Staying Healthy: Eating & Exercise (8/22 – 8/28)

Every week I post what we have for dinner, but what about breakfast and lunch? Well, beyond wanting to overwhelm anyone with photos of every meal we eat, breakfast and lunch are much more simple and, in the case of lunch, usually consist of leftovers from our evening meals. Breakfast is even more simple: a bowl of Cheerios with blueberries and oat milk for me these days, and a bowl of oatmeal with fruit for Brett. I occasionally will make us some pancakes or mini-waffles, but otherwise we stick to the basics.

The above montage shows some of my lunches for the past week, using leftovers and other items that need to be used up. The exception was Wednesday’s brunch of eggplant lasagna at Ku’ulei’s Gourmet in Hanapepe, but in a switch those leftovers were enjoyed for dinner last Thursday. Otherwise I enjoyed a vegan chick’n patty sandwich which used up a piece of avocado; leftover egg roll in a bowl; a bean & rice burrito from the freezer; tomato & roasted red pepper soup; and leftover lasagna. Brett also ate leftovers all week. He is the king of making something delicious out of what’s on hand, no matter how small or how weird a combination might seem, and is a big reason why we rarely throw away any food. I’m the picky eater around here these days in comparison.

Our evening meals this past week were easy and delicious. With a package of ground beef used in the egg roll in a bowl we now only have a package of roast chicken, a small pork chop, another package of ground beef, and a very small bag of meat sauce. It should all be used up by the end of September and we’ll eat meat free until the girls are here for Christmas.

Sunday: InstantPot black bean & rice burritos

Monday: Egg roll in a bowl

Tuesday: Better Than Burger cheeseburgers; three bean salad

Wednesday: Vegetarian cheeseburger pizzas

Thursday: Wednesday’s brunch leftovers: eggplant lasagna (me) & ahi tuna melt (Brett)

Friday: Cheese board

Saturday: Vegan corn dogs; three bean salad

One-twentieth of a Costco lattice apple pie

We enjoyed a thin slice of apple pie every evening, but finished it yesterday. We’re having a s’more tonight, and then I’m baking another lemon-blueberry baked oatmeal as there we have everything on hand to make it.

We’re excited to try the garden pasta recipe this week as long as we can get some fresh basil (it got bumped by leftovers last week), and are looking forward to the grilled vegetable ravioli as well. We haven’t had yakisoba in ages, and the tofu & broccoli stir fry is a long-time family favorite that I also haven’t fixed in a long while. The Bulldog sauce used to flavor the yakisoba is vegan versus regular Worcestershire sauce (which contains anchovies).

  • Grilled vegetable ravioli
  • Vegetable yakisoba
  • Ina Garten’s summer garden pasta
  • Stacked chicken enchiladas
  • Tofu & broccoli stir fry with spicy peanut sauce
  • Mini pizzas
  • Cheese board

After having two days off from walking – Sunday (regular day off) and Monday (rain and high winds as the remains of Hurricane Linda passed by the islands) – we got back to walking on Tuesday and enjoyed cooler temperatures and nice breezes the rest of the week. Thursday was the wild card. It was another trash pick-up day – frustrating because of how much trash shows up in a week – but rain also threatened the entire walk. We cut our walk short by a few minutes and had no more gotten into the car and shut the doors when the rain started coming down in buckets. Friday and Saturday were lovely, although the combination of rain followed by sun meant a gazillion gnat eggs hatched and we had to walk through swarms of them. We had another stupendous week for golf ball finds: 65, breaking our old record. We are eager to walk these days because of the ball hunt and it makes the walk a lot more fun as well.

I am beginning to lose weight again, albeit slowly (less than a pound a week). I was okay with where I was for so many months, weight-wise, but am also happy to see some more weight finally coming off again. I had given up thinking it would ever happen.


8 thoughts on “Staying Healthy: Eating & Exercise (8/22 – 8/28)

  1. On the NPR Marketplace Report today, they mentioned a shortage of golf balls due to supply chain issues. You may be richer than you thought!


    1. LOL! You wouldn’t know there were any issues from the number of balls we find, most still in very good condition meaning they only were hit once or twice and lost/abandoned. Numbers should be going down now as there are fewer visitors and fewer people playing up at the course. We plan to start listing in December.


  2. I didn’t know yakisoba and Worchestershire sauce were the same (or close)! Is the price close, as well? Are you spending a lot more money to buy vegan “meat substitutes” vs. regular proteins? Are you getting your 50-70 grams a day? Sounds like you are happy and healthy!


    1. The flavoring for yakisoba is Bulldog sauce, which is a thicker Worcestershire sauce, but vegan. I don’t think it costs too much more than Worcestershire, and is usually always available in the Asian foods section.

      The vegan substitutes are about the same as buying meat, but we really don’t buy many of them. Right now there are only chick’n patties from Costco and a bag of orange chick’n we found at Walmart, around $5. Between beans, cheese, and other proteins we are getting our full daily allotment of protein (we combine foods as well, like beans and rice, to get a higher quality of protein as well). We are feeling so much better since we dropped the meat.


  3. I’m still amazed at your ability to parcel out a Costco pie. We would be eating that for meals daily until it was gone. LOL.


    1. The calories in that pie were such that we knew we could either have a regular piece and NOTHING ELSE, or go small. We felt sad when it was finished.

      I wish Costco would sell some other varieties of pie once in a while, like cherry or peach. They used to, but all we ever see at our Costco these days is apple. Pumpkin is coming up and they put out pecan pies in November, but even 1/20 of one of those is far too many calories (sob! I LOVE pecan pie).

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      1. We LOVE their key lime pie. But I think it’s seasonal, too. And I would be afraid to know how many calories it has.


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