#Kaua’i: Miss/Not Miss

We have just 40 days left on Kaua’i, and I think daily now about all the wonderful things I’m going to miss about living here. It’s honestly been an amazing four years, better than I ever dreamed, and I’ve been blessed to have experiences and memories that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

I could only think of three things that I will not miss or look back on with any fondness, and I will get those out of the way first:

  1. Humidity. I don’t think I need to say any more about this. I’ve never adjusted or adapted to it.
  2. Traffic. I cannot get over the change in the amount of traffic during the past four years. What was mildly problematic when we arrived is now nearly a daily pain in the you-know-what. And, it will be several years, maybe decades, before the infrastructure can be put in place to deal with it.
  3. Dust. Who knew that there could be so much dust generated on a little island out in the middle of the ocean? It’s been a never-ending issue, and mixed with the damp from the humidity it’s also been a frustrating one at times.

Although I find the chickens and roosters annoying at times, and I’m still terrified of centipedes and toads, those three are pretty much it though for the negatives.

There is no way I can compile a list of everything I will miss about this beautiful island, and I’m sure there are things right now I don’t know I will miss. But, in no particular order, here are some the things I do know:

  1. The absolute darkness at night With no ambient light to speak of, the sky is darker than anything I’ve ever experienced before and packed with stars. Also, the full moons here shine almost as bright as the sun.
  2. The deep, abiding spirit of aloha. It’s woven through everything here and is what truly makes Kaua’i the special place it is.
  3. Beautiful sunrises and spectacular sunsets.
  4. The ocean. I honestly never dreamed I would get to live where I see the ocean every day. It feeds my soul.
  5. Walks along the east side beach path. The views have never gotten old.
  6. The year-round farmers’ markets, and the amazing farmers who bring a bounty of fresh produce to the markets each week, including the best cucumbers I’ve ever eaten.
  7. An abundance of tropical fruit. Dragonfruit,  papaya, lychee, longan, mountain apple, rambutan, egg fruit, guava, mango, soursop and so many delicious varieties of bananas too. I’m not sure I’l ever be able to eat a banana from the supermarket ever again.
  8. Fresh papaya for breakfast. I wasn’t sold on them when we arrived but now they’re one of my most favorite things about living here.
  9. Coconut palms against a blue sky.
  10. The infinite variety of hibiscus. They still can take my breath away. Also, the scent of plumeria on the evening breeze is pretty amazing too.
  11. Going to the beach in the winter. Going to the beach anytime, actually. I still can’t get over that we live just five minutes drive away from a beach this fabulous.
  12. The luscious green of the island, and it’s breathtaking natural beauty. After four years here the amount of plants, the lush green, and the mountains still never fail to fill me with awe, and make me happy from the inside out.
  13. Shave ice.
  14. The people. I’ll miss them most of all. They’re the main reason we’ll be back.

We’ll all be leaving a piece of our hearts on Kaua’i – how lucky we’ve been to live here!


10 thoughts on “#Kaua’i: Miss/Not Miss

  1. Was that a prediction at the end, “We’ll be back”. ?? All the reasons you listed about what’s great here are so true, times ten! Personally, I can’t imagine living anywhere else but I don’t have your wanderlust spirit. I know you’ll be happy no matter where you live!


    1. Oh we’ll definitely be back to visit! I cannot imagine never coming back here again. But you’re right – for now we’re still full of wanderlust.


  2. So many things to love about Hawaii. Kaua’i was the first island I visited back in the 90’s and the beauty there just amazed me. We’ve been back a few times (Maui, Big Island) but haven’t returned to Kaua’i yet. Yet. 🙂

    I do notice the traffic is slow and heavy when we’ve been back, but we usually aren’t moving around a lot (except for the volcanoes visit and a few boat trips), so it’s not as challenging as it must be for residents. The roads are sure not built for traffic except in Honolulu from what I’ve seen.


    1. We never made it to Maui or the Big Island while we were here, so that’s another reason to come back some day. Kaua’i has been a very good fit for us though, but it is growing more crowded as more people visit and more move here. A trip that used to take just 15 minutes when we got here now can take 35-45 minutes. Honolulu’s traffic is even worse though from what I understand – massive traffic jams every day.

      Kaua’i is beyond doubt the most consistently beautiful place I’ve ever lived. It ticks all the boxes for me – ocean view and lots and lots and lots of green.


  3. After 33 years living in a desert climate, the humidity would be quite an adjustment for me. Heavens, we complain it when it is above 15%. But, the pictures and the aloha spirit remind me why we visit the islands as often as we do. Now, with a business reason for coming to the Garden Isle, I will have more chances to experience what you and Brett have every day.


    1. We have lived in places where the humidity is worse than it is here (southern Maryland, Florida Keys, and Japan) but we had air-conditioning in those other places. I knew we’d have to deal with humidity here before we came, but had no idea it would be as bad as it is or that my body would so stubbornly refuse to adjust or adapt to it.

      I will always be grateful that we had the opportunity to come and live here on Kaua’i – it’s been a truly wonderful experience. We don’t know yet that we may miss it so much that we end up coming back. You will love your time on Kaua’i – it’s a very special place.

      We have the station on all the time in the car now – two thumbs up!


  4. My soul lives in Maui. I felt that the first time I went, as the airplane was APPROACHING land. Just the view out my window and I felt an abiding sense of home like I have never felt since. I don’t know that I’ll ever be back; my last trip was over a dozen years ago, and it just doesn’t seem in the cards anymore. You are very, very lucky.


    1. That’s how I felt about Kaua’i the first time we came – I immediately felt like I was home. It took Brett a few more days, but by the time we left the first time he said he felt the same way. It’s often said that you don’t choose Hawai’i, Hawai’i chooses you. I’m hoping you’re able to make it back to Maui some day – I know we’ll be coming back here, at least to visit.


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