Simple Winter Pleasures

I’m trying to stay positive this season in spite of winter’s wrath, and paying attention to the little things that bring me joy while I wait for spring and warmer weather:

  • The first hot cup of coffee in the morning
  • Sunlight streaming through the windows
  • A big mug of hot soup on a cold evening
  • Bundling up for a walk on a (not too) cold day
  • Starting a new book in a series I love.
  • Video chatting with Meiling in the morning
  • Going through pictures from our travels and reminiscing
  • Kai sleeping next to me on the sofa
  • A warm pair of colorful socks

What are some of the simple things that bring you pleasure in winter?


25 thoughts on “Simple Winter Pleasures

  1. I love this! I was just thinking yesterday “here comes February, our grossest month” and decided I needed to change my thinking. Mine are: when I open the bedroom window shade in the morning – even cloudy weather looks beautiful, a walk along the beach, catching both of the dogs curled up on my bed in a little patch of warm sunlight, staying in my cozy bed in the morning while having that first cup of coffee, and reading in one of my new comfy chairs.


    1. January is my ugh! month, mainly because nothing is really going on these days. Two of the girls have birthdays, but we send money now so no parties to plan, cakes to bake, and so forth to look forward to. Anyway, I tried to change my usual January feelings this month and think more positively about the month. Love your positives, especially walking on the beach – boy do I miss that!


  2. By my count this January has been 58 days long….it’s my least favorite month. But:
    1) coffee in the dark morning by the light of my paper stars
    2) cozy evenings knitting on the couch with the dog snuggled up
    3) time to tackle accumulated clutter
    4) skiing when the snow is good (right now we have ice ☹️)
    5)planning for trips ahead


    1. Fifty-eight days seems about right. It really is my least favorite month even though two of our girls celebrate birthdays.

      There’s something about that first cup of coffee, isn’t there, no matter where you enjoy it.

      I should be planning some travel but I’m not feeling very motivated right now. First trip coming up will be New England this summer for Meiling’s wedding!


      1. I have 3 trips this spring- and I have to say it’s causing a bit of anxiety after 3 years of mostly not traveling. I’m out of practice!


      2. That’s sort of how I feel right now, that I’m out of practice. We’re mainly focused now on our relocation in a couple of years, but this summer’s trip to New England is going to require some planning – I’m just not ready yet though.


  3. Your post reminded me of the song in the Sound of Music. Here are my favorite things:
    1. A cup of coffee in the afternoon with a small sweet snack 2. Talking on the phone with my SIS especially when she is in a good mood and we crack up together 3. Getting together with my childhood friends 4. Watching shows with my bestie who lives in the US 5. Driving long distances


    1. Your winter pleasures are all good things 🥰! Hopefully you get decent weather for driving – the weather here this month has been very discouraging.

      I’m right with you for the afternoon coffee and afternoon sweet, but these days we are waiting to have it after our evening meal.


  4. Birds chirping as the sun rises, snow falling, cats sleeping, Willow (my dog) running leash free on a walk through the woods and the smell of cranberry bushes in the fall!


    1. Oh, I love to wake up to the silence of snow! There honestly is nothing as quiet or peaceful. And, I envy tou being able to let your dog run leash free in the woods- we are definitely nowhere near that yet.

      New life goal: smelling cranberry bushes in the fall!


  5. Snow means slow in NE Alberta. We go hard spring, summer & fall. Winter is when I watch movies, read books, do slow cooking, bake bread. Each season has its positives – setting in front of the fire with a full wood box right outside the door; a walk in the moonlight; lengthening daylight hours so noticeable the 2nd wk in Jan; the pink cheeks on my little 19 mo old neighbor as she trundles through the snow in her snowsuit; seeing new deer tracks in the snow. I saw a herd of ~15 deer this morning. To everything there is a season.


    1. I agree, although after a few years in Hawaii I am having a difficult time adjusting to “real” winter again. I so wish we had a fireplace (some apartments have them) – I think it would make the adjustment easier and more enjoyable. I’m looking forward to spring, and hoping next winter goes easier. I just wasn’t prepared this year.


  6. The blue skies in winter are one of my favorite things, along with cardinals, day getting long now, and an occasional cup of hot chocolate. I don’t drink hot drinks but I can stand chocolate as long as i have cold water afterwards. Winter holds little charm for me, so there are few positives. I have SAD. However, I don’t grieve for Spring. I just take the days as they come.


    1. I just can’t get over how different I feel when the sky is blue here, especially this winter. My soul just leaps! And seeing cardinals! They show up now and again in the trees behind our apartment and they also make me feel so good (did you know there are cardinals in Hawaii? Two kinds!)

