Staying Healthy: Eating & Exercise (9/12 – 9/18)

Our freezer is stuffed once again, but other than a package of Italian sausages we’re saving for when the girls are here in December, all the meat we started out with a few months ago is gone. We used the last of the meat sauce on our mini pizzas and then cut up a remaining small pork chop for a pork and pepper stir fry. I’m pretty sure Brett and I will eat meat again while the girls are here, but for now we are meat free! So what’s in our freezer? We have a few vegan entrees that we’ve found at Costco and Walmart, including mini corn dogs (we loved them!), hot dogs, chick’n patties, Better Than Burgers, chick’n nuggets, meatballs, and ground meat substitute. There’s a bag of extra-large shrimp for next week’s menu as well as bags of frozen broccoli, bags of frozen blueberries, yakisoba noodles, some bread and rolls, a few frozen burritos and a bag of burrito filling that will get used this coming week. In other words, lots and lots of healthy things to put together tasty meals. Our freezer may be small but it is mighty!

Every inch is in use in our little freezer.

We now walk later in the afternoons than we did before, and when we get home these days the last thing I feel like doing is standing and cooking. In the past we would have purchased and used lots of processed foods, and although I’m finding myself reaching for some easier- or quick-to-prepare options included some processed vegan items, the foods we’re eating now overall are much healthier – less protein (but still enough), less gluten, less dairy – and we feel much better for it. We’re sticking to smaller portions as well – I still measure and/or weigh everything. I’ve also figured out that by fixing some dishes earlier in the day all I have to do is heat them when we get home. My biggest issue seems to be remembering to fix rice (if we’re having it) before we leave for our walk so that we don’t have to wait for it to finish later.

We didn’t try any new recipes this week except for the zucchini fries, which were so-so (I’m going to look for a different recipe next time). Everything tasted good, there were some leftovers for lunches, but best of all the meat is gone!

Sunday: Coconut squash dal with jasmine rice; cucumber spears

Monday: Chick’n nuggets; baked zucchini fries

Tuesday: Mini pizzas with meat sauce

Wednesday: Pork & pepper stir fry; steamed rice

Thursday: Quinoa salad with feta cheese

Friday: Cheese board

Saturday: Chick’n patty sandwiches; coleslaw

We’ve been enjoying a treat for dessert the past few days: Bubbie’s mochi ice cream balls, which are made in Hawaii. They have the best flavors (we’ve had green tea, passionfruit, chocolate peanut butter, strawberry with dark chocolate chips, and pistachio this week) and each one contains less than two tablespoons of ice cream, so there’s been no dairy overload. Calories are also fairly low: 180 for two. We finished them last night, so this week’s dessert will include thin slices of leftover pie (we’re picking up a couple of pies from our local shop tomorrow to have when Bob and Betty Lowry come over for dessert) and we also bought another coconut cake and another matcha cake to enjoy as well.

Strawberry with dark chocolate chips and chocolate peanut butter Bubbies. The ice cream flavors are always delicious, but Bubbies’ mochi has unfortunately often been hard and somewhat crumbly, not soft and chewy like mochi should be.

Cheese will feature in a few meals next week because we need to use it up: toasted cheese sandwiches, sprinkled on the chili dogs, on the mini pizzas, and of course on the cheese board. We’re looking forward to the chili dogs and found our favorite chili, Amy’s vegetarian, at Big Save. I’m trying one new recipe this week: vegan peanut stew with sweet potato. Everything except the peanut stew can be fixed in a short time after we get home from our walk but I’ll manage. Tomorrow evening we’ll be enjoying happy hour appetizers with Bob and Betty Lowry which will be enough to count as dinner (I hope).

  • Happy Hour appetizers
  • Vegan chili dogs
  • Tomato & roasted red pepper soup; toasted cheese sandwiches
  • Mini pizzas
  • Cheese board
  • Spicy black bean burritos
  • Vegan peanut stew

I must have fallen harder than I realized week before last because it feels like I have either bruised or cracked a rib or deeply pulled a muscle. The pain in my upper right chest has not let up, and while using my right arm can be painful depending on what I’m doing (and hard to avoid because I’m right handed), actions like coughing or sneezing are excruciating. I have been forbidden by Brett to enter the gully again so I’m now consigned to checking the edge. My shoes are too slippery for the slopes inside the gully, and because I have beginning osteoporosis, Brett is worried about my falling again and possible breaking my leg or hip (I am too frankly) but whatever I did to my chest is proving to be motivation enough to stay away.

