Reminder: Supermarket Favorites from Japan Giveaway

The winner will receive three CookDo sauces, Asparagus Biscuits, soy peanut crackers, a bag of dark chocolate KitKats, and a container of Kewpie mayonnaise.

There are still seven days remaining in Giveaway #2 for the chance to win some of our favorite supermarket items from Japan. One entry is allowed each day although there are a couple of ways to earn an extra entry if you’re just getting started.

The giveaway will end at midnight PST on Wednesday, June 19 with the winner announced on Friday, June 21.

I’m enjoying all the entries so far – I love reading about your favorite Japanese foods and flavors!

6 thoughts on “Reminder: Supermarket Favorites from Japan Giveaway

  1. My Mom was born in Japan. Due to lots of complicated family history, I wasn’t raised by her. I do love Japanese food and would love to try the items in your giveaway!


  2. I like most Japanese snacks, especially the rice crackers, but i’ve Never had asparagus biscuits. I enjoyed your food posts from Japan. Everything looked delicious, but the green grilled mochi especially so.


  3. My experience with Japanese food is very limited! That being said, I do love Asian food generally and one of my husband’s and my goals for retirement is to get to Asia and especially Japan. I an enamored with the culture, the sights and the history! My favorite little shop in Hilo is a 2nd hand shop filled with antique and new Japanese decors and clothes. I have a beautiful Obu? That I use as a table runner. I also have glass floats from the Japan sea :). Thanks for your blog. I have read it for the past few years! We are getting close to that word “retirement” and I get wonderful ideas from you and others! Kathleen


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