Brunch Every Friday: Panio

We had every intention of enjoying a Middle Eastern brunch last Friday. There’s a highly recommended restaurant right down the road from us and on the way to the supermarket, and after reading their menu and checking out the prices we were looking forward to it.

And then on Friday morning the housekeeper showed up an hour and a half earlier than expected. We were both still in our pajamas, but we welcomed her in, quickly got dressed, grabbed our shopping bags, and headed out the door. About half way down the hill I turned to Brett and said, “You know, I really don’t feel like eating Middle Eastern food this time of the morning.” He agreed, and after a short discussion we decided to head to Panio instead, the nearby French bakery, figuring at the least we could get a delicious pastry and a good cup of coffee before heading to the market.

Panio has a small dining room at the side of the bakery

To say we were surprised by Panio’s breakfast menu would be an understatement. We were presented with a full page of breakfast dishes, from omelettes to Eggs Benedict to Mexican specialities to pancakes and French toast, all at reasonable prices. After going through everything and with a little back and forth, Brett decided on the French toast (his favorite breakfast) and I chose the banana-walnut pancakes with bacon.

My pancakes came with banana and pecans instead of walnuts – I almost felt like I was back in Hawaii – and with four big, smoky, crisp slices of bacon! Brett’s French toast came with whipped cream and berries (so I gave him two slices of my bacon). We each had an Americano, perfectly made, hot, and absolutely delicious.

The cost for this glorious, filling breakfast was $20.50 USD, including the tip. My pancakes and bacon breakfast was only $6.54 USD, less than what I’d probably have paid in the U.S. for just the four slices of bacon!

Walking into Panio is like entering a bakery in Paris.

It was a good thing we’d eater before we shopped the bakery or we would have left with a lot more than these four items! We were tempted though.

Following breakfast, our tummies full, we perused Panio’s bakery selections and left with a bag of meringues, a bag of the best butter cookies we’ve ever had, some wine crackers, and two blueberry tarts to enjoy Saturday morning.

We’ll do Middle Eastern this week.

PANIO ATELIER DU PAIN: Salida a Celaya 67-69, Zona Centro, 37700 San Miguel de Allende


2 thoughts on “Brunch Every Friday: Panio

  1. That bakery would be my downfall there! I don’t really eat a lot of candy and even ice cream is not my thing, but baked goods of all kinds sweet to savory are irresistible to me. There are some good Latin American bakeries here near where I live. Even here, most items are only $1 – 1.50 each. The same thing in an American run bakery down the street would be $4 – 6. Hmmmmm.


    1. I understand you completely – bakeries and baked goods of any kind are my downfall as well!

      It was the same with Chinese bakeries when we lived in Portland. Super affordable when compared to the American bakeries down the street. American-run bakeries are often a first sign of gentrification in ethnic neighborhoods so I’m always wary.


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