Sunday Morning 6/19/2022: Happy Father’s Day!

Some of this past week’s color from our walks through the city. The purple house is my new favorite!

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! This holiday always sort of throws me because I always forget it’s the third Sunday of June versus the second one, like Mother’s Day. Anyway, I knew it was coming up this month so Googled to make sure I got it right. Brett and I are heading out shortly for brunch at Mario’s Mariscos (shrimp), a nearby seafood restaurant we’ve heard nothing but good things about since we’ve been here. It’s a little spendier than some other restaurants we’ve been to, but worth it to spoil Brett a bit on his day.

A week ago I was beginning to wonder if there was something seriously going wrong with my health. I was sluggish and sleepy, and occasionally would have a round of vertigo. Breathing had become difficult at times too. I tested negative for COVID, but Brett and I began to wonder if I should perhaps see a doctor. Then Monday afternoon a big noisy thunderstorm rolled through bringing with it loads of lightening, thunder, rain, and hail. The storm cleaned out the air and also brought along cooler temperatures that have happily hung around . . . and I have felt fine ever since! I’m sleeping more soundly at night, apparently catching up this past week on all the sleep I wasn’t getting while it was so hot. The air is clean and I’m breathing easier again as well (I grew up in Los Angeles County in the 50s and 60s when the smog was at its worst and my lungs were permanently affected; air pollution anywhere can make breathing difficult for me now). Unfortunately, the vertigo is still with me, although not as bad as it was. We’ve been following the weather in Nashville and noted that temperatures this past week have been near 100 degrees with very high humidity – not looking forward to that!

Of course, once one health problem gets solved it seems another pops up. Somehow this past week I strained my back. I have no idea what I did but it has hurt like the dickens and laid me up for a couple of days. It’s one of those parts of your body you don’t think about until it gets hurt and then discover it’s needed to do everything: walking, standing, sitting, turning over in bed, getting out of bed, coughing, etc. I have been giving my back as much rest as possible and it is getting better although it’s still annoying (and painful at times). I learned something new to add to my Need It But Don’t Have It Because We’re Traveling file though: how to make a homemade heating pad out of a dishtowel (fold and microwave for 40 seconds; repeat as necessary). Getting old is not for sissies.

  • What we accomplished this past week: 1) We’ve purposefully enjoyed what’s mostly been a very relaxing week including a couple of full days relaxing in the apartment (because my back hurt so much). 2) I booked our August return flight tickets to Boston, departing from the nearby city of Querétaro versus traveling all the way back to Mexico City. WenYu and her partner will pick us up at the Boston airport so we don’t have to rent a car there. 3) I also reserved our hotel stays (two nights) for our road trip from Boston to Nashville, but still have to choose a hotel in Nashville for our arrival there. 4) We watched the January 6 hearings via streaming each day they were available. 5) I finished a book I didn’t enjoy very much , one that almost became an effort to read (unusual because it was a mystery). I finished it just in time for two books I’ve been waiting for to come off of hold from the library!
He passed us as we walked through Centro on our way to brunch on Friday!
  • What we’re looking forward to next week: 1) We again have no big plans for the coming week other than going out for brunch on Friday and making our weekly trips to the supermarket and the frutería down the street. We may go out to lunch one day, and we’d like to go looking for more fountains, but no decision has been made yet about which part of the city to visit. 2) The J6 hearings so far have been gripping television and well as shocking at times but we’re looking forward to learning more this coming week.
  • The ways we saved: 1) I don’t think we did anything special or out of the ordinary this past week to save but still stayed within our weekly budget. Our daily spending average has already dropped by over 30% compared to May and keeps going down. 2) Besides choosing hotels for our Boston to Nashville trip that came in under our budget, both hotels offer free breakfasts, and one hotel has an evening cocktail & snack buffet which can substitute for dinner. We used the senior discount at both hotels and received an additional discount by signing up for the hotel chains’ rewards programs.
The balcony looks more inviting with the plants our neighbor brought us.
  • Good things that happened: 1) Our lovely neighbor Jenny brought us a couple of plants for our balcony this past week. It looks much fresher and greener now and has become a favorite place for Brett to sit and read. 2) The weather has cooled off, and has stayed cloudy, breezier, and cooler, making a real difference in how both of us feel. 3) I found and bought a beautiful hand-embroidered shirt at a small stall in the Mercado Artesanias, where the woman running the stall did the embroidery (by hand). I can’t remember feeling so good or happy about a clothing purchase. 4) Meiling let us know she will be coming up to WenYu’s place while we’re there for another mini-reunion – we’re so excited to get to see her again!
Mural Of the Week (found outside a vet’s office)

Although they’re charming and add to the character of San Miguel de Allende, I’m finding the cobblestone streets to be frankly problematic at times, and I think they may be one of the things that have contributed to my back problems. In some places where we walked this past week the road has been nothing but uneven rocks stuck in the ground and we’ve had to walk very, very carefully not to trip and fall – there’s no way to maintain a natural gait – and I feel I may have twisted and turned in ways that gradually strained my back. Unfortunately, one of the worst of these streets is right outside our apartment complex so anytime we go out we have to deal with rock walking. Thankfully there are sidewalks through much of the city, but we often have to cross or walk in the street and over these exceptionally rocky streets from time to time. I keep telling myself they’re worth it though, especially when they take me to places and views like these:

Iglesia de San Francisco

We’ve now been in San Miguel de Allende for a month – the time has flown by. We still have seven weeks left in our stay though, and we known there’s still much to see and discover here. Each week though has been a gift, and we continue to look forward to the beauty, knowledge, and surprises that will continue to come our way during the rest of our stay.


