Staying Healthy: Eating & Exercise (12/12 – 12/18)

The meat-a-thon has begun! It hasn’t been as bad as I thought it might be, and Brett and I have watched our portions carefully, but after only a few days of including meat we’ve decided we like our meat-free ways better and will be returning once the girls have returned to their homes/school. We continue to be careful about portion sizes, etc. but everything just feels heavier (to us). Eggs have also been added back into the mix, but with two of our three daughters lactose intolerant, dairy other than small amounts of cheese hasn’t been making much of an appearance. The big exception was macaroni and cheese, which we all love, but precautions are taken before it’s eaten, and our portions were small.

We’ve been bingeing TV shows with the girls, and I’ve been making snacks to enjoy while we watch. So far we’ve had chips & salsa, chips & guacamole, charcuterie, and apples with cream cheese dip (8 ounces cream cheese, 1/2 cup brown sugar, and 1 bag of Heath toffee chips. Blend and let sit for 1/2 hour before serving with chilled apple slices – delicious!). I have indulged a little, but most of it is stuff I can pass on – a bite or two and I’m done. The girls could still eat us out of house and home though – oh to be young again, eat what I want, and not gain weight!

Brett and I finished cleaning out the freezer and refrigerator at the beginning of last week and then I went back on serious kitchen duty cooking favorites for the girls. It wasn’t always easy in our tiny kitchen with our tiny stove, but I went in each time with a plan and everything turned out okay.

Sunday: Lentil soup; toasted cheese sandwiches

Monday: Spaghetti with plant-based ‘meat’ sauce; roasted peppers

Tuesday: Mini pizzas with roasted vegetables

Wednesday: Broccoli & tofu stir fry with spicy peanut sauce

Thursday: Italian sausage & pasta in garlic wine sauce

Friday: Ham; macaroni & cheese; sautéed green beans

Saturday: Chinese 3-color salad

Other than s’mores made over a fire in our fire pit last Thursday, we’ve each been enjoying a thin slice of Costco’s chocolate mousse-filled cake for dessert every evening.

We’re enjoying more family favorites next week, and will finish up next Friday evening with Mississippi pot roast, mashed potatoes, and green beans for our Christmas Eve dinner. We will continue to finish off any leftovers each day (if there are any), and use up what we have on hand.

  • Mississippi pot roast
  • Cheesy black bean bake nachos
  • Chili shrimp, lumpia, and potstickers
  • Mabo tofu
  • Italian sausages; risotto
  • One pot pasta with ham & broccoli
  • Ham fried rice

We got off to a good start this week with our exercise. Monday’s weather was perfect for walking – clear skies and a stiff, cool breeze – and we did four and half miles at the park. Tuesday was our Big Shop and between Costco, Walmart, and Times Market we walked two and a half miles (and it was as exhausting as ever). We got a surprise on Wednesday though when we woke up to a message from Meiling that their flight from Phoenix to Lihue was arriving three hours earlier than expected (schedule changed at the last minute in their favor), right when we had planned to be walking! We figured we could skip a day of walking to pick up our daughters. Late Thursday Brett and I did a perimeter walk with WenYu and found 56 golf balls! WenYu found a lot of them, but she was mostly impressed with the scenery up at the park. We were all feeling very tired on Friday after lots of sorting, etc. at home and decided to skip our walk, and then on Saturday the girls got back later than expected from a hike and along with rain threatening we decided once again to stay home. So, only three day of walking this week – we need to pick it up next week!

Sunset walk at Kukuiolono Park on Thursday and our golf ball finds (they looked much better after being washed)

The girls Keep telling me I am tiny. I don’t feel tiny but Meiling says that’s because I suffer from dysmorphia and a poor body image (true). It’s a bittersweet assessment for me though. I’m happy that my diet and exercise efforts are noticeable, but at the same time I remember that each time I saw my mom as she aged she grew smaller and tinier in my eyes. However, when I think about my mom at my age she was still alert, active, and traveling the world, so I’m going with that image instead of her shrinking.


6 thoughts on “Staying Healthy: Eating & Exercise (12/12 – 12/18)

  1. If you mean the Costco cake shaped in a long rectangle, it’s favorite here. We often buy it for birthdays. Again, your self restraint wouldn’t happen here…we normally can’t leave it alone until it’s gone. 😂


    1. We get the round cake with the chocolate mousse filling. It’s getting eaten, but slowly. We thought the girls would be eating more of it, but even they say more than a thin slice is too rich for them! Those rectangle-shaped cakes look very tempting – Brett and I may give one a go after the girls are gone, and when there’s room in the refrigerator again.


  2. I’m glad you’re able to eat some favorite dishes with the girls and not feel too icky. I’ve been vegetarian (with bouts of vegan) for 5-1/2 years now. Recently I’ve wanted to try a few different dishes, but I think my body would react pretty badly! So, I’ll stick with what works for me. Mele Kalikimaka to you, Brett and the girls!


    1. While I’ve eaten some meat, I’ve been able to keep it at a minimum so it hasn’t been too bad and hasn’t disagreed with me (much). I’m looking forward though to eating meatless again. What’s been weird is being back in the kitchen so much again – I forgot how much effort it takes to feed five people!


  3. It’s interesting that you should take the girls comment as a negative rather than basking in the achievement. It’s so hard to let go of the childhood pains of words that were said even though we know as intelligent adults they were unfair. It’s like getting a compliment and immediately making a joke at your own expense because just not knowing how to accept a compliment. Anyhoo have a wonderful christmas with your girls and just think this time next year you will be in the middle of a new adventure.


    1. So sorry for the late replay – we were busy!!

      I didn’t really take the girls’ comment as negative, rather as bittersweet. They were noticing that I have lost weight since they last saw me, but reminded me that I am growing older, and that in their eyes I will probably continue to grow tinier just as my own mother did in my eyes. It’s a natural occurrence, a reminder of my mortality, and nothing negative.

      I hope you had a wonderful holiday – ours was great!


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