Our Home In San Miguel de Allende

We somehow ended up with another beautiful view out our front door!

We’ve only been in San Miguel de Allende for a couple of days, but we are already in love with our apartment. Located in the Allende neighborhood, the apartment complex is a little slice of paradise tucked away in the city. We’re located just a short walk away from the center of SMA, and the streets that take us there are filled with everything we could possibly need. The only downside, if there is one, is that the complex is located up a hill. That means the walk down is easy, but a bit more difficult on the return, especially when carrying bags full of groceries or such. Our neighbors have already advised that we should walk into town but take a taxi to come back. We haven’t tried that yet, but it’s good advice.

Our apartment is located on the second level of the three-level complex. We have a open-plan living/dining/kitchen, a bedroom with a king-size bed and a big closet, a small bathroom with a shower, and a large hallway with extra storage. Like our living room on Kaua’i, the front door looks out onto nature, to a gorgeous central courtyard, complete with a fountain. It’s all very peaceful, and a wonderful place to relax and come home to.

The fireplace in the living room works, but is not for use by renters. The floors throughout the apartment are tiled – they help keep the place cool.

Another view of the living room from the dining table, looking back to the hallway and bedroom. The very comfortable sofa can be pulled out to make another king-size bed.

The dining area with the kitchen behind. The cabinet is full of cleaning supplies because once-a-week maid service is included in the rental (a surprise to us).

The well-equipped kitchen with the purified water jug front and center. We will probably use a bottle a week, with it delivered to our door when requested. The only downside here is we are still washing dishes by hand.

The hallway to the bedroom with its lovely built-in storage – Brett is keeping his clothes in three of the drawers. Our small bathroom is to the right.

The bedroom with its very comfortable king-size bed, big closet for our clothes and suitcases, and built-in corner desk which Brett immediately commandeered when we arrived.

I love everything about our apartment, but the courtyard may be the best thing about this place. Cool, colorful, peaceful, and filled with plants of all kinds, it’s a joy to have all of this right outside our door and to awaken each morning to birds singing outside. We also have delightful, friendly neighbors!


14 thoughts on “Our Home In San Miguel de Allende

  1. You certainly found a beautiful spot! It’s obvious you are already enjoying yourselves. Look forward to more updates! Aloha!!!


    1. The apartment is absolutely wonderful, just slightly bigger than our place in Lawai. It’s VERY dry here though and the altitude is keeping us drowsy. But, it gets better every day!


    1. I have been mostly lucky with our housing. When I initially start searching it’s often more emotion than common sense that factors in. There always seem to be a couple of places that grab me right from the start, just from the pictures, and we end up going with one of them more often then not if they have the amenities we are looking for, even after looking at loads of other places. All of them have turned out to be great places to stay. This apartment was one of those – the splash page had the courtyard pictured and I was hooked, and it’s turned out to be a good as I hoped.

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  2. Have fun in SMA! I loved it. Was there for the first time in December 2021 and eventually got used to the steep hill climbing. Little known fact – getting a taxi at night to go up the hill isn’t always available. 🙂


    1. Hi Mary! Lovely to hear from you! We are already in love with SMA and are just getting started here. We have yet to resort to getting a taxi and continue to climb the hill to our apartment – we figure it’s good for our legs and hearts (although something of a chore in near 90-degree heat). And thankfully we probably won’t be out at night although who knows? Hope you and Wolf are both well – you look gorgeous as always. P.S. I am a much better photographer today because of you – thank you.


  3. That is a beautiful setting. I love it! All the flowers make me happy.


    1. There are flowers all over this city! Bougainvilea are especially prominent, in a wide variety of colors. The courtyard however, is especially nice on these hot days we’re experiencing. The sound of the fountain and all the greenery instantly makes me feel cooler.


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