March Odds & Ends

Another small group of things from March that were not enough for an individual post:

New sunglasses and reading glasses.

  • I have my makeup and new glasses all pretty well figured out now, although I’m still walking into stores with my sunglasses on and wondering why everything stays dark. Four pairs of readers was the ideal amount – I always have a pair nearby no matter where I am: red in the living room, blue in the bedroom, aqua at work, and pinkish-red in my purse.
  • We’ve had somewhat low water pressure since we moved in to our apartment last summer, but a couple of weeks ago the pressure suddenly dropped even more throughout the apartment and the kitchen water faucet and sprayer just sort of went crazy – the faucet got stuck in spray mode (we have a pull down spray nozzle) and started spraying in all directions, creating a mess every time we needed to use the faucet. Maintenance came the day after Brett called and we got a new hot water heater, a new kitchen faucet, new bathroom faucet, and new fancy shower head. The hot water heater had apparently been the problem – it was old and internal corrosion was clogging up everything and causing low(er) water pressure throughout the apartment. Everything works wonderfully now! We also love not having to pay for these types of repairs.
  • Brett and I have decided we want to move to a larger apartment when our lease on this one expires this summer. Our current apartment remains uncomfortably small, especially when the grandkids are here, and there is almost no storage space – we feel like sardines packed in a can (and we have so little stuff too). For what we pay now or close to it we can get a larger apartment on the other side of the complex, which in our opinion is lovelier than the side we’re currently on and seems quieter as well. We also no longer want to live on the ground floor – we’ve had enough of the noise coming from above and also having all the noisy heat exchangers/air conditioners for the building outside our bedroom windows. If we take an upper floor apartment we can possibly have a wood-burning fireplace, something we would love and would use. We’ve talked with the main office, and can see on the first of June what’s coming available, tour a couple of the larger floor plans, and then make our choice. Our daughter-in-law and grandkids may also move to larger apartment here or they may move to a different (but close by) apartment complex, still on the way for drop-offs and pick-ups.
I love, love, love my new breadbox! Besides holding a lot, the bottom of the lid can be used as a breadboard.
  • WenYu and Meiling both surprised me with early birthday presents this month (my birthday isn’t until May). I have no idea what I did to deserve this generosity, but I received a lovely rechargeable lighted makeup mirror from WenYu, much needed because the lighting in our bathroom is awful. The mirror is about the size of an iPad, perfect for future travel. Meiling sent me the bread box I have been wanting! It’s as lovely as it looked in pictures, and the “bread clutter” on our counter has been taken care of.
  • We also had a great visit with our son while he was here. He obviously spent most of his time with M and the kids, but they took us out to dinner and he came over a couple of times to visit with us. He’ll be back at the end of April for another week’s visit, and then back again for six weeks in the summer.
It’s sort of amazing the mischief this little dog can get into in just a couple of minutes.
  • We love our little Kaipo so much, but we were having an awful time keeping him from tearing up everything, from his toys to his bed. We stopped one day at a local pet supply store and bought him a few natural chew items (dried tendons, trachea, collagen – all things that “melt” as he chews versus breaking or snapping off) to see if we could redirect his chewing. He loves them, and it’s been like having a different dog living with us, one that’s content to sit calmly in his bed and chew instead of looking for things he can rip to bits. We’ve stocked up on a few more of the items so he should be good for a while.


5 thoughts on “March Odds & Ends

  1. I love the bread box! Do you know where Meiling bought it? I could really use something like that because I also have “bread clutter” lol. 🙂 It sounds like moving to the bigger apartment is a good idea. You and Brett don’t have a lot of stuff so if you feel cramped where you are then it must be VERY small. I had a bad experience at one apartment I lived in years ago where the person upstairs was walking around at all hours of the night wearing what sounded like tap dancing shoes. When I lived in apartments after that, I always made sure I was on the top floor so I wouldn’t have to deal with upstairs neighbors.


    1. Meiling sent the breadbox via Amazon. I had mentioned that it was the one I wanted, but I kept talking myself out of it, so was very pleasantly surprised when it arrived! It’s the Sonder Los Angeles breadbox, made from bamboo fibers. I absolutely love it!

      We have had the kids with us for the past couple of days, and it has felt very cramped. We have no linen storage, no room for a dresser in our bedroom, and our closet and kitchen cabinets are half size – I can’t put a dinner-sized plate in our kitchen cabinets. It’s all very lovely but just too small. And, we are very tired of the noise upstairs, especially after coming from a similar situation in Hawaii. We would ❤️ to have a fireplace as well and a bit more overall quiet than we have now. Two more months and then we can set things up!


  2. I found the bread box on Amazon and will order. Thank you! I’m tired of having multiple bread products in various bags all over the place!

    The new apartment sounds great. Is it a gas fireplace? I remember the issues you had with the upstairs neighbor in Hawaii. Wow, your apartment really is small if your cabinets don’t even hold regular sized dinner plates. At least you only have to wait a couple of more months to move!


  3. You have a dog?!? It’s been a long time since I’ve visited since Covid and life in general took over my time, so to see Kaipo…big swoon from this dog lover here. Great to see that you’re doing well 🙂


    1. We got our little Kaipo (good Hawaiian name) last August – he just turned one in February. We adore him – he’s everything we hoped for.

      You have been busy, with lots to take on and handle in the past few years. I admire all that you’ve done. Brett and I are hoping we’ll someday get the chance to meet up.

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