67 Weeks

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Sixty-seven weeks from this Friday, on December 23, 2022, we plan to board a plane and be on our way to Tokyo. By leaving on the 23rd, we will arrive in Tokyo on December 24, and will be up the following day to spend Christmas with our son and his family. One week later, we’ll celebrate the New Year with them, the biggest holiday of the year in Japan.

Sixty seven weeks might seem like a very long time to some, but I feel like the time is going to move along fairly quickly. Using my own accounting, that’s just two and a half sets of activity cards until the end of this year, eleven sets until we depart. For some reason those activity cards seem to make time fly.

We have just 67 weeks to save as much as we possibly can. Our goal is $30,000.

We have 67 weeks to sell or get rid of all our stuff, get a bag and boxes packed and shipped to Massachusetts with the very few things we plan to keep (and around 65 weeks to decide what we want to keep – the list keeps getting smaller every week). We have less than 67 weeks to make lists and purchase the things we need/want to take along this time.

We have only 28 weeks until it’s time to decide on and reserve an Airbnb rental in Japan, 41 weeks until it’s time to reserve a place in England, and 65 weeks until it’s France’s turn. We’ve already decided that we want to spend a bit more on lodging this time as we’ll be spending less on transportation because we won’t be moving around so frequently).

We have 67 weeks to figure out what clothes and technology we want to take with us this time and provision ourselves as necessary. Much of what we carried last time will go along this time as well, but there are other things we need, and things we lugged around before that can be jettisoned. As for technology, Brett needs a new tablet before we depart, and I need a new phone.

We have only 67 weeks left to get ourselves into the best shape possible, and enjoy our island life on Kaua’i.

Sixty-seven weeks might seem like an eternity to some, but we know that December 23, 2022 is going to be upon us faster than we can imagine.


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    1. We haven’t really calculated a real budget yet for future travels; what we are aiming for now is to save as much as we possibly can next year. We want to pay as much upfront as possible (especially lodging) and then live and save from month to month on our regular income. It worked well for us before. Detailed budget planning will come later, probably once we make our first lodging reservation and start looking at flights. Fingers and toes are both crossed that Japan is reopened by the end of next year!


  1. You’re so well-organized! I just wondered why Dec 23, ie why not fly a day or two earlier and give yourself a little more time to recover? Just a thought.


    1. We decided to wait as late as possible for two reasons: because it pushes our departure back and we can possibly be in Japan for the cherry blossoms and flights should be cheaper. Also, we think it’s better to spend as much of December here rather than in England, France, or Japan, which are all COLD.


  2. I admire your optimism. I’ve given up planning for future travel at the moment. It will happen when it happens.


    1. We know things can and probably will change before the end of next year but we needed a date to work toward rather than leaving thing open. People we know are traveling again, in Europe, and we’ve tried to make things flexible enough that we can change things around if necessary.

      I am always the optimist though; I couldn’t function otherwise.


  3. You make it sound so close. Almost “quick sticks, get your skates on!” Can’t wait to see your English and French accommodation.

    We’ve only 13 weeks until our year off!


    1. In retrospect, everything always happens and is finished much faster than we expected. We look forward to things for a long time and then boom! it’s here and over. We had our reservations for our 2019 stay in England for over year, and here we are looking back at it. The reality of getting old is “the days are long but the years are short.”

      Your 13-week wait will be here before you know it! I know you are more than ready for its arrival too.

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  4. And I thought I was a planner! I am a rank amateur when compared to your 67 week countdown.

    It was so special to finally meet you and Brett this week. We have tried to link up in both Kauai and Portland but the schedules never quite worked. This time they did.

    When we sat down for breakfast together it was like being with old friends. While Betty and I don’t want to wish away our time on your island, Tuesday will be so much fun, and a perfect end to our vacation.


    1. We felt the same way getting together with you and Betty, like getting together with old friends we hadn’t seen in a while. We’re very much looking forward to seeing you again on Tuesday and hearing about your time on the island.

      I always have to have something to look forward to. I was actually surprised that we had 67 weeks to go – it has seemed like much more. We planned well for our last adventure, but I want to do better this time. And, planning and building a good foundation to work from is half the fun of traveling, for me anyway.


  5. Wow, 67 weeks seems so close! The saying ‘the days are long but the years are short’ is so true. I’ve definitely experienced that with my 5 year old. Sometimes it takes everything I’ve got just to get through the day and then I blink and he starts kindergarten! It goes to show that there is a season for everything and to try and enjoy it because it won’t last forever.


    1. Figuring out we had 67 weeks to go did make the whole thing seem a whole lot closer. The time will go quickly. I’m thinking of making a “short-timer’s chain” (links of paper rings to count the time) after the first of the year just so I can watch it grow shorter. In the meantime we’re going to enjoy our time here as much as possible.

      And boy, do I know what you mean about how quickly kids can change. Every time I see our grandkids now they have changed so much so fast, especially our granddaughter. She was just leaving the toddler stage when we left last year, and now she’s turning six next month. Our grandson will be nearly 12 when we get over there, almost a teenager. It’s hard for me to believe.


  6. I am thrilled you are back on track to travel in 67 weeks. I booked our Honolulu trip yesterday for April—and my sister booked a trip to the Middle East! (She is much more brave.) It is time.
    December 2023 we hope to be in Garmish—we shall see. We hoped to have been there for the 40th anniversary of our engagement—but it wasn’t meant to be. Roll with it as my Dad used to say.
    I have always enjoyed “watching” you carry out your plans. Your savings always amaze me. Paying for lodging ahead of travel is something I have learned from you. Smart planning.
    Getting back to Japan should be such a blessing for you all. I hope your French and English journeys are great as well.


    1. We will be ready to go in 67 weeks too. Sad to leave, but happy to be on the road again.

      Getting most of our lodging covered up front made a huge difference, and allowed us to fit in later lodging costs out of our regular income. This time, since we won’t be moving around so frequently, will be able to afford a bit more each month for lodging. We’re not going to go crazy or anything, but it’s been fun not looking a what a little bit more each month can get us.

      I can’t wait to be back in Japan again, living near our family there. We’ve missed them more than we can say. I wish they could come here next year, but Japan’s quarantine rules make that near impossible.

      Where is Garmish?

      We are saving, saving, saving, but also starting to get things we need so that doesn’t bunch up at the end. We’re alternating months – I got leggings, underwear, and a pair of shoes this month. I’m looking forward to see what Brett gets next month – probably new shoes as well. In November though it’s a new phone for me – $$$. We’ve planned for it though.


      1. The best thing (for us) about month-swapping for replacements is that we have time to really think about and research what we need and also find the best deals.

        Thanks for the info on the resort! Maybe a stop for us one of these days . . . .


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