My Secret Vice

I don’t smoke. I have a small glass of wine twice a week and a gin & tonic on Friday evenings, but otherwise don’t drink alcohol. I’m not a shopaholic, and I don’t gamble (too scared of losing money). I monitor my calories every day and eat a healthy, well-balanced diet. I drink a couple of cups of coffee every day but otherwise stick to water.

However, I do have one secret vice. It’s seasonal, and appears around this time every year.

That little vice? Cadbury Creme Eggs.

The minute they show up on the shelves I am unable to resist temptation. I like chocolate but can avoid eating it the rest of the year if I have to. However, can’t stay away from these creamy chocolate eggs that appear every year for the Easter holiday.

They’re so sweet they can make my teeth hurt, but I don’t care. I adore the combination of smooth but milk chocolate and the sweet white creme filling with its spot of orange for the yolk. One year Cadbury offered them with an orange creme filling and I thought I had died and gone to heaven – orange & chocolate is my favorite combination. Sadly, those never appeared again. I don’t care for the caramel filling at all, but the newer chocolate creme filling is quite good. Apparently Cadbury offers a white chocolate cream egg and an Oreo cookie creme egg in the UK. I’d be willing give them a try although neither excite me as I’m not a fan of white chocolate nor Oreos. However, I can imagine a Cadbury egg with mocha filling might be close to nirvana.

I’ve been having one of these scrumptious eggs a day, occasionally two, since their appearance this year, adjusting everything else I eat to fit their calories into my daily eating plan. I know they’re not healthy but in my book they’re more than worth it.

Easter is this coming Sunday, and after that the eggs will disappear for another year. I’ve had my fill this year and am ready to say goodbye.

I know they’ll be back.


14 thoughts on “My Secret Vice

  1. To be honest this is the main reason I made Easter knit bags so I could fill them with Cadbury’s eggs unfortunately they rarely hit the bags!


    1. They would never hit the bags in my home! Thankfully my kids never cared whether they got one or not. Brett always asks if he can have one from my stash LOL (yes, of course).


  2. I love my share of Easter candy, but not those! I like the mini Cadbury eggs, with the thin shell & chocolate on the inside. Oh, & Starburst jelly beans. Yum! My coworker is coming from London next week, and is bringing me a variety of Cadbury chocolate (for the kids), & I’m looking forward to having Malteasers & Minstrels!


    1. Funny how our taste in candy is so individual. I don’t care for the mini eggs at all! Actually, I don’t care for much of any Easter candy except for the Cadbury eggs and the Reese’s peanut butter eggs (which I have avoided for the past few years). Otherwise I am not much of a candy person no matter the season.

      But . . . big exception was Cadbury chocolates in the UK. My goodness they were lovely. Every time we stopped at the our village market I got something so I got to try everything.


  3. I’m with you, I love cream eggs! I think the fact that they are seasonal makes them even better (there’s probably a life lesson in there somewhere?). My only gripe is that Cadbury chocolate here in Australia is made to a slightly different recipe than in the UK, so I have to get the imported ones for the authentic taste.


    1. I watched a sweet (pun intended) special show when we were in England about Cadbury and how the creme eggs were made. They also interviewed several people of all ages who talked about how special the eggs were to them and how they always looked forward to their arrival in the spring.

      Our eggs here in the U.S. are made in Canada! I would have loved to have gotten to try one in the UK – I felt like the quality of the chocolate would have been better.


  4. Enjoy! I cannot do sugar in moderation, so I don’t do it at all, and admire greatly those who can.

    I gave my husband a list of non-candy treats, including a simple, pretty flower, fun magazine, or a perfect piece of fruit. He, on the other hand, is getting some Godiva chocolate because he can indulge one piece at a time. At my request, he’ll hide it from me. 😆


    1. I used to be “no moderation” when it came to chocolate but these days I can take it or leave it (except for Cadbury Creme Eggs). The only time I really *crave* chocolate is when I am stressed – one year when I chaired our school auction I got to the point I was eating *an entire box* of chocolates almost daily . . . it was that bad (and yes, I did gain weight).

      Brett hides his chocolates from me as well, although he really doesn’t need to these days. If I want a piece I have to ask.


  5. Europeans put far less sugar in their chocolate and it does have a better taste–you can actually taste the chocolate! For example, the Nutella in Italy is very different from the one in the US. My brother loves Cadbury Creme eggs. His birthday is in March and since we were kids I’ve always bought him a few packs as part of his present. I’d like to try some of the other flavors they have, but I’ve only seen the original and the caramel one around here.


    1. I agree that European chocolates taste better with more chocolate flavor. We tried lots of Lindt truffle flavors in Switzerland and Italy and the chocolate flavor was always on point. Japan also uses far less sugar in their sweets, pastries, and ice cream. When I used to teach ESL, almost all students said they didn’t like sweet things in the U.S. because they were “too sweet.” The Cadbury eggs are my one indulgence, otherwise I prefer less sugar.


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