Gelato Every Day: Week 1

Day 1: I chose banana and tiramisu flavors (they paired well); Brett had mint chocolate and cookies & cream with chocolate.

We’ve been in Florence now for just over a week. One of our many goals while here was to try to have gelato every day, and we’ve been doing a pretty good job of it so far. We missed going out the day before yesterday because of the weather, but otherwise have made a point of indulging ourselves every day.

Day 2: Zuppa Inglese and a scoop of panna with chocolate & orange for me; cherries and cream and peanut butter for Brett.

The availability of different flavors has been frankly astonishing, limited only by the gelato makers’ imaginations. I think too that we’re already becoming “gelato snobs;” that is, we always choose the shop with a wide variety of different flavors versus one that only carries the “standards.”

The persimmon flavor was so amazing we both had to get some. I added green tea, and Brett had honey vanilla with his.

One other great thing we’ve discovered is that you can have two flavors for the same price as one – gelato is sold by the size of the cone or cup, not how many scoops you get. What a concept! We usually opt to have our gelato in a cone, but tried cups the other day. I didn’t think it tasted as good from a cup or was as fun so it will be all cones, all the time for me now. Brett is fine with having his gelato in a cup now and again.

Day 4: I chose ricotta with figs and black sesame. Eating gray gelato was a bit strange but the flavor was fantastic! Brett had mandarin orange and crema, which combined in sort of Dreamsicle. As you can see, the gelato was melting fast that day – it got kind of messy for a while there.

One week down, three more to go! Stay tuned for updates. Also, Brett’s job as a hand model is secure.

We tried out the little gelato shop just down the street yesterday, before the thunderstorms returned. After sampling almost all their interesting flavors I chose pomegranate and bergamot; Brett had stratiacella (crema with chocolate chips) and zabajone al marsala (egg creme with sweet marsala). Man-oh-man was the gelato at this place good – we’ll definitely be going back!



16 thoughts on “Gelato Every Day: Week 1

  1. I love your photos! The gelato looks and sounds amazing. I wish ice cream in the U.S. was charged by the cup or cone, too.

    Florence is so beautiful. Enjoy!


    1. Thank you! I brought along my camera but it’s stayed in my suitcase so far – I’ve taken all the photos with my phone. And poor Brett – before he can eat his gelato he knows now I have to have a picture 😉

      I too wish ice cream in the U.S. was charged by the size of the cone or cup versus how many scoops you ask for. It really is a great way to price a product like gelato/ice cream.

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    1. As you should LOL!

      You can imagine how difficult it is to pass so many shops every day knowing you can pick JUST ONE. As I said, Florence is an embarrassment of riches.


  2. Oh my gosh…I loved the gelato. I’m sure I would have gained 10 pounds if we weren’t walking all day every day. The flavors you got look amazing, too. There were times I just couldn’t eat more, but my hubby managed to have it at least once/day. And often twice. 🙂


    1. Our rule is no gelato if we don’t walk. Once a day seems to be working out well for us – there’s no way I could eat more even if I wanted. Choosing flavors takes a lot of work as well.


    1. We were hooked the very first day, and were amazed by how many different gelateria there are here. We continue to be amazed by the variety of flavors that are available.


  3. Yum! Some of the flavors sound weird (black sesame) but everything looks fantastic. Wish I could try some.


  4. So enjoying following your travels, started reading your blog a couple years before you left Portland (where I live). I usually don’t post but your comment that you can cook pasta at home inspired me to do so. I often cook pasta at home. I was in Rome for a one week vacation very recently and ate pasta SEVERAL times and it was nothing like what I cook at home! The pasta was different (better different), definitely more all dente, sauces were amazing. I love pasta carbonara and it is made so deliciously and simply in Rome. So — please consider enjoying pasta at a restaurant at least once in Rome! (Also not expensive, 10-12 euros for a generous but not usually overwhelming serving.)


    1. Two scoops once a day is about all I can handle, but I can see working up to going more than once.

      I think “Gelato Everyday” would be a great name for a real Italian-style gelato stand in the U.S. (Portland?). They should charge by the cone too versus how many scoops, and rotate the flavors! Of course, that’s like the artisanal ice cream stores in the U.S. are doing, but gelato is really something different here.


  5. This post really intrigued me!! NEVER have I EVER had gelato!! WHAT?!?!?! I have seen the shops and heard about gelato, but never tried 🙂 Now I’ll need to!!

    The frozen yogurt shops sell by the weight, its a great concept…


    1. Gelato is creamier than ice cream because there’s less air. I believe it also contains less fat because it’s made from milk, no cream and often no eggs. We’re just blown away by the creativity shown in the many flavors – it can be quite hard to choose!


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