      I have SAD as well; it’s the main reason we moved to Hawaii. It was growing worse and worse every year in Portland with its long, gloomy winters.

      I know spring is coming, and I am waiting patiently (while everything is coated in ice for the time being).


  7. Like you, my morning cup of coffee is something I really look forward to!

    I also love watching the sunrise from our family room each morning while sipping above coffee.

    – A book and a blanket.
    – Soup simmering in the crock pot making the house smell good.
    – Crafting. Currently I’m stitching felt Christmas stockings for my oldest and her household, at her request. I love a good craft project!

    Otherwise, like you, I’m waiting for the warmer weather to return. We would normally travel at this time of year to someplace exotic and warm, but like you, our normal travel schedule is on hold until our youngest, which includes our granddaughters, return from Europe in two years. All our long distance travels are currently focused on them, but NOT in the winter – brrr!


    1. I am so lucky – Brett gets up early and makes the coffee every morning so it’s ready when I get up. One of the worst things (of many) when he deployed in the navy was that I had to get up and make my own coffee. I am greatly indebted to the person who invented the automatic coffee maker with a timer!

      I was so excited about starting my sweater last month, but my eyes have really let me down. I used to do quite a few crafty things, and making this sweater was the first time those urges had returned, so it’s been disappointing to only be able to look at the yarn for now.

      I too love have something cooking in the kitchen that makes the whole house smell good. When I made chocolate chip cookies last week, our grandson told me he could smell them the whole way walking down the breezeway to our apartment, and that inside smelled even better! It’s inspired me to bake more again.

      We’ve got enough miles to fly RT to Mexico, and we think that’s where we’re going to head next winter, IF we can get away. But, that’s as exotic as it’s going to get for us for a while (other than New England this summer).


  8. That first cup of coffee in the morning is a real joy. And our dog is endlessly entertaining. I love to read in winter with the fireplace on. And my favorite fleece and a down throw with a good British TV show are what get me through the dark evenings. One of my winter pleasures is baking, so I’ve been trying to temper that, because when I bake, I eat. Usually too much. Ha! And warm socks — like you, they really make me happier.

    Now the light is returning…sunset is later every day. January seems sooo long (58 days sounds about right) and the only thing that saved it for me was being in the UK for half of it. (Their January was just as gloomy, though.)

    We saw the sun all day today and I’m feeling particularly upbeat because of it. 😀 On to February!


    1. “I get up in the morning because I know there will be coffee” is one of my life’s mottos. Also, “Drink the coffee; you can sleep when you’re dead!”

      I am rediscovering baking and enjoying it, and I’m grateful for the grandkids being more than willing to eat whatever I make (I always send half home with them, and they eat the rest after school). I am getting ready to attempt bread this weekend – hopefully it will be good and I can keep away from it.

      I love warm socks, but have discovered that between our comforter and our new memory foam mattress if I dress too warmly at night I will sweat! So no socks at night, and I’m wearing summer weight pajamas.

      And, I love, love, love stretching out on the sofa to read with the throw over my legs and our little pup cuddled up next to me. Pure pleasure! Brett and I watch a couple of shows in the evening (currently finishing up Emily in Paris and New Amsterdam), but I could really use a good British show – any recommendations?


      1. I’m with you…once I’m in bed, no socks. I can’t stand the feel of anything on my feet when I’m sleeping. 🤪

        We’re watching The Split right now. We both love Nicola Walker, so when I heard about this show, I had to check it out. Legal, family stories, set in London inside two cut throat law firms. We’re only a few episodes in, but really like it so far. Just before that we watched the latest season of All Creatures Great & Small on PBS. I loved the books and the TV show is a real feel good series.


      2. Thanks for the show recommendations. We have Hulu so will check it out this week!

        I have had to wear socks the past couple of nights to keep my feet from cramping in the cold! I’ve worn the lightest ones I have and they’ve actually stayed on all night.

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    2. I realized while I was in England that they all use a hot water bottle in bed when they want their feet warm. You can buy them with all kinds of wrappers…knit, fur, etc. I guess I prefer sox. LOL.


  9. I’m one of those people who loves winter! I especially enjoy snow when I don’t have to drive in it, my peppermint vanilla tea, soups and stews, homemade bread, and cleaning and reorganizing closets and drawers. And working on my photo book projects.

    Currently we are halfway around the world and south of the equator, so the temps are in the mid-upper 80’s. I’m homesick for winter!


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