The Provisioning Plan

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Neither Brett nor I are into spending right now. We prefer saving.

However, there are things we need to buy before we set out on our next adventure, and we’ve been dreading having to face some of the big expenses we experienced before our last adventure.

However, because we currently have time on our side, we came up with a plan to keeps purchases to what can fit into our monthly budget, but that will still allow us to have everything we need before we leave next year.

Our plan? I get to buy something I need or want in the odd months; Brett gets the even months. We should try to keep purchases to one thing or type of thing each month, but if a special sale or discount occurs more can be purchased.

This month I bought four pairs of cotton leggings from H&M. I bought a pair in December of 2019 to take along to Japan and absolutely loved them, and when I checked last week they were still available at the price I paid in 2019. I bought two pairs of black, two of dark gray, and a package of ankle socks for YaYu to qualify for free shipping (the socks cost less than what shipping would have). I now have four comfy pairs of leggings to see me through for a while (plus, leggings also take up less room in my suitcase).

The leggings were going to be only purchase this month but my preferred brand of bras (online) were on sale this month, and on top of the sale price there was an additional discount for every two purchased, and another 20% off everything if I supplied my email address (fine by me because it goes directly to my spam folder). Shipping was also free. My favorite underwear brand was also on sale at Costco, and two packs of those were also ordered. The new stuff will be put away until it’s time to pack; what I’m wearing now is in good enough condition to get me through next year. This month’s provisioning for me is over though.

Next month Brett plans to purchase either some new jeans or a pair of boots, and in November I’m going to replace my phone. That’ll be a big expense, but my old phone will be traded in, and we’ll use the interest-free monthly payment plan for a while from our carrier, and pay off the balance before we depart. I want to have the phone before the girls arrive in December as they can (and will) teach and help me with all sorts of things so I can use the phone more optimally. Brett says he’s going to wait and see what he gets for Christmas before deciding on a (late) December purchase. On both our lists for next year are boots, and Brett needs a cold-weather coat and new iPad. I want one pair of Perfect Fit pants from L.L. Bean since the ones I had were too big. Other items will fall into place as we figure them out.

While some items can be easily fit into our regular shopping here, our monthly plan is designed to not only to keep us motivated, but keep us on track budget-wise for the things we’ll need on the road. The schedule gives each something to look forward to each month, and by the time we depart we’ll have everything we need.

Works for us!


6 thoughts on “The Provisioning Plan

  1. What a great way to couple buy. Using your idea, we are embarking on this idea beginning in January. Building the house has been a “everything is on hold” for personal things.
    Brett may want to watch Navy BX sales in December for his coat. We bought my daughter and son in law a good NorthFace travel coat at half off last December. My son in law’s Merrill boots were a great price at the Marine BX. You can access many of the sales on line.


    1. Thanks for the tip about checking out the exchange for a winter coat – hadn’t thought of that.

      What we like about this system is that is doesn’t overload the budget each month. We’re fortunate this time too though that we don’t have to buy so much this time (things like suitcases and most of our clothes especially).


  2. This is a clever way to go about buying for a trip. We always end up buying a few things in a frenzy in the week before we go. We would do well to have a little more discipline. 😂


    1. One thing I like about this (so far) is that it is really making us think carefully about what’s a need and what is just a want. Last time it felt like all our travel shopping was rushed, but this time we have the time to get it right.

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  3. I’ll have to check out HM leggings ( I’ve loved good old JC Penny’s St.Johns Bay and Walmart, still able to find and very reasonable) (also buy favorite underwear from Costco too). I have a I7 that T-Mobile/Sprint will make obsolete in January (5G) but will give me 800 off a phone, will see what I will still end up paying! Might be good might not.


    1. The H&M ones surprised me, and they cost less than leggings at Walmart. Costco has ones for even less, but the quality isn’t as good – I use them for pajamas, topped with an old t-shirt. I am going to get the iPhone 12 as the price has come down into the reasonable range, and I should get about a $200 discount from turning in my old phone which will make the price even lower!


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