Moving In, Getting Settled

A short update from my phone . . .

All is going well in Tennessee although we still don’t have an Internet connection. A technician is scheduled to come on Saturday to see if he can figure out what’s wrong. Data through my phone is all I’ve got right now.

We are almost completely unpacked and the furniture we’ve ordered has been arriving daily. Brett and his trusty tool kit have been busy every day assembling things (the bed came without instructions but he had it together in three hours), and so far we’re happy with everything we’ve bought. We currently have a sofa & loveseat, dining table & chairs, a very comfortable bed (I’ve been sleeping like a log), and bedside tables & lamps. Oh, and a lamp in the living room that about broke my hand when I made the lampshade. Brett said it was easier to assemble the bed without instructions than put one piece of the lampshade together (and there were over 75 pieces to assemble). Our coffee table arrives tomorrow, a console table and small desk for Brett on Saturday, the credenza for the TV on Tuesday, and a rug for the living room on Wednesday and then we’re done!! The apartment is very, very nice but lacks storage somewhat so organizing has been a challenge at times but we’ve made good progress and found a place for everything.

We’re having a terrific time with our son and family. K is sleeping next to me as I write this – her first sleepover at Grandma & Grandpa’s. Brett will fix her breakfast tomorrow and take her to school as our son will be on his way to pick up our grandson from camp. They’ll be back here on Saturday for another week before returning to Japan. Our son just received a major promotion at his company so we’re all celebrating that and M’s work is going well too.

Fingers are crossed that we’re back online on Saturday, but no guarantees. If all goes well I’ll post a giveaway next week! In the meantime, thanks for hanging in there with me. It’s been an exhausting week, but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel . . .

. . . when we’ll be adding a small, very energetic puppy to the mix! I think (hope) we’re ready.


10 thoughts on “Moving In, Getting Settled

  1. I was puzzled about putting together a lampshade until I saw it. The plan is coming together, at least the apartment.


    1. All the reviews of the lamp said to “prepare yourself for the assembly!” It was difficult and time consuming but we love the end result! The coffee table has arrived and been assembled and is perfect for our space. Just a few more things to do and we will be moved in!

      Otherwise, I am totally lost here! Everything around us looks the same (because of the landscaping) and I can’t remember any of the street names. I have to have GPS on in the car if I want to go anywhere!


  2. Welcome to Nashville! It sounds like you are setting in and getting to spend lots of time with your family. I know you’ll enjoy every minute of it! Glad to hear that your furniture arrived (and wasn’t sent to another city like the original IKEA order). I hope K had a good first day at school. My son just started 1st grade and loves being in the classroom.


    1. So far everything has arrived on-time or early, and we’re happy with everything we’ve bought. I’m sort of glad the IKEA order was cancelled – it would have been too much for the apartment.

      K had a great first day but has only been doing half days – full day kindergarten starts next week! Glad to hear your son loves being in a classroom – all of our kids loved going to school!


  3. Welcome home! Happy to hear you are settling in so quickly. Looking forward to puppy pictures!


    1. We are settling in quickly this time but are helped by two things: quick deliveries compared to Hawaii, and a deep dislike of living in chaos! We’ve been more motivated than usual to get things put away and in order.

      We just received an updated video of Kai – he is very energetic and really takes after is poodle dad. One week to go until we bring him home!!


    1. We are having a great time with our granddaughter, but boy is she a bundle of energy! And what a singing voice she has – hard to believe such a sound is coming from a five-year-old. We will see our grandson again tomorrow evening. We never want to go this long again without seeing them.


  4. So glad to hear that you are sleeping well! That makes all the difference in the world. Just wait until Fall. I always seem to go into hibernation mode when the nights cool down. Hope you enjoy Nashville and having family just steps away!


    1. I am sleeping much better these days. The A/C helps at night, and the new mattress helps too. We can’t wait for it to cool down though. We actually live in Franklin, TN (just south of Nashville) and want to go over to visit the historic old town plus stroll around and see what’s there. But, it’s just too hot now to want to spend more than a few moments outside.

      Our son and grandson leave day after tomorrow, something we’re not looking forward to. They’ll be back in December though. Love having our DIL and granddaughter so close.


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