I Could Get Used To This

Coffee on the lanai every morning . . .

Just two days in the condo and I never want to leave (well, almost).

. . . along with beautiful sunrises.

Whether w’re watching the sun rise and enjoying our morning coffee out on our lanai or sitting under an umbrella by the pool or just relaxing in our cool apartment, we feel like we’ve won the lottery. We enjoyed “living local” for the past four years, but I’ll be the first to admit that having air-conditioning is beyond fabulous. I had forgotten what it’s like to walk across a room or step out of the shower and not immediately break into a heavy sweat. Humidity has not been my friend here on Kaua’i so this is truly a special treat for me. I keep reminding myself though that going without A/C for the past four years is one of the reasons Brett and I were able to afford to stay here now and set off on our adventure next month.

The only time in my life I’m going to have a Sub-Zero fridge and Wolf range and oven. The dishwasher is so quiet we have to check to make sure it’s running!
The living room is very comfortable and inviting. All of the original art work in the house was painted by the condo’s owner.

The entire apartment is pure luxury and very comfortable, especially so in our case because of the last three miserable weeks we spent working on the house. The kitchen is equipped with very quiet appliances, and has more than adequate dishes, glassware, cookware and utensils. We have a full-size washer and dryer. All the rest of the fittings and furnishings are comfortable and top-of-the-line as well. It’s taken me a couple of nights to adjust to a different mattress, but the king-size bed is very comfortable now. I’m still marveling at how quiet everything is is overall – the apartment has been sound proofed so we don’t hear any noisy neighbors, roosters, traffic, pool noise, etc.

There’s a soaking tub for two in the bathroom and a separate shower in its own room around the corner to the right.
The view from our lanai includes a partial ocean view (we see more of the ocean from the living room). The building we look over is an air-conditioned fitness center.

After our last few weeks in our house and the disappointing end to that experience, I’m more grateful than ever that we chose to stay here for our last days on the island, and beyond thankful for the small inheritance from my mom that helped make it possible.

And of course there is the pool – even on an overcast day it’s fabulous.

I really could get used to all this. However, we have only three more weeks to enjoy it and I intend to make the most of it.


19 thoughts on “I Could Get Used To This

    1. It’s very relaxing here – I feel like so much weight has been lifted off our shoulders. The resort is gorgeous!


    1. It is like a staycation! I am content to stay here at the resort too and feel no need to go anywhere. I’ve seen everything I want to see here, done everything I wanted to do, and there’s only one more restaurant I want to go to, and we’re doing that a couple of days before we leave.


    1. The whole resort is gorgeous, inside and out. Staying here is the perfect way to end our time on Kaua’i – we’ll leave on a high.


    1. I can’t believe how quickly we have been able to shake off those last few weeks back in the house, and the disappointment and anger we felt that last morning. This whole place exudes nothing but relaxation. We are segueing into the next phase, but with three weeks here it will be gradual. I feel so blessed for being able to stay here – it’s a great way to say good-bye to Kaua’i.


  1. WOW! That place looks wonderful! The kitchen just makes me want to cook. I love, love, love lazy rivers! I’m so glad you are getting to enjoy it. What a wonderful way to spend your last few weeks on Hawaii.


    1. Oh my, the kitchen is AMAZING. I have never cooked on an induction stove before but I like it.

      The lazy river doesn’t have a “current” but we use it for walking. My favorite thing has turned out to the the hot tubs – the bottom is sandy, the water is the perfect temperature, the jets are very strong, and it feels like they put some sort of mineral in the tub which makes my skin feel wonderful after I get out (although it may just be salt water – I’m going to have to ask someone).


  2. Yes, this! When you were describing being at the condo in your last post, I thought that sounds like a vacation right there. I’m so glad for you all that you get to relax in a great space before your adventures…..travel and college both.


    1. This is a REAL vacation for us. We don’t have to go anywhere other than to take or pick YaYu up from work, and there is a supermarket right across the street so it’s been easy to get our groceries for the next few weeks. Brett’s run a few errands to close accounts (or make sure they’re closed) but otherwise we have nothing weighing on us and can enjoy everything the resort has to offer.

      It’s very strange to think we won’t have to pay any bills or utilities for at least another year . . . that in itself is very relaxing! (We have our two monthly payments on auto-pay so never have to think about them).


  3. What a great spot for your last weeks there. It looks just amazing. So glad you are getting a nice relaxing break before the Big Adventure.

    The thought of no bills or utilities to think about is SO appealing. 🙂


    1. It is honestly pure heaven here, and soooooo relaxing. And yes, no bills, no utilities – we’re not going crazy here, but it’s a nice change not to have to worry about running the dishwasher or the washer or dryer, etc. We won’t have a utility bill now for over a year!

      P.S. Of course the Internet here is slower than molasses. I do miss our high-speed wireless service. Plus, Internet coverage here is not secure – we have to go over to a friend’s house and log in on their wireless if we need to do banking, etc.


    1. It’s the Waipouli Beach Resort – you can book through VRBO, Airbnb or Outrigger Resorts. A w warning though – condos here get reserved far, far in advance – we had to book last December to get a place now, and the entire resort is full. The location is great through – it’s literally halfway between the north and south sides of the island, and Safeway is right across the street. There’s a nice restaurant on the property too.


  4. WordPress has been quite a challenge to comment through, and I’ve been trying for weeks! I think I finally have it sorted.

    Anyway, so happy for you & Brett! I’ve been following along & reading, even if not commenting. So very well deserved to have this break.


    1. It’s been the same for me with Blogger! I think they were both re-syncing their login systems for a while. I can only comment on Blogger blogs if they allow a Name/URL sign in – otherwise I’m blocked now.

      The resort is turning out to be everything we hoped for and more. After the last three weeks of cleaning and then the stupid landlord not showing up (and no deposit back) I feel more than ever than we deserve this break! Plus, we are flying first class from Hawaii back to the mainland, so it’s a lovely way to say good-bye.


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