Technical Issues

I am going to be taking the next ten or so days off from blogging (and many other computer-related activities) while I wait for a new laptop to arrive from Apple. Beginning last Saturday, I started having multiple issues with my current Macbook, such as it shutting down for no reason and also refusing to start up at times. At one point on Sunday it took nine tries to get it to boot up, and this morning it finally flat out refused to start. YaYu spent well over an hour with Apple Help on Sunday trying to resolve the issues, but the end result was the recommendation I take it to the Genius Bar. 

There’s no Genius Bar on Kaua’i, just a small Apple retail store that sends Macs somewhere off island for repairs. After some discussion about the best way forward, Brett went ahead and ordered a new Macbook Air for me. It is scheduled to arrive at the end of next week, between July 1st and the 3rd. YaYu is already excited about setting up the new arrival, but she has been an invaluable help in keeping this one going as long as possible so we could get as much as possible off of it before it died.

Blogging on my phone doesn’t work for me, but I can answer comments. I’ll be back in a short while, as soon as everything is set up again. Thanks for understanding!


10 thoughts on “Technical Issues

  1. Oh, the dreaded blue screen of death, or the black screen of “give it up.” Few things are more irritating than setting up a new computer, adding back all the apps and programs (where is that blasted license code?), getting the colors and layouts right.

    But, once that is done you will probably wonder how you survived as long as you did with the old unit. Once set up, a new computer is like Christmas in July, or being technologically reborn!

    Have fun on your break and enjoy your wait by the beach.


    1. The demise of my computer was completely unexpected (and unwelcome). It worked fine last Friday and then went downhill fast beginning on Saturday. I’m very grateful we were able to get as much off of it as we did and then wipe it clean. Hopefully they’ll give me a little back on trade-in.

      YaYu will get everything set up for me short of passwords. I am greatly looking forward to playing with the new Mac though – there are several new bells and whistles, new security features, and it’s bigger, thinner, and lighter than the old one too!


  2. So lucky that you have YaYu to set up your new computer! That stuff drives me crazy🤪


  3. Oh, there is nothing like a new Apple. It’s tough to accept when you have to bite the bullet, but it will be GREAT once it’s set up. And it’s awesome that YaYu can help!


    1. I had my hopes up this morning that my old one would work again, but no. We were able to finally get it booted – took several tries – but only for YaYu to wipe it clean so it can go back to Apple. Excited about the new one, but sure didn’t need the added expense right now.

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    1. No word yet from Apple that the computer has shipped. At this point I’m guessing that like everything else it will arrive much later than I was told. (I am STILL waiting on my new glasses – it’s been more than a month now. No chair pads either. Heaven only knows where they are.)


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