Last Bits of Miscellany Before We Go

A delicate white hibiscus out by the pool – I will miss the unlimited variety of these beautiful flowers.

A few final things not big enough for their own blog posts:

  1. My number one concern right now is getting my back into shape for travel. I really messed it up last Saturday working at the election, more than I realized. We sat almost the entire day at middle-school cafeteria tables, with no back support, and three hours in I knew I was in trouble. By the end of the day I was a wreck, but figured time in the hot tub, pain medication and proper sitting conditions all would be well in a couple of days. Nope. It’s getting better, but one false move and it seems I’m right back at the beginning again.
  2. This past Tuesday was the deadline for our former landlord to return our deposit, or an itemized list of deductions (which has to include receipts, not just figures he comes up with). If he mailed it to us he was required to supply us with proof of mailing before or on Tuesday, and if he didn’t, by Hawai’i law he is required to return the entire deposit to us. Brett messaged him on Tuesday afternoon and asked about the status of our deposit and got a message from him just a few minutes before midnight that the check would arrive by 8:00 p.m. Wednesday (at Brett’s sister’s house). He asked us to “confirm receipt of the tracking number” but of course never gave that to us and nothing from him has arrived in Texas so far. Maybe something will show up there later today, but at this point we’re doubtful, and there’s a better than good chance we’ll be coming back to Kaua’i next year to meet him in small claims. Update: We finally heard from the landlord on Friday morning that the check had been mailed . . . to a completely unknown-to-us address in Texas, in a different city from Brett’s sister! Where he got that address is anyone’s guess, but it’s definitely not the one we gave him. Supposedly now it will be delivered to the correct address in three days, but I will believe it when I see it.
  3. We’ve all been throwing away pieces of clothing for the past three weeks, things we’ve worn almost the entire time we’ve lived here and but that are now past the stage of being saved. All this tossing away though is rather bittersweet as it means we’re very close to heading out on the Big Adventure, but also marking how very close we are to the end of our time on Kaua’i.
  4. Brett and I packed our suitcases yesterday, and except for a last few items to go in on Sunday evening that task is done. Neither of the suitcases is anywhere near full, and they both weigh 37 pounds so we each have some wiggle room (our goal was to have each suitcase weigh no more than 44 pounds). Of course, we still have YaYu’s suitcases to re-pack and will do those on Sunday. She calls her biggest suitcase “the body bag” – it is huge, but has to be to hold her comforter and other linens.
  5. We’re eating some very interesting things these days (like curry over leftover spaghetti) as we finish cleaning out the fridge and cupboards here at the condo. I have no idea what we’re going to do on Sunday because we’ll be out of everything by then, and tired of going out to eat.

14 thoughts on “Last Bits of Miscellany Before We Go

  1. Can you try to find a good chiropractor before you leave? I know a great one in Adelaide but that might be too far to travel before your trip. 🙂

    Boo to your landlord yet again.


    1. There’s not enough time now to see a chiropractor, or anyone really. My back is getting better – I just need to be careful about it. Brett is watching over me to make sure I don’t do anything stupid. I think I’ll be OK by next Monday.

      The landlord is a jerk, and a disgusting cheat of a man. Our deposit was a considerable amount of money that we’d like back (it’s our money too – landlords just “hold” it for the tenant until they move out). It’s enough money that it’s worth coming back next year to take him to court over it. It seems pretty obvious now though that he never had any intention of giving it back to us no matter how well we cleaned the house.


  2. I’m impressed that your suitcases are so light. Mine weigh more than that when I’m going somewhere for a week!

    I’m hoping you’ll post again tomorrow with news that the deposit arrived, but I know the chance of that is slim.

    I hope you’ll be able to get your back fixed up before you have to fly. Have you ever tried a massage therapist?

    Enjoy your last few days on Kauai!


    1. I was kind of surprised the suitcases weighed as little as they did because they feel exceptionally heavy, to me anyway. We really are working within a 50 pound limit, but will be limited to 44 pounds for a couple of flights within Europe and in India.