We often pass by this old fountain during our walks. It must have been gorgeous in its day.

The weather this past week was mostly okay for walking with nice breezes and cooler temperatures once again. I remember having to cut our walks short this time last year because the humidity was so fierce and clouds of gnats were everywhere, but we really haven’t experienced those things at all this year. We walked the perimeter on Monday and Tuesday, got in a lot of steps on Wednesday during our Big Shop, but had to stay home on Thursday because of rain. We were almost rained out again on Friday, but the big clouds hanging over the park eventually changed direction, the rain stopped, and we got in a full perimeter walk (our feet got very wet though). Saturday’s weather was lovely and we once again got in another full walk. We found 50 lost balls this week, most in very good condition, and an overall decent number considering the weather, the reduced number of golfers, and only four days for us at the park. Our ball collecting also finally paid off this past week: we sold three packages of used golf balls in one day!


14 thoughts on “Staying Healthy: Eating & Exercise (9/12 – 9/18)

  1. I had a fall off my bike earlier this year and took a handlebar to the rib cage. My Dr said it was normal for it to take 6 weeks for rib pain to heal. I felt fortunate that mine was better within a month. Take it easy, as you say, can not risk breaking any bits as we don’t bounce back like we used to 20 years ago.


    1. I definitely don’t bounce back like I used to! I once punched myself in the rib and bruised it when I tripped (still not sure how I did that), but the doctor said the same thing – six weeks for the rib pain to heal. The pain now is a little less every day, but I think I still have a couple of weeks to go before it’s gone.


  2. Hope your injury heals quickly! It’s amazing how a wrong turn or twist can lead to a very painful injury.

    While I personally have no desire to go vegetarian, I applaud your efforts to keep pushing toward your meatless goal. I am sure you must feel pleased to have all those vegetarian options in your freezer now instead of meat!


    1. The funny thing is that right after the fall I didn’t feel like I’d hurt anything (other than my pride). The next morning though . . . ouch! It’s getting better every day though.

      We do feel better for eating less meat these days, but know it’s not permanent lifestyle change for us. We have no plans to keep to a vegetarian diet when we’re traveling but know now we will be eating a lot less meat than before.


  3. Since I tend to fall off and on, I have real empathy for you. My last hard fall was down stairs on my tailbone, and it took FOREVER to heal. Even now, when I sit in a car or on a plane too long, it hurts. I won’t be surprised if it always does at my age. You’re smart to avoid the gully.


    1. My falls are all for stupid things, not for getting dizzy or anything like that. I fell in Florence when I stepped on a loose cobblestone. I fell here when I wasn’t paying attention and stepped on the edge of the concrete beach path. I wouldn’t have fallen in the gully except I grabbed a dead branch and it snapped. I honestly need to be more aware when I walk, but the gully is off limits now – I don’t need to give myself opportunities to do something stupid.


    1. Things are getting better day by day, although not quickly enough. It still hurts a lot to sneeze or cough. Maybe I just need these reminders now and again not to do anything foolish or to stop doing foolish things.

      The speed of those golf ball sales surprised us, but hopefully they’ll be return customers. And yes, we did make some money and got some trash off the golf course (we do consider the balls that are left to be trash).

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  4. Your food looks better every week. I know that your main objective is not weight loss, but I was excited about these recipes on a blog a friend shared. I have been looking for some good soups for winter. I know some of them are for meat, but the vegan ones look amazing.
    Sorry you fall has taken “being a billy goat” out of your walks, but I get it. I hope you heal quickly.


    1. Thanks, Janette. The slow cooker recipes look good, and I have bookmarked the site. It actually cools down here enough in the winter that we look forward to having soup once in a while.

      The day before I fell Brett and I remarked that our kids would probably not be happy if they knew their semi-elderly parents were climbing around in a gully looking for lost golf balls. Anyway, I’m done with it and Brett only goes in every few days or so now. He is far more careful than I am though.


  5. I hope that you heal quickly!
    If the vegan peanut stew turns out well I’d love to try the recipe. Your meal postings are always so inspiring. Thanks for posting them!


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