2d70fc810c5700f9541a56a55b00b318I love to travel. It doesn’t matter if it’s a big trip, a small one, local or distant, a long trip or a short one, family or solo travel, luxury or bare bones . . . I just love to go.

I love dreaming about travel. I keep an ongoing list of places I want to experience, sites I want to see, and places I want to go just to sit still and relax. I love reading about these places, from guide books to blogs to travel stories to travel books.

I also love planning travel. It’s nothing less than a total blast for me to search for airfares, plan an itinerary, find great lodging, discover places to eat or tours to take that fit within our budget. Planning for me does not mean scheduling every minute of the journey, but rather setting a solid foundation in place so that we can relax, be spontaneous and work off our own schedule for the most part, and see and do the things we want.

Four years ago our family experienced what many might consider the ultimate trip: We moved to Hawai’i, to the island of Kaua’i. Getting here took several years of paying off debt, saving, downsizing and loads of planning. One of our reasons for moving here (besides the terrific weather and beautiful surroundings) was to be closer to our son and his family in Japan, and since our move I have had the pleasure of traveling to Japan three times, once on my own, once with two