Farewell to Portland (for now)

We love Portland – always have, always will!

We have had an absolutely wonderful summer in Portland. We rested and relaxed, got our health and dental care taken care of, met most of our summer goals, and ate lots of locally-grown fruit and vegetables. But now it’s time to move on and continue our travels. We are ready to go.

We’ve almost finished our packing, the apartment is almost cleaned, and we have just a couple of things left to take care of in town before we board our flight on Saturday evening. We will fly directly to Reykjavik, Iceland and transfer there to a flight to London Heathrow.

How lucky we have been to be able to hike through the forest park near our apartment.

Other than a very few hot days, the weather in Portland this summer has been absolutely ideal. Days have mostly been sunny and temperate, the night temperatures perfect for sleeping.

We started off our stay here a bit in the hole after a couple of big shopping trips to Costco, Trader Joes, and Winco but we’ve managed our spending since then and will be leaving town well under budget, ready to face a new, lowered daily spending amount. Other than visiting the art museum and the zoo, we saw and did everything we wanted to while we were here. We will miss our westside apartment up on the hill, along with its proximity to OHSU and the nearby forest park and hiking trails. We’ve loved being able to easily get around town for the most part without a car.

Best of all, we’ve loved catching up with our friends here, always the best part of coming back to Portland.

But, here we go again! We’ll check into our hotel out by the airport tomorrow afternoon after stopping off to put a few more things into storage (our summer clothes, for example – we won’t need them in England). On Saturday at noon we’ll return our rental car and head over to the airport, where we’ll have a bit of a long wait. We’ll eventually get our bags checked in, head to our gate, and will Portland a little after 7:00 p.m.

What a great summer we’ve had – thank you Portland!


16 thoughts on “Farewell to Portland (for now)

  1. Oh gosh, I hope you love England. I always feel personally responsible for visitors enjoying our little country. I do hope it meets expectations!


    1. I know we’ll love being there. Seems like things are a bit of a mess politically right now though, and we’re not sure how things are going to shake out for all of you later in the fall as well with Brexit going into effect, but it’s going to make our visit a bit more interesting for sure.


    1. Thanks! We’ve got tomorrow to get through, but it mostly involves getting everything out of the apartment and then some stuff over to storage. We’ll relax tomorrow evening at the hotel (and enjoy a Swedish meatballs dinner at IKEA!).


    2. Thanks! This is our “free” stay, courtesy of Airbnb – so glad we are able to do this because we just couldn’t fit the UK into our previous itinerary. We’re a bit worried about the current political climate there, most especially for those living there. It will be interesting for sure to see how it all plays out.


    1. Thank you (although the long flights are never the happy part LOL). We’re really looking forward though experiencing the UK.


    1. Thank you! It’s early Thursday evening now, and I’m completely packed and getting ready to empty the fridge for dinner. Errands are done, and we’re looking forward to moving forward tomorrow, and then heading into a new environment beginning on Saturday.


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