Crunch Time Has Arrived

This is it! All the “fun” things for this year’s upcoming Big Adventure II have been done: itinerary drawn up, reservations made, deposits paid, flights booked, and clothes bought. We’ve sold all the “easy” stuff and built up our travel savings account.

But . . . we move out of our apartment in less than four months and the hard work of making that transition begins now.

Things have to be shipped for storage and to others:

  • A package to our son containing some of his personal papers that we had along with his baby book and other baby items we had kept.
  • A few Christmas items.
  • The few pieces of art we’re keeping.
  • All of our pottery collection.
  • Dishes Meiling and WenYu decided they wanted to keep.
  • A few Japanese items
  • Kitchen utensils and our stainless cutlery.
  • Two pillow covers, our antique Japanese banner, and our comforter.
  • YaYu’s remaining things.
  • The inflatable mattress.

So many boxes, so little time . . . .

Things have to be sold:

  • My All-Clad cookware
  • The big hibachi table
  • A sake jug lamp
  • Our dining table and chairs
  • The barbecue, market umbrella, fire pit, and patio furniture
  • Our TV/storage cabinet
  • The sofa & coffee table
  • Our mattress & bed frame
  • The car

After all that we have to hold a yard sale for everything else and what’s left after that will go to the thrift store.

We have to pack our suitcases, and make sure we’ve provisioned ourselves well enough for a long-term stay overseas.

We have to get ourselves up to our little rental on the north side for our final week on the island.

And then, on May 9, we’ll depart Kaua’i for Pennsylvania!

Crunch time has arrived and we have less than four months to accomplish everything. Wish us luck!


8 thoughts on “Crunch Time Has Arrived

  1. Sounds like fun!Another adventure in downsizing for sure!
    Why not sell your inflatable mattress and ship a new in box one to the same place?
    I thought you were keeping the all clad? We kept the two most used and sold the rest.
    You might consider asking your landlord if he would like to trade your very basic furniture (bed/couch/table) in lieu of last rent. He might like a semi furnished for the continuing crazy furniture market. Maybe you can sell it easier though. Just sideways thinking.


    1. I kept the All-Clad last time because I love it, but I don’t use it as much these days. Will sell and then pick up a few good pieces whenever we settle versus the big set I have now. It’s just too bulky and heavy to ship this time.

      I got the mattress for free using cc rewards and Brett is able to fit it into the box it came in so we’re keeping it. And, it’s easier for us to sell the furniture (and more profitable) before we go – we’re going to start selling in March and use the inflatable mattress and patio furniture until we leave the apartment (patio furniture will be sold at the yard sale right before we go). It will be primitive but we can manage.


  2. I was wondering about the inflatable mattress too but that plan makes a lot of sense! It’s all coming together. These past two years have been so crazy but it is wonderful that you are able to look ahead to the future and be as prepared as possible. It’s going to fly by now!


    1. Our biggest fear is that the inflatable mattress won’t hold up before we leave! If it does though it packs up easily and there’s no reason to replace it with another.

      We are excited (and nervous) but things are coming together! There’s so much to do but I have faith we will get everything accomplished.


  3. Every time I see your All Clad on the sell list I cringe. It’s so expensive now! Wouldn’t your girls want it? I know you have carefully thought it through and this is the best choice for you.


    1. It’s crazy what All-Clad costs these days – I was shocked when I looked at current prices to try and determine a price for my used set. A 14-piece set currently retails for $1299; I doubt I paid a third of that over the years for everything I have. I did ask all the girls to take what they wanted but they all passed (too difficult and expensive to ship from Hawaii) so it goes on the market here in a couple of weeks. Hopefully I’ll get a taker!


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