuff. Happy to see it go and make some $$$, but we’ll have slimmer offerings at the garage sale now.

      Things are disappearing quickly around here – by the end of next weekend we will be camping out, eating off paper plates with plastic forks and spoons.


  7. Wow…the story of your oven door is crazy. That landlord sounds penny wise and pound foolish. I’m betting you’re correct re: him having spent the security deposit. Hope that all works out well.

    I don’t think I’ve ever liked any really peculiar food combinations, but my husband likes to put pickles inside his grilled cheese before grilling it. Pretty much ruins a good sandwich IMO, but to each his own. He also loves pepper flakes and the bottle tipped into his dinner last night. Even he had to agree it might have been a bit much. LOL.


    1. I have stopped trying to figure out our landlord. He’s going to try everything, and come up with every excuse, not to give us back our deposit. Pound wise and penny foolish is right because if he does he’s going to end up paying a LOT more in back taxes and penalties than if he’d just given us our deposit, or most of it. But, he’s acting like he’s the smartest guy in the room so we’ll see.

      YaYu got some “nuclear” hot Korean noodles, and could not finish the bowl because she said they were too hot, something I never thought I’d hear her say. She ended up having to fix them with only half of the spice packet (and the used the rest on other things). So, apparently there is a limit. She also doesn’t care for things like habaneros or other hot peppers, or wasabi which I find interesting.

      I wouldn’t eat pickles on grilled cheese but I can imagine it. I’m with you though – just cheese on my grilled cheese, thank you!


  8. Have you decided where you will live when you finish your year long world trip? I personally think that it is fabulous! I have always wanted to go to Uruguay.


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