Staying Healthy: Eating & Exercise (8/1 – 8/6)

We like tofu. We’ve been eating it for years, but as meat diminishes in our eating, we’ve decided we want to add more tofu to our diet, and have it maybe once or twice a week. It’s a great, inexpensive source of protein that can be used in a variety of way, especially as it absorbs the flavors of what it’s cooked with or marinated in. Tofu worked well as a substitute for pork in the stir fry this week, and the barbecue tofu bowl was a hit as well. We love hayayakko (chilled soft tofu), and somewhere I’ve got a recipe for a yummy Caesar dressing made with tofu that I want to dig out again. But otherwise I’m going to try to find new recipes and new ways to use it. When we do our next big shop we’ll pick up a case of firm tofu at Costco, and then hope it doesn’t freeze in our tiny refrigerator. Soft, nigiri, or other varieties can be found at Big Save..

We’re having a good time trying new things and finding what works for us and what doesn’t. We have a a pretty good selection of vegan and vegetarian items available on the island (Costco is a great source). I think Brett wishes I would add eggs back in once in a while, but for now I think we’re doing OK without them (I use applesauce as a substitute when I bake). Otherwise, our meat supply is almost gone, and we should be almost fully vegetarian by next month (we still plan to have locally caught fish now and again).

Last Sunday’s Hawaiian barbecue bowls will remain in regular rotation going forward although the amount of barbecue sauce called for was a bit excessive and will be cut back in the future. We tried a frozen pizza for a change this week but think our homemade mini pizzas are much better. The sweet potato sandwiches were planned for Saturday had to be cancelled when the potatoes turned to mush midweek (thanks humidity) and we substituted crispy (vegan) chick’n sandwiches instead (which used up some leftovers!).

Sunday: Hawaiian barbecue tofu bowls

Monday: Vegan burgers; coleslaw

Tuesday: Chili pork burritos; leftover coleslaw

Wednesday: Tofu & pepper stir fry; steamed rice

Thursday: Margherita pizza

Friday: Cheese board

Saturday: Crispy chick’n patty sandwiches with avocado and feta; grilled zucchini

This past week we finished the cherry baked oatmeal, had a s’more one evening, and then had lemon-blueberry baked oatmeal (our favorite flavor so far) for desserts.

We’re trying one new thing this coming week, squash and coconut dal we found at Costco on our last big shop. Fingers are crossed that we like it because we bought a case! We’ve got zucchini that need to be used, so we’re having noodles, and feta cheese that needs to be finished as well so I’m going to add some to a favorite quinoa salad. We’ll need to make a stop at the farm stand this week for parsley, mint, cilantro, and cucumbers but otherwise we have everything else on hand.

  • Squash & coconut curry dal (lentils)
  • Orange (vegan) chick’n & vegetable fried rice
  • Zucchini noodles with meat sauce
  • Quinoa salad with feta
  • Mini pizzas
  • Cheese board
  • Falafel sandwiches

We somehow managed to get in six days straight of perimeter walks in spite of last week’s wacky weather. Most days were fine (albeit very windy), but Tuesday we spent the entire time dodging squalls that were crossing the golf course, each one coming from a different direction. We somehow made it around the course without getting too wet, but spent several minutes in shelters and under big trees until the squalls passed. On Thursday we carried a bag and picked up trash around the perimeter because we were sick of looking at it, but there was already more out there again when we walked on Friday and by Saturday there was almost half again what we had picked up. The trash was mostly food wrappers, but we also found styrofoam food containers and other paper goods. In spite of the wacky weather and seeing fewer golfers than ever, we beat our previous high-number week and found 36 lost balls. We also found two new, unopened bags of golf tees laying out on the course to complement all the balls we found.

Another sign of the passing seasons in the park – golden berries are back again.

I don’t know if my shoes are starting to break down, or where we’re walking, or what’s happening, but by the time we finish our walks lately my feet have been killing me, especially my right foot. Everything starts out OK, but the last lap we do around the Pavilion has become almost pure torture at times. The pain is mostly on the top of my right foot, near the toes, so I no idea what’s happening. Something else to ask about when I see the doctor, I guess.


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    1. YaYu loves frozen tofu and uses it in a couple of recipes. For how I use tofu, once it’s been frozen it doesn’t work, so I guess I need to expand my horizons!


    1. It was very, very good and easy to make although the amount of barbecue sauce called for was about twice as much as needed so I’ll cut that back next time. I also wish I had fixed more pineapple – I bought a can with only four slices and should have gotten the larger can. We think this would also be delicious made with teriyaki sauce!

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      1. I am always tweaking things! We had a salad last night that we’ve enjoyed for years, but I added feta cheese and cucumbers and it was better than ever – can’t imagine having it any other way now.

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  1. So, do your feet swell when you are walking? Mine get about 1/2 a size bigger during the course of a run, particularly if it’s hot, or I’m doing a lot of miles. The solution I’ve found is to wear a shoe size 1/2 a size bigger than normal, tie my shoes extra tight, and then loosen them as my feet expand. Maybe an option? You may be able to tell if it’s hurting near your toe/nail beds. That’s where you might feel it.


    1. No, my feet don’t really swell too much and the shoes have plenty of room for swelling, and the pain is only in the right foot. I read the other day that it might be a form of tendinitis, possibly aggravated by the uneven terrain on the golf course. I took some Aleve the other day BEFORE we walked and didn’t notice any pain during or after the walk, so maybe being proactive is the way to go.


  2. The golden berries? Edible? Maybe already mentioned? Your menu ideas are interesting. I need to try tofu. Do you recommend a certain source of info for it, for newbies? I know there are various types but have never tried any. Would you guys have a big steak and accompaniments for a special occasion? a really radical junk food meal? Local stuff in your future travels?


    1. I don’t think the berries are edible; they’re just very pretty and stand out along our walking path.

      One of the reasons I love tofu is that it absorbs and takes on the flavors of what it’s marinated in or cooked in; it really doesn’t have a flavor of its own. There are many varieties of tofu as well, from soft to extra firm, and silken to a more cheese-like texture. It comes packed in water, so pressing the tofu before using is critical to get the moisture out that can otherwise spoil a dish or sauce. I’m sure there are loads of websites out there with instructions and ideas.

      While I’ll never say never, I don’t think Brett and I will ever eat steak or other big cuts of meat again, not even for a special occasion. I’ve always enjoyed meat more as a condiment or flavoring. We’ll probably eat meat again when we travel, but we’ve never been “radical junk food eaters” and are probably even less so these days. We are enjoying new foods, eating less meat, and feel much better for it these days so doubt there will be many changes going forward.


  3. I like tofu with soy sauce, little tomatoes, and spinach. I have no idea what kind it is, it is in the vegetables section at Walmart. I had no idea there were different kinds… lol.


    1. I can get about 7-8 different varieties of tofu here. In Japan There was about 3x that many varieties in the supermarket! I didn’t know where to start!

      I want to learn to make tofu “egg salad” – I’ve had it before and it’s delicious.


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