Staying Healthy: Food & Exercise

Because staying healthy is our #1 goal this year, rather than just listing our weekly menu and how much we walked in the Sunday post, I want to combine the two along with other healthy things we’re doing into a weekly post. This is not to thrill, amaze, or impress anyone with what we’re eating or how much we’re walking, but to help me keep track of our progress, and better see ways we could be improving. I will still be making a weekly menu plan, and including that in this post, and the Friday recipe post will continue as well (as long as I have recipes to share).

Without further ado, here’s what we ate this past week. My goal when meal planning is to come up with flavorful, healthy meals that use what we have on hand and contain less than 500 calories, including dessert. I apologize for the shadowy photos – the light is not very good when it’s time for us to eat, but I do my best.

Mississippi pot roast dinner . . .
. . . and Baked Alaska birthday cake

Sunday: We celebrated YaYu’s 21st birthday with one of her favorite meals: Mississippi pot roast, mashed potatoes, and sautéed green beans. For her special dessert I made a Baked Alaska (with a brownie base and chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream). It was a bit of a challenge because I did not have any of the traditional pans needed (all were in the lost box) and high humidity made it difficult for the meringue to hold its shape, but it came out okay in the end and was delicious.

One Pot Pasta with ham and broccoli

Monday: I tried a new recipe and it’s a keeper: Chef Tom Collecchio’s One Pot Pasta. So good and so easy! We had leftover Baked Alaska for dessert.

Who needs CookDo?

Tuesday: Japanese-style sweet and sour pork (subuta) over steamed rice; finished up the Baked Alaska.

Costco’s artisan rolls are perfect for French Dip.

Wednesday: French dip sandwiches made with leftover pot roast; roasted zucchini; chocolate cake with coffee buttercream for dessert.

I love these wraps because they’re made with cabbage – no lettuce (which I can’t eat). I counted out nine chips for my serving.

Thursday: I wanted a day off from cooking, so we had Costco Asian chicken wraps; salt & pepper baked potato chips; and chocolate cake again.

Pizza in our home is traditionally served on the blue fish plates for who knows what reason. Mini naan breads make a pretty good crust and help keep the calories down.

Friday: Mini chicken tikka masala pizzas; chocolate cake again

Chicken with rice and five vegetables: carrots, onions, celery, green beans, and zucchini.

Saturday: Chicken, vegetables, and rice soup, and chocolate cake one last time. The cake has been delicious, but has kept me awake into the early hours as there was so much caffeine in it.

I had small portions of everything (all measured and/or weighed). I have no dietary restrictions, but continue try to limit my carbs and eat more vegetables than not, and not exceed 1200 calories per day (usually get a few more though based on how much we walk). 

Here’s the menu plan for this coming week (in no particular order):

  • breakfast for dinner (sausages, eggs, and toast)
  • Guadalajara Swiss chard quesadillas (made with spinach this time)
  • grilled fish tacos with mango peach salsa
  • Chinese 3-color salad
  • ham fried rice
  • Costco Italian sausage and pasta casserole
  • mini pepperoni & vegetable pizzas

Tapioca pudding and gingersnaps will our dessert for the first four days of the week, then we’ll have butter mochi with ice cream next. Not sure what vegetables we’ll be having with some meals either – that will depend on what we find at the farmers’ market. I currently drink 72 ounces of water every day, and will be sticking with that.

Wind and clouds were constant companions as we walked this past week. We feel lucky to have gotten in as many walks as we did because the weather was so crazy.

We walked six and a half hours last week and 89 miles in January (so far). It rained several days during the week, but we were lucky and got in a walk every day even though we got a bit wet a couple of times. We will be continuing with our current walking distance through the end of the month, taking Sundays off going forward as we need and want a day of rest (it’s also the most crowded day up at the park and we like walking when there are fewer people there). Daily strength training has been going well – I have no trouble fitting it into the day, and look forward to it. Week before last the three of us did a six-mile hike on the Stone Dam trail, and were the only people out there that day! Finally, I lost another three pounds this past month, 31 pounds total since June of last year, and two toward my goal of 10 more pounds off this year. Other than a couple of pairs of leggings, none of the pants I arrived here with fit any more – they all fall off me now. My tops are super baggy as well. I am making do though, and with the shorts I purchased toward the end of last year I have plenty to wear, and no intention of buying anything else other than new walking shoes in March.

Brett is set to meet with the endocrinologist in Honolulu on February 1. He was scheduled to have surgery done last December, in Portland, and hopefully he can get it done this year, at Tripler Army Hospital if possible. The issue isn’t a serious one, but it does need correction. We are both eligible for the COVID vaccination but not until the end of March.


5 thoughts on “Staying Healthy: Food & Exercise

  1. What plan are you using for strength training? I need to start something but the couple I’ve tried have been dull. Congrats on your successes walking and losing weight!


  2. House Hunters on HG-TV had an episode last week, I think, about your island.
    Going to have some Mississippi Pot Roast this week! When I finally found the link to the recipe, I had to laugh- we call this Slaugenhaupt Roast, after the person who first served it to us and shared the recipe! Why do you think they call it Mississippi?


    1. Did they show any houses for less than half a million? I think the current average home price here now is $645K or around that. There are currently only two houses on the island for less than $400K, and they are tiny and need a LOT of work. Condos can be had for less, but the HOA fees are killer. The lowest fees on the island are still around $800/month.

      I would love to know why how the Mississippi pot roast got its name.


      1. I think your house prices are just about right! $500,000-700,000 or so. And it must be really expensive to renovate, with most everything having to come by ship, right? I was also thinking about how you’ve said different parts of Hawaii are more humid, windy, etc. We mainlanders probably wouldn’t know, and who knows if a real estate person would tell. But it sure looked beautiful!


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