Giveaway #2: Supermarket Favorites from Japan

For the second giveaway, I’ve put together a few of our favorite food items from Japan:

  • 3 packages of CookDo Chinese sauces: Sweet & Sour Pork (or Chicken), Chili Shrimp & Stir-fry Pork or Beef w/ Peppers. Each package makes 3-4 servings (more like 2-3 American size servings). The three dishes could be served together for a complete Chinese meal, or each made individually, and they are meant to be served with steamed rice. Although there are picture directions on the back, I will include instructions in English.
  • 1 package soy peanut crackers (our favorite snack in Japan).
  • 1 package Asparagus Biscuits. These are lightly sweet cookies shaped to resemble asparagus spears (there is no asparagus in the cookies). They are the perfect accompaniment to a cup of coffee or tea.
  • 1 package dark chocolate KitKat bars.
  • 1 200-gram bottle of Kewpie mayonnaise. Kewpie has a cult following among chefs and others in the U.S. – its creaminess and rich flavor are because Kewpie is made with just the egg yolk instead of the whole egg like most mayonnaise.

Here are the giveaway rules:

  • You may enter the giveaway once a day.
  • Leave a comment on this post with at least one about your favorite Japanese food, or whatever – each comment you leave equals one entry.
  • For a one-time additional entry, send a separate comment and let me know if you already follow The Occasional Nomads or if you become a follower.
  • Share about the giveaway on your own blog and let me know in a separate comment for one more additional entry.
  • The giveaway will end on midnight on June 19; one entry will be chosen at random and the winner announced on Friday, June 21. I will contact the winner by email to get shipping information. The giveaway is open only to readers in the U.S. and Canada (I’m sorry – I can’t afford the postage otherwise).

Thanks for entering – I look forward to hearing from you!


90 thoughts on “Giveaway #2: Supermarket Favorites from Japan

  1. Living in flyover country, we have only one good sushi restaurant in town, but it’s great. Would love to try some of these flavors!


  2. I also love ponzu sauce. It was paired with raw flounder and it was amazing! That restaurant closed but I still think about that amazing dish!


  3. Second for 6/13, I have been a follower for a few years. Love all your adventures and seeing how you can have a wonderful retirement with living sensibly.


  4. Soba noodles, particularly if they are crispy-crunchy on the bottom, and coated with a savory sauce. But not udon noodles! I am definitely not a fan of their big, thick soggy texture!


    1. I was never a fan of udon until this last trip when we got to try freshly-made ones – there was a big difference than what I had eaten before – they were chewy and not soggy at all (and delicious). I especially loved the super thick houtou noodles we enjoyed on our Fuji Five-Lakes getaway.


  5. We have an unusual grocery in our small rural town- it has a couple of aisles of international food. ZerGut is the Eastern European brand that the local Russians favor, there’s British tea and marmalade, Indian pickle and chutneys, marmite for the Aussies, and a large Asian section with Korean, Thai, Chinese & Japanese ingredients. I prowled for CookDo yesterday, but no luck. 😟


  6. Ramen! One of our best memories during our trip to Japan was eating and sipping ramen in a tiny ramen house full of eating and slurping locals. I couldn’t bring myself to slurp (oh those cultural roadblocks!), but hubby threw himmself completely in and did us both proud!


  7. An interesting tidbit: a former boss was a big sushi fan, and he introduced me to a decent sushi restaurant in the Detroit airport on a layover once. It’s fairly popular and just remodeled and enlarged, I think. I don’t fly constantly for work anymore (thank goodness!), but when I did, I always hoped for a long enough layover there to eat there. 🙂


  8. Gyozo, or what we more commonly call pot stickers. Love those little crescent moon dumplings and could eat them three times a day. Must have crispy bottoms, though, and a nice dish of dipping soy sauce!


  9. The reader’s comment about sushi at the Detroit airport reminded me of the movie “Jiro Dreams of Sushi” his restaurant was in a subway but was one of the most popular restaurants with a months-long waiting list to get a table.


  10. I would love to try the Kit Kats that you have written about. I am not familiar with Japanese food so would be exciting to try!


  11. ‘Soft’ cream cones, with a cinnamon cracker tucked in for good measure! I know you love the green tea matcha flavor, which is definitely the prettiest of the limited soft cream options, but I much preferred the chocolate. Match is just a tad to similar to hay for my liking! 🙂


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