Staying Healthy: Eating & Exercise (5/30-6/5)

Our meat supply is slowly dwindling, but not quickly enough for me, honestly. We have been enjoying our meatless meals but quite a bit of meat protein still remains to be used. I’ve added some more ingredients to our pantry for future meatless meals: cashew butter, tahini, falafel mix, and bulgur wheat and am looking forward to creating meals with those in the future (the cashew butter though is for me to have on toast for breakfast). Amazon is the most cost effective place for us to find natural pantry items for the most part – local stores’ prices other than Costco or Walmart are usually way too expensive. Walmart, we’ve discovered, for as small as its grocery section is has a surprising amount of natural and organic options at very reasonable prices.

The first vegetarian cookbook I reserved at the library, Mark Bittman’s How To Cook Everything Vegetarian, came off of hold and I’ve been going through it, although it sadly appears not to be a good fit with a Kindle. It takes a while to maneuver through the book and find different recipes. It’s maybe a book I’ll have to buy (or suggest for a Christmas present). The America’s Test Kitchen vegetarian book has also come off of hold, but I haven’t been able to go through it yet. I hope it will work better with the Kindle. My best source for vegetarian/vegan recipes continues to be the Internet, and I’m just getting started looking on Pinterest.

Below are what we ate for dinner this past week. There were four meals that included meat, three without. The carrot salad on Wednesday was the biggest hit of the week – I will post the recipe for it soon. Both Brett and I could have eaten the entire bowl of it in one sitting and I cannot wait to make it again. The leftovers were great on the roasted marinated artichoke sandwiches we had a couple of days later – very yummy!.

Sunday: Grilled Italian sausages; pasta with marinara; roasted zucchini

Monday: Hamburgers; 3-bean salad

Tuesday: Grilled teriyaki chicken; zaru soba; cucumber slices

Wednesday: Italian sausage & artichoke mini pizzas

Thursday: Chicken-less nuggets; steamed artichoke; carrot & cilantro salad

Friday: Cheese board

Saturday: Roasted artichoke sandwiches; 3-bean salad

We’re enjoying the baked oatmeal for our desserts. We started off the week with a blueberry-banana version, and finished the week with a strawberry-banana one. They’ve been much more satisfying than a regular piece of cake or ice cream, and healthier too!

Below is what’s planned for dinner next week. I almost can’t believe that in this warm weather we’re having soup not once but twice, but it is what it is. Depending on what kind of mini pizzas get made we could be having four meatless meals versus three:

  • Chili pork sauce with baked sweet potato
  • Red pepper & tomato soup with toasted cheese sandwiches
  • Mabo dofu
  • Chicken & pasta soup with vegetables
  • Mini pizzas
  • Cheese board
  • Bulgur Mexicana

Our week of walking started out well, and other than one day spoiled by rain we got in good walks every day. We took our usual Sunday off, and then did a long walk at the park on Memorial Day, around the perimeter. On Tuesday we walked two miles on the Waiokapua Trail at Barking Sands, and on Wednesday we walked three and a half miles on the eastside beach path after my hair appointment. It was hot, hot, hot at both those places but there was also a breeze both times that helped made the temperature bearable. Rain kept us home on Thursday, but Friday and Saturday we did perimeter walks at the park again. We love going later in the day when things have cooled down a bit and we get shade almost the entire way on the perimeter walk. There are also fewer people at the park, almost like we have the place to ourselves.

All is well with our health otherwise. I’m getting labs done this week for my annual cholesterol check, and all lab work for Brett looks good following his surgery. Hopefully we’ll have our teeth back in shape soon as well. Coming back to Kaua’i has been very good for our health overall – we’re stronger, we’re eating better, we’ve lost weight. Noho’ana hau’ole: life is good.


15 thoughts on “Staying Healthy: Eating & Exercise (5/30-6/5)

  1. I really love Pinterest for recipes. Usually I can find some kind of inspiration for the week. Two of my favorites lately are an InstantPot burrito filling with salsa, corn, brown rice, peppers and onions. I took it camping with friends and everyone loved it. My other is chickpea salad sandwiches with celery, apple and dried cranberries. Soooo good! This week they’ve been on a toasted whole wheat English muffin, but I also enjoy it over greens.


    1. I found that burrito filling and the ingredients have already been put on my shopping list! I really need to set aside some time though and go through the recipes and see what appeals to me (and to Brett). We still have a few more weeks of meat to get through, but it’s finally starting to dwindle.


  2. Your pictures of the meals and all the photos you share are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.


    1. Thank you so much, Kimberly. I try to make our meals look as appetizing as possible, but it’s a task at times. I always photograph my serving – Brett gets a more relaxed plate of food.


  3. If you have an iPad or you can usually put kindle app on a laptop and try that, I usually have better luck that way.


  4. There is a food blogger, her name is Lisa and her blog is Downshftology, who always helps me out when I am lacking meal inspiration. Under the Special Diets tab, one can find so many vegetarian recipes for main dishes, drinks, desserts, you name it. She may have a YouTube channel as well.
    I agree with Kimberly, your pictures are so beautiful!


    1. I am going to check Downshiftology out tomorrow while I wait for my lab work to be done. I appreciate the recommendation – the more sources I have the better.

      Also, thank you!!


  5. I enjoyed this post, your meals, and the peaceful pictures. It all is so serene. I love 3 bean salad and I need to do “more” with artichokes.


    1. Thank you so much!

      We love artichokes (although Brett wasn’t initially impressed when I first had him try one). We bought marinated artichoke hearts the other day at Costco and I just learned about roasting them – so good!

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      1. Costco is a lifesaver for us here. Not everything is cheap, but we’re careful about what we buy and save a bundle there. I love their selection of natural and organic foods too.

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