      Still no check from the landlord, and no further word from him either. Once again his stories and excuses are all over the place and don’t match up, which lets us know he hasn’t mailed our deposit and probably never had any intention of doing so. I think he believes since we’re leaving the island that we won’t be back to take him to court – he’s going to be very surprised next year!

      There’s a spa on the property here that offer massages – I’m not to that point yet but would definitely get one if things get worse. They’re actually getting better though and I’m being careful to keep them that way.


  3. Do they offer massages at the condo? Might be worth the expense as hours on a plane won’t help a bad back.
    Do you think your younger daughters will ever return to Hawaii to live. From your blog it seems that they had a lovely time living on Kauai.


    1. The resort has a fabulous spa on the property and I won’t hesitate to get a massage if it comes to that. We’re flying first class back to the mainland, so at least for the first part of the trip we’ll be in comfortable seats. All I really need is some kind of lumbar support, and the pillows on the plane will work for that.

      Both WenYu and YaYu loved their time here. YaYu especially is leaving behind many friends. WenYu will probably never come back except to visit, but YaYu said she could see coming back some day to live and teach here. Time will tell.


  4. Well, your landlord is consistent to the end, I guess. As my former therapist liked to say, shocking but not surprising. I agree he will be shocked when you come back to confront him.

    Glad you have 1st class seats to the mainland. Keep babying that back! Nothing worse than back pain, especially when you are setting out on a trip.


    1. I don’t say this lightly, but our former landlord is an idiot. Today we found out that he actually did mail us a check . . . but to a completely unknown address! Where or how he got that address is anyone’s guess, but it’s not even close to the one we gave him. Supposedly he got hold of the post office there and the check is being re-routed to Brett’s sister’s address, but I’ll believe it when I see it. He still failed to provide us with proof of mailing before the deadline even though we made several requests for it so he’s still in violation.

      Back was “twinge-y” this morning, but feeling better now. Will go down to the hot tub in a little while which will help a lot.


  5. Hope your back will be better before you leave. It is going to be a long adventure so you need all parts in good shape. I guess it is a little bittersweet leaving Kauai but, next year you will come back for the landlord anyway. He shouldn’t get away with it.


    1. It does look like we’ll be back next year. Supposedly the check is on its way to Brett’s sister’s house now, but I’ll believe it when I see it. I will be beyond surprised if it’s even half of what he owes us, which means we’ll be back.

      I am being very careful now with my back, but the smallest thing can make it hurt it seems. Once I rest though it gets better pretty quickly. I am just going to have to be careful.


  6. Really? The ultimate “the check is in the mail”. BTW- you cannot call a post office and have them reroute something (my husband worked post office sorting shift). What a bunch of bull pucky!
    I am sorry your back is out of wack. First class should help for that first flight.
    Last days! First days!


    1. I’ll believe he sent a check when I’m holding it my hand. Initially he told us he was going to cancel the check and write a new one ($$) but apparently the original check was sent registered mail with a tracking number – it has to be signed for – so it can be redirected (he probably had to pay a whole lot more for them to do that though). We’ll see. The BIG mystery though is where or how he came up with the address he used in Texas – it has absolutely NOTHING to do with the address we gave him, which to me is the biggest reason I don’t believe he’s sent us a check. Seeing will be believing, but the guy is an idiot (but convinced that he’s the smartest guy in the room).

      Spent some time in the hot tub today and my back is feeling OK this evening. Brett is not letting me do anything though.


  7. I hope your back continues to heal. Sending good wishes for smooth travels. Monday is coming up fast!!

    I, too, am impressed with 37 pound bags. So smart to pack lightly.


    1. The bags are a little heavier now, but not by much – when we weighed them earlier we had forgotten to pack the gifts we’re taking for our hosts. We couldn’t figure out why we had extra room in the suitcases – hello!

      My back is doing better – today is the first day I haven’t felt like I needed the hot tub. I went for a manicure/pedicure today though and got my back massaged the whole time in the chair, so maybe that’s why.

      Just one more full day to go. I’m feeling excited, but also sad. YaYu says she doesn’t think the reality of leaving has sunk in with any of us yet, and won’t for a while.


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