Staying Healthy: Exercise & Eating (8/29 – 9/4)

Brett tallied up the total miles walked in August last Tuesday: 87 miles walked in August. That made our total miles walked for the year 758, and if we keep up our current pace we will walk over 1000 miles by the end of the year! From the first of September last year to this year we walked a little over 1,263 miles. I honestly never, ever saw us walking this much when we arrived here, but here we are and we are so much better for it. Our little side gig of golf ball hunting has added to the enjoyment, and I have yet to get tired of the views out from Kukuiolono. Driving up to the park to check it out last year was one of the best things that ever happened to us.

Scenes from around the golf course on Thursday including wind through the palms, dramatic clouds and long views, a rainbow seen from the massive green at Hole 3, and the remains of a wall built by early Hawaiians.

I’m glad now we decided against doing a long distance walking tour, and I almost shudder to think of the distances we would have to be walking now to get in shape for one of those. We know we could do it, but our nearly four daily miles is enough, and when I finish our four miles now I am ready to stop. I am no where near needing a hip replacement, but my hips definitely let me know these days they are there – they’re sore after a walk. Same for my right foot – I have pains there now that weren’t there when we started all this walking. Brett has more aches in his ankles as well. None of it is enough to cause us to slow down, or keep us from walking or doing other things, but they are signs we are getting older, and we know if we weren’t getting as much exercise as we do we would be feeling a whole lot worse and be in much poorer shape.

We enjoyed another full six days of walking last week with five days at the golf course and one shopping day. Monday’s weather was sketchy, but we headed up to the golf course anyway. It wasn’t raining when we started out, but a light mist began about a third of the way though our walk and we were stuck out on the course. We didn’t get very wet except for our shoes, which got soaked in the wet grass and became very uncomfortable. In spite of the weather we still found eight lost balls. Tuesday afternoon we headed into Puhi/Lihue to shop at Costco and Walmart, and along with other errands got in all of our steps. Wednesday was breezy, cool, and overcast – perfect walking weather – and Thursday was still cool but quite humid as well and I felt like I was melting for much of the walk. I stumbled into another lost ball graveyard on Thursday, and walked away with 15 more balls in my pockets. Brett also found a bunch and we ended up bringing home 30 balls. We arrived at the course on Friday just after a storm has passed over and had another great walk, and found an astounding 37 lost balls that day! Saturday’s weather was supposed to be miserable but it cleared up in the afternoon so we got to walk again. We broke all previous lost ball records last week, finding another 97 lost balls to add to our stash!

I had to change up our meat dish this week and fix the basil beef stir fry instead of chicken enchiladas when Brett picked up not one but two bundles of basil at the farm stand for some reason. Basil doesn’t keep well but between Wednesday’s pasta and the stir fry I used all of it. The summer pasta recipe was super easy and delicious and as long as we can get fresh basil we’ll be making it fall, winter, and spring in spite of its name!

Sunday: Broccoli & tofu stir fry with spicy peanut sauce; steamed jasmine rice

Monday: Grilled vegetable ravioli w/ pesto; roasted green peppers

Tuesday: Mini vegetarian cheeseburger pizzas with ground be’f, onion, tomato, dill pickle, and cheddar

Wednesday: Ina Garten’s summer garden pasta

Thursday: Basil beef stir fry

Friday: Cheese board

Saturday: Vegetable yakisoba

Looking at the above photos, our pottery bowls sure got a lot of use this past week!

I’m trying our two new recipes next week: kabocha squash risotto in the InstantPot, and some Mexican-spiced quinoa stuffed peppers.

  • Kabocha squash risotto
  • California roll salad
  • Stacked chicken enchiladas
  • Orange chick’n & fried rice
  • Mini pizzas
  • Cheese board
  • Spicy quinoa stuffed peppers

Desserts this week have been microwave s’mores on a couple of evenings, but otherwise we’ve been enjoying lemon-blueberry baked oatmeal. The apple pie is greatly missed.

12 thoughts on “Staying Healthy: Exercise & Eating (8/29 – 9/4)

  1. Does the local high school have golf lessons or a golf club. Maybe you can donate some of the balls to them


    1. Another great idea! There are 8 courses on the island, more than there are high schools! I can’t remember if the girls’ school had a golf club or not, but it’s something I’m going to check. Donating balls to them would be a very good idea.


    1. I should stretch more, especially after we walk. Brett injured his ankle when we were in Portland two summers ago and although it healed it’s bothered him ever since if he over does it.


    1. We used to stretch *before* walking; now supposedly it’s better to stretch afterwards. I’m always so busy though once we get home from our walks, but there’s no excuse for not fitting in five minutes or so of stretches to (hopefully) help my hips feel better.


  2. I continue to be amazed by the number of golf balls you find, although I did mention it to my DH and he didn’t seem all that surprised. And he does buy a fair number, so I guess I shouldn’t be either. Ha!

    Like you, I have random pain and I do notice if I try to walk every day, one of my hips bothers me. As mentioned by the other commenters, I probably should be stretching more, although I know I have arthritis in some other joints, so I suppose there is no reason to be surprised if it’s in my hip.


    1. I’m sort of surprised as well by how many lost balls we continue to find, especially since it’s such a small course. It’s so random, too. If your husband is ever interested in buying, let me know and we can work something out.

      I took today off – I was sore and knew walking today would only aggravate things. I try to remember to take a couple of Aleve every day – they help – but forgot today. The hip pain surprises me – I was expecting it to show up in my knees. This isn’t bursitis any more either.


  3. First time commenter here! Someone recommended you and I’m so glad since traveling back to Kauai for trip #15 isn’t happening anytime soon. Love seeing all of your food for the week since I’m in a food rut.

    To build upon everyone else’s recommendation of stretches, grab a softball and roll your outer thigh (IT band) and your okole muscles especially at the top where the lower back meets it. You can do it against the wall if you don’t want to lay on the floor. Game changer!


    1. First, so happy you took the time to comment. Hopefully it won’t be too long before you get back to Kaua’i – if we’re still here when you do come, I hope you’ll let me know so we can maybe meet-up.

      Thank you, thank you, thank you for the softball tip – I am picking one up when we shop next week! My outer upper thighs and that area between my okole and outer back is where I am the most sore and would receive the most benefit. Is there a certain amount of time I should roll the ball, or just until things feel better?


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