Putting the Travel Wardrobe Back Together, Part II (Warm/Hot Weather)

My warm weather clothing – several items in the photo will not be going with me and have already been removed and sent to the thrift store.

Writing down everything I want to pack has shown me how much I am trying to carry along this time. We plan to be out of the U.S. for a long time, a couple of years at least, and while we have a travel budget figured out, we hope to avoid having to add clothing into that, for a while at least. It’s been very helpful to have to think more carefully about my clothing, and I have already culled some items that I know won’t get worn much and would just be taking up room in my suitcase.

It all still seems like so much, but I have a genuine ability to get sick of clothes quickly if I have a limited number of items to wear over and over and over again. I still clearly remember wanting to build a bonfire for my maternity clothes after our son was born because I was so sick of all of them after just six months! And when I read about people traveling for a year and carrying all their things in a backpack my skin crawls. That’s just not me. So, I want to start out with a good variety and see how it goes this time.

Only four new clothing items on my warm weather list have been purchased specifically for this trip : the black cropped Perfect Fit pants, the fisherman sandals, the long skirt, and the jeans jacket that I found on eBay. Three of the lightweight tops, one of the dresses, and the two pairs of cropped jeans were bought last year to wear here, but everything else traveled along with me last time:

  • 8 lightweight cotton and linen tops (4 sleeveless, 2 short sleeve, 2 three-quarter length sleeves)
  • 2 sleeveless linen dresses
  • 1 lightweight black sweater
  • 2 pair cropped stretch jeans
  • 2 pair cropped Perfect Fit pants (1 black, 1 dark olive)
  • 1 pair cropped white linen pants
  • 1 long lightweight cotton skirt (grey, black, and white print)
  • 1 jeans jacket
  • 3 pairs lightweight cotton pajamas
  • 2 pair leather sandals (silver Mephisto, black fisherman)

Once again, will all this fit in my suitcase along with my cold weather things? I think so. I have gotten rid of several things I packed before because they honestly didn’t “spark joy” any more or had became too big. Between losing those items and not buying too much more in between, everything should fit into my suitcase, with a few items going into Brett’s or my carry-on. The jeans jacket will be worn on the airplane. As I’ve said in the past, Brett could fit a grand piano into a carry-on bag if necessary, so I am confident all of the clothing I plan to take will make it this time. I will be using the KonMarie folding method along with rolling most of my clothing items which will also reduce the amount of space things take up. I have downsized the number of bulky items that I carried last time which will also help, and I will be using space bags to further decrease the amount of space some items could use up.

I have told myself though this still may all prove to be too much. If the amount is unpackable before we leave Kaua’i, then I will go through everything again and get rid of a few more things. Fingers are crossed though.

8 thoughts on “Putting the Travel Wardrobe Back Together, Part II (Warm/Hot Weather)

  1. If you were moving every couple of days, I’d say you have packed to much. But for staying in one place for months, I think what you’re packing is reasonable. I mean, it’s almost like your migrating. You’ll not be “home” after a long holiday. Your home is your travel. Handy having a naval man to help pack!


    1. This is how both Brett and I have approached our packing this time; that we are “moving” someplace for months, and will have to navigate the change in seasons in these places. We have trimmed things down, but there’s a point where I know I have to say, “too little.”

      One of our rules with this is if we do buy something new, something else has to leave the suitcase. Hopefully that will help keep things on an even keel.

      Brett is an amazing packer, but I have gotten very, very good at it!

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  2. Combined with your cold-weather wardrobe, it seems like a lot to me (actually, it’s the cold-weather wardrobe that seems like a lot), but it also seems very well thought out and you can pare it down a bit if needed. I‘ve never traveled for a long period of time; sounds very exciting!


    1. The issue with the cold weather clothing is that it’s bulkier, and is going to take up more room. That’s one of the reasons I switched over to leggings this time – they take up less room than pants. I have been through my winter things several times, and I seem to find something that I can remove but that’s getting harder to do as we go along. Thank goodness for Space Bags too. They greatly reduct the space certain clothing items take up in my suitcase (coats/jackets, sweaters, and sweatshirts mainly). Since we’ll be starting out with warm weather clothing they will be in heavy use.

      I’m glad I haven’t been wearing any of my cold weather stuff for the past couple of years – I am excited to get to wear it again!


  3. I think your wardrobe is just right. That is about how much I used to pack for “hold baggage” when we would move overseas.
    Your experience dictates the packing. A trip to a fabric store in your local area to purchase of a small amount of fabric might change things up occasionally.Scarves are super easy to sew and are great accents.
    I think your ideas of home basing and taking smaller trips relieves a lot of packing and unpacking things. Have you considered sending your cold weather gear to your son? Shipping rates used to be reasonable from Hawaii. Check with the locals to see how to ship rather then USPS. Pack with lots of baking soda in sealed bags to keep the mold away….


    1. LOL – one of the main things that did not make the cut were several of the scarves I took along last time. I am just not a scarf person other than for warmth.

      We will need our cold weather clothing before we get to Japan as we’ll be in Scotland in October and November. Even Oxford in late September can get chilly. Somewhere along the way though we’ll have to do a big switch-over, and I’m sure there will be clothing that doesn’t make the cut. Also, we’re going to be very strict this time about new item in, another older item out of the suitcase.


  4. It sounds like you are pretty happy with your choices and of course, having a husband as an expert packer is a big plus.
    Your previous travel experience is shaping your wardrobe, as you have already traveled to these places, so you have an understanding of what you need and how much to pack. The logistic of packing is a work in progress for any world traveler and what works for someone doesn’t necessarily work for someone else.


    1. I think what we’re packing will give us a good start, for the first year or two anyway. After that I’m sure we’ll be adding new things we find along the way, and letting other things go.

      I could NEVER be that person who lives out of backpack for a year. Likewise, it better fit into one suitcase or it’s not going. We still see plenty of travelers who are moving around with more than one big suitcase – no thanks!


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