18 thoughts on “Sunday Morning 6/19/2022: Happy Father’s Day!

  1. Love the purple building! I can sympathize on the back issue. After an excruciating episode at home, where I was crawling to the ba thrown, it is one reason I made a decision to retire closer to my kids.


    1. I gasped when I saw that purple house! I love that people here are not afraid of color, and that purple blends in so well with the oranges, yellows, rusts, etc.

      The back is getting better, but slowly. Mornings are the worst but it gets better as the day goes along.


  2. It’s been a month already in SMA? Oh man, the time flies by like crazy, isn’t it? Sorry to hear about your back, it may be the uneven pavement that causes the issue. I”m always careful about my ankles when walking on cobblestones.
    Happy Father’s Day, hopefully you guys had an enjoyable one!


    1. We were actually surprised that we’d been here a month – it doesn’t seem that long, but we’ve only got a few weeks left to go and much to see. We’ve gotten started our Christmas shopping as the prices are so low and there are so many unique items, so I’m glad we have a few more weeks to work on that (although Brett is beginning to worry about running out of space in our suitcases).

      Father’s Day was nice and we loved the restaurant where we had lunch – so much delicious seafood!


  3. Such beautiful scenery! And I know it is much more comfortable for you since things have cooled off. We are experiencing a couple cooler days today and tomorrow, with temps in the 80’s and low humidity compared to high 90’s and humid most of last week. (And coming back this week.)
    Sorry you are experiencing vertigo. I can attest that it is no fun. I have found that an antihistamine helps me.
    Looking forward to hearing about how this week unfolds!


    1. The weather has changed – today’s high temperature is expected to be 75 degrees. Lots of sunshine though so perfect weather!

      The vertigo now is mainly when I get up in the morning – I have to sit on the side of the bed for a few seconds until my head stops spinning. I have always gotten vertigo doing sit-ups or floating on my back, but this is a new development. Thankfully it seems to stay away the rest of the day.

      We don’t have any big plans this week except to do a little Christmas shopping on Wednesday and go out to brunch on Friday. We’ll be watching the hearings on Tuesday and Thursday. We may walk downtown again this evening just to get out, but one of the things we love about long stays is that we don’t feel under any pressure to be doing something or going somewhere every day.


      1. Maybe you’ve already tried it, but there are some “exercises” that can be done to improve vertigo symptoms by repositioning the crystals that we all have in our ears. Google it! Easy, free! Or if that doesn’t help, there is a physical therapy treatment with special equipment. Both helped my husband.
        I LOVE your blouse so much!


      2. Thank you for these tips! The vertigo now only seems to appear first thing in the morning, and if I sit on the side of the bed for a moment in passes (and hopefully it will eventually disappear).


  4. I am really enjoying following your adventures in SMA. I had always wanted to go, and four years ago my son and I finally visited for a week. Not nearly enough time to enjoy the flowers, architecture and art everywhere. I particularly enjoyed the community spirit of the library. We also hired a guide and spent a day in the city of Guanajuato which is very different from San Miguel and is famous for the mummies among other things. I found the hills, cobblestones and narrow sidewalks a challenge. Very glad I went when I did. Don’t think I would be physically up to it now.


    1. Believe it or not, we haven’t been to the library yet although we’ve walked past it several times. Maybe we should put it on our agenda this week? And, I never thought of a hiring a guide Guanajuato – others have suggested we visit and this sounds like the way to do it.

      Streets here do make walking problematic, and the hill climb up to our apartment is always a challenge. It depends on how much walking I’ve already been doing whether I will climb it or take a taxi (or whether we’re carrying heavy bags). I’m glad we came now too – I think in a couple more years I might not be able to do as much or enjoy it as much.


  5. I live just south of Nashville. It is humid and hot. However, we all do have ac and love it. We in the South say, “Walk slow and stay in the shade.” I have hurt my back and sometimes my knee by walking on rough ground. You even need your back to sit on commode and get up!


    1. Every place in Nashville seems to have A/C – we will be looking for an apartment complex with a gym that has air-conditioning so we can use the treadmill when it’s miserable. One thing I forgot about Tennessee though is the tornados! Will have to psychologically prepare myself for those again (we experienced them when we lived in Memphis).

      You don’t realize how much you use your back muscles until they are injured. They are used and needed for EVERYTHING!


  6. Love the mural in front of the vets office. So cute!
    Rain helps to cool everything. We’ve gotten a lot lately but storms seem to be stronger. lots of wind and lightening.
    Sorry to hear about your health issues, Hope your backs gets well soon.


    1. That hedgehog mural was so cute – the office had other animal murals, but nothing as sweet as the hedgehog. There are just so many artistic people in this town . . . and so many good cooks.

      We’ve had a few other thunderstorms threaten, but no rain since last week. Thankfully temperatures are finally cooler.

      My back is getting better, but slowly. Too slowly in my opinion, but it is what it is.


    1. After a week of rest I am back to normal! I gave up the heating pad a couple of days ago, and this morning woke up for the first time without pain and have enjoyed a good day! I think I may have beat this thing . . . .


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