Goodbye June, Hello July

July is going to be busy but pivotal month for us – we’re scheduled to move out of the house on the 28th and over to the condo we rented. We’re greatly looking forward to our stay there because Brett and I will have no obligations other than to relax and enjoy our remaining time on the island – we’ll finally get to take a Kaua’i “vacation” (YaYu will continue to work right up until we leave though). The condo is the same one our son and family stayed in earlier this year, with that fabulous pool, which is where I intend to be spending most of my time while we’re there, either swimming in it or sitting by the side under an umbrella.

The “lazy river’ feature at the condo pool

Here’s how we did with last month’s goals:

  1. Pay at least $900 on our credit card. We paid $3210 toward our remaining balance (we sold an additional $435 worth of things this past weekend). Just a little more to go!
  2. Purchase travel insurance. It turned out we didn’t need to buy this because our credit card already provides insurance for things like lost luggage, cancelled flights, etc. and our health and dental insurance are valid all over the world. In fact, we discovered that – surprise! – because we have military health insurance we were ineligible for regular travel health insurance.
  3. Clean, oil and buff all the tansu. Done! Cheryl and Alan arrive this week and we’ll get them all moved over to their house.
  4. Take down and package TV; disassemble and clean girls’ bunkbed. Done! Both of these items are also going over to Cheryl and Alan.
  5. Take down all art work from the walls; fill and repair nail holes. Done! This pictures went in our shipment, and I defy the landlord to find even one of the nail holes I repaired.
  6. Empty pantry, clean shelves (repaint if necessary). Done!

    The finished pantry closet – it almost looks better now than it did when we moved in! (I wish I had ‘before’ pictures – it was a mess)
  7. Take all items to be shipped for storage into the garage for the movers. Done – the movers came and picked up everything last Friday.
  8. Start pricing items for moving sale. We’re off to a slow start with this, but will finish it off this week, once we’ve gotten everything else out of the house and over to Cheryl and Alan’s.
  9. We also took four big bags of stuff to the thrift store and are working at filling another one.

Here are our goals for July:

  1. Hold garage sale on July 6 through July 8; take all items that don’t sell to the thrift store.
  2. Deep clean the house like we’re preparing for a navy-style white glove inspection.
  3. Detail car and list for sale on July 20. The rental car for our last month on Kaua’i is already arranged.
  4. Pack suitcases and move to the condo on the 28th.

Just four goals this month, but they will keep us busy!



8 thoughts on “Goodbye June, Hello July

  1. You are moving right along…no pun intended. 🙂

    Your wish to have a picture of the pantry when you moved in reminded me of a story from my college days when I was more oppositional. I moved into an apartment with a really disgusting fridge…mold, etc. When I was moving out, the landlord came and looked over the place, told me the fridge wasn’t clean enough and he was going to keep my deposit. (College town landlords are the pits.) I knew how nasty that fridge had been, so once I realized he was keeping my deposit for no good reason, I figured I’d give him one. I took a can of Comet cleanser and sprinkled about half of it all over the inside of the fridge. There…you can have it cleaned with my deposit. I hadn’t thought of my 20 year old self doing that in years. So thanks for the memory. LOL. Nowadays, I would find a better response, likely in small claims.


    1. I remember spending an hour or more scouring that fridge. And it was pristine when he came by, but college students had very little leverage or power in that town. Anyway…I am still annoyed thinking about it. HA!


      1. haha! I was so terrified of just that scenario for my first apt. during college! Just terrified, so I video taped the walk through, took photos and documented every single scuff, dent and slightly-off kilter paint line (“That looks like a scuff there Fred, doesn’t it?”…zoom into Fred’s face and force him to agree, snap photo, write it down). I then made “Fred” and the overall property manager sign off on the documents and the backs of every photo – while I video taped them again – it was totally neurotic! I heard later from other tenants that they were a nightmare to deal with to get their deposits back…but hmmm, I didn’t have any issues, they just cut me a check 😉 haha! I hadn’t thought of that in quite some time either. Good luck Laura – I’m sure it will go smoothly.


    2. Our last landlord here walked through the house, got out his checkbook and wrote us a check for the amount of our deposit minus $50. I was kind of mad about that at first because we had made improvements (added two ceiling fans, new range hood, and new handles – nothing had been every expensive, but still). In hindsight it was easy, and helped the guy save face – he had put in a new fridge, stove and filtered water tap for us.

      If our landlord gives us ANY problems whatsoever, we will report him to the state tax agency. He will wish he had given us back at least some of our deposit. If he’s smart though, he’ll realize that we have the knowledge to do that, but I think all he’s focused on now is that we won’t be here to take him to small claims. Penny wise and pound foolish.


  2. Yes! That pool…..the office I am currently working in is so cold. I’ve had to warm up by stepping out into the oppressive heat. What a fine way to spend your time before you leave.


    1. The pool is AMAZING, and from the highway you would never know it’s there. Plus, there are several hot tubs on the property, with sand bottoms, and at least two are for adults only – no kids. Brett and I are thinking that as humid as it gets in the summer here, we might just walk up and back down the lazy river a few times for our daily walk.

      I wish I could find an environment here right now where I got cold enough I needed to get out into the heat. The humidity here has been absolutely awful this past week – even locals and other long-time residents have been complaining about how bad it’s been.


  3. I predict July will fly by and you’ll be luxuriating at that pool before you know it. ☺

    You’ve done such a wonderful job of moving forward one step at a time, and now here you are just shy of the finish line. So darn excited for you!


    1. I hope this month flies by. Almost everything is out of the house now, but we have a lot of work to do to get things organized in the coming weeks, so I’m hoping the days fly by. That resort and pool is pretty powerful motivation though to get things done and keep things moving along.

      I can hardly believe we have less than two months to go here!


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