On the Road: Patterns

Mosaic floor, Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral

Going through my photos the other day I was quite surprised by the pictures I had taken of the many beautiful and intriguing patterns we came across during our travels, both natural and manmade. Each picture brought on a rush of memories and I could clearly remember the place, the time and the day each picture was taken. I do have a favorite: the huge bowl of rose petals that were sitting across from the elevators on our floor at our New Delhi hotel. Besides the feeling of excitement that I was finally in India, the photo also evoked the wonderful aroma of the petals as we waited to go down to the lobby to meet our guide and start our tour.

Stairway, Lemarck-Caulaincourt Station, Paris
Tree bark, L’Orangerie Park, Strasbourg
Cobblestones, Petit France, Strasbourg
Interior columns, the Duomo, Siena
Inlaid marble floor, the Duomo, Siena
Roman mosaic floor, Vatican Museum
Ceiling, The Pantheon, Rome
Tiled building, Lisbon
Sidewalk, Lisbon
Rose petals, Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi
Antique Kashmir silk rug, New Delhi
Marble inlay, The Taj Mahal
Man Mo Temple, Hong Kong
Manhole cover, Napier, New Zealand
Roof tiles, Imperial Palace grounds, Tokyo
Cup noodle sale, Sangenjaya, Tokyo

9 thoughts on “On the Road: Patterns

  1. Wonderful pictures and I love the pattern theme. It’s such fun to look back over pictures, and so much easier now that everything is digital. What a great way to remember these places.


    1. I had no idea I had taken so many pattern pictures along the way – it took me a while to realize what I had been doing. And, I was very surprised by how strong the memories associated with the pictures were.


  2. Beautiful, very arty! I love how you capture the patterns in the whole frame with no outside distractions. And together in one post they have greater impact, like an art book – the sum total is more than just one image. [But no patterns from Australia?. 😦 ]


    1. Thank you! As I said before, I had no idea I had been doing this as we went along, and it took me a little bit to figure it out as I was going through my photos.

      I did see wonderful patterns in Australia . . . in gift shops mostly. I think it’s just sort of too wild still for patterns like we found elsewhere, which is one of the things we liked about our time there. It was the same in New Zealand except for Napier with all of its art deco.

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  3. Great photography with a wonderful subject choice. Perhaps it is the patterns themselves that enhance your memories. Interesting how the brain works.


    1. I think you may be right, Vivian – the patterns themselves seem to enhance the memories. As I looked at them I could remember why I stopped to take their picture (and not others).


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