Brunch Every Friday: El Pegaso

I chose El Pegaso for our brunch location this week after searching for a place in San Miguel de Allende for chilis rellenos, possibly my favorite Mexican dish. El Pegaso went to the top of the list, not only for their menu selections but because of its location in a convenient, easy-to-walk-to downtown location.

The restaurant seemed full when we arrived, with lots of local and other Mexican families and couples dining. However, we were fortunate that the owner was standing in front chatting with a friend, and he stepped up and asked if we’d mind eating up on the rooftop terrace. We of course said yes! and were soon seated at a table with lovely views.

My bolillo, still warm, disappeared soon after I snapped this picture!

Service was prompt and gracious, and we were first presented with a basket containing warm, fresh bolillos, a sort of French bread roll found all over in Mexico. Brett decided he would have Eggs Benedict this time, and he was again asked how he would like his eggs cooked (soft, medium, or hard), something we’ve never experienced in all our years of ordering Eggs Benedict in the U.S. I asked the waiter if it would be possible to order chilis rellenos, and he suggested I might like to try chilis en nogadas. I had no idea what those were but thought, why not?

El Pegaso’s chilis en nogadas

Chilis en nogadas turned out to be one of the most delicious meals I’ve ever eaten in my life. The dish consisted of two big, roasted poblano chilis which were stuffed with picadillo, a seasoned meat hash made with tomatoes, potatoes, and raisins. The stuffed chilis were covered in a walnut cream sauce, topped with pomegranate seeds, and served on a bed of lettuce at room temperature. The colors of chilis en nogados – red, white, and green – represented the colors of the Mexican flag, and the dish is apparently most popular during late August and early September during Mexican independence festivities (and when pomegranates appear in the markets).

Brett’s beautiful presented and perfectly cooked Eggs Benedict

Brett’s Eggs Benedict were again perfection, and he especially loved the spiced fried potatoes that came along on the side. We stuck to our usual drinks of coffee for Brett, iced tea for me.

Our meal at El Pegaso was our most expensive brunch yet, coming in at $28.02 USD with tip included. The chilis en nogadas alone cost a whopping $13.73 USD. Would I spend that amount again to eat El Pegaso’s chilis en nogadas? Yes and without hesitation – they were that amazing.

EL PEGASO: Corregidora 6, Centro, San Miguel de Allende


9 thoughts on “Brunch Every Friday: El Pegaso

  1. Looks amazing!!! Tell me what your reasoning for this location. Off the beaten path? Less tourists?? We have been to Cancun and San Jose del Cabo and prefer the quiet parts of these areas.


    1. The reasoning for the restaurant? I looked up ‘chilis rellenos’ and this restaurant came in at #1, plus the reviews were good. We also try to find places that are popular with Mexicans versus only expats (which has happened a couple of times), which turned out to be the case with El Pegaso.

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  2. You are making me hungry πŸ™‚ Your meal sounds so unique and delicious. I love when something unexpected comes together like poblano peppers and pomegranate seeds. Thank you for sharing your trip with us!


    1. Those chilis were amazing, and I’m so, so happy I got to eat them. I didn’t know what to expect but they were fantastic. With very few exceptions I’ll try anything – brunch this week will be middle eastern food. The restaurant is supposedly very good and gets wonderful reviews . . . and we like middle eastern food!


  3. I love all the food options you’re finding! Your brunch looks amazing, and even though it was a bit pricier than the past week, that is still SO reasonable for eating out. We are going out to dinner this evening for our joint birthdays this month, and I know it will be considerably more costly than it was the last time we went. We rarely eat out anymore, but we plan to enjoy it! 😊


    1. I think you could 1) pretty much find any cuisine you desired in this city, and 2) it would be very reasonable compared to what you would pay for a comparable meal in the U.S. We’re enjoying being able to eat out more spontaneously while we’re here because we know we’ll go back to our schedule of rarely if ever eating out once we’re in Nashville. Here, it’s a treat, and we’re having fun discovering new places to try.


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