So Many Things To Do Before We Go

Time seems to be ticking by more quickly these days, although it still seems like there will be enough time to get everything done without getting ourselves overwhelmed. To make sure we don’t forget anything we came up with a (first) list of tasks to complete and when to complete them so we hopefully won’t become overwhelmed toward the end of our time here.

Here’s the month-by-month schedule we’ve come up with. Items are not necessarily in the order they will be or need to be done:


  • Continue packing items for storage
  • Finish assembling all necessary toiletries, health supplies, and OTC medications
  • Begin airing out suitcases & Brett’s sport coat


  • Send birthday gift to WenYu
  • Finish packing all items for storage; address all the boxes
  • Make a final evaluation of wardrobe items (what’s going with us, what’s not)


  • Order additional (“emergency”) supplies of prescription medications
  • Mail all items for storage
  • Begin washing all stored clothing
  • Sell remaining furniture; move patio furniture into house and begin using inflatable mattress
  • Begin deep clean of apartment for move-out
  • Celebrate 43rd anniversary with a Day of No Cooking at three favorite restaurants
  • Open mainland mail service account; close local post office box


  • Sell car
  • Hold yard sale; take all leftover items to thrift store
  • Purchase additional carry-on bag at thrift store for YaYu’s items; finish packing her things
  • Celebrate Brett’s 72nd birthday
  • Take all remaining unopened food items to local food bank
  • Close Costco account
  • Finish cleaning apartment; turn over keys and get back deposit
  • Pack suitcases and carry-ons for travel


  • Purchase gifts for Airbnb hosts (local rum miniatures; Kaua’i Kookies; small passionfruit jams; macadamia nut chocolates; Anahola granola)
  • Pick up rental car
  • Pick up hard copies of medical and vision prescriptions from doctors
  • Move to condo in Princeville
  • Close local bank account
  • Mail inflatable mattress for storage
  • Depart for Philadelphia (we’re actually flying into the Baltimore-Washington airport and driving up to Philly)

Laura’s Rule of Lists posits that as things get done, more things will come up, items we haven’t thought of yet or remembered. There will also be a few surprises thrown in for good measure. However, if we can get all the above done on time, we’ll leave Kaua’i in good very shape!


6 thoughts on “So Many Things To Do Before We Go

  1. You should get a good price for your car as I understand that used car prices have really shot up. Not sure if Hawaii is the same as the mainland, though. I like the idea of giving a gift to the Airbnb host. I may borrow that idea.


    1. Used cars are currently going for a lot here. We should be able to get what we paid when we arrived in 2020!

      All of our hosts have appreciated the gifts, especially the Hawaii items – easy to carry along and never hurts your review!


  2. It seems like time is moving fast these days, isn’t it? Today I was staring at my calendar in disbelief-this is the last week of January. What?? Next week the winter Olympics will start and by the time it’s done, we’ll be into watching the Oscars and then marching straight to Easter. I was going to mention to you that in the past, I used to carry a thumb drive with my medical history when traveling rather than having hard copies with me. Now it’s even easier as I have access to my medical account from my iPad. Most health providers have moved to online direct access for members, not sure if that’s your case though.


    1. Everything does seem to be moving quickly now, or at least more quickly. I’m having a bit of a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that next week we’ll have less than three months left in our apartment – how did that happen so quickly? Part of me wants to move things along but I don’t want to end up feel exhausted.

      We do have all our health information online now. The only thing we’ll be carrying with us are paper copies of our prescriptions.


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