January Goals

After all the expense of the holidays, January keeps it going for us with two of our three girls having birthdays before the middle of the month (with the third girl’s birthday in early February). Otherwise, it’s usually a quiet month, and Brett and I have come up with ten goals to work toward in January:

  1. Keep grocery spending under $450. With everyone here for the holidays, December’s grocery costs were astronomical compared to what we usually spend. We’ve got several leftovers though to start off the year. While Costco shopping was necessary in Hawaii, here it’s really a massive money drain, and we plan to stop in once a month only if necessary, and otherwise limit our shopping to Trader Joe’s and Aldi’s, and occasionally Publix or Whole Foods.
  2. Aim for zero food waste.
  3. Have one full no-spend week. This will take some planning (like making sure the gas tank is full for example), but it’s doable.
  4. Have four no-drive days. We plan to hang out at home on Sundays this month.
  5. Try one new recipe. I want to make slow cooker Coq au Vin this month. I love it, but have never made it myself before.
  6. Track my meals and calories every day on MyFitnessPal. I got out of the habit of doing this while we were in Mexico but got started again at the end of last year and I am going to keep it up – it makes a difference. I’ve been thinking of starting up my activity cards as well but haven’t committed to doing those again yet.
  7. Walk 40 miles. Weather permitting, we should accomplish this just by walking through the apartment complex five days a week – one loop is 2.1 miles. However, bad weather kept us inside much of December, so we’ll just have to see how it goes this month.
  8. Visit one natural or historical site in the area. Our plan is to visit the nearby Carnton plantation home this month and/or maybe Radnor Lake State Park.
  9. Read three books. I was going to reread Gone With the Wind, but there’s a wait list for it at the library. I’m currently going through books I’ve already read in my Kindle library and choosing some of those to reread (Being Mortal by Atul Gawande was first) and otherwise waiting for books to come off hold from my end-of-the-year list at the library.

I’m just getting started with my crocheted sweater project so don’t know how to goal myself – there are some things going on with my glasses so it may have to be put off until next month. Many of the above goals seem pretty basic, but writing them down and knowing what we’re working toward made and big difference in the past. Brett and I think it will also help move the year along – 2023 will be a full year in Tennessee and we want to make the most of it!


6 thoughts on “January Goals

  1. We are also having a low-grocery spending month- aiming for $300 as we have lots of protein in the freezer, and a stuffed pantry. Hoping to just buy produce, eggs, and nut milks. And no food waste…although i did toss a cucumber yesterday


    1. If we had a bit more in our freezer I could have lowered the spending amount this year, but the family did a good job of eating almost everything so $450 it is.

      I had to toss the remains of a bag of green beans that had gone soggy and slimy, as well as half a container of pico de gallo salsa. Both were bought when the family was here and not finished, and although we tried we couldn’t finish them. But otherwise we’re doing a good job of using up everything!


  2. Being Mortal is a wonderful book. I found it incredibly helpful in shaping my views and actions.


    1. It was a great choice for the first reread of the year, and might be something I reread every year or every other year. It gives so much food for thought, and things to ponder. I forgot that I had changed a few things after the first read, and some things will be adjusted yet again after this reading.


  3. I really like this idea of having simple, achievable goals per month. I’m actually trying it myself this year – so much easier than planning for a year when goodness knows what the world will throw at you.


    1. While I don’t mind setting some broad goals for the year, I find I get more done setting monthly ones, particularly ones that can lead me to the bigger goals. We set monthly goals before we moved to Hawaii in 2014, and I look back in amazement at what we accomplished in the year and a half before we left Portland.

      I honestly have to wonder though what this year is going to throw at us. I’ve already gotten one surprise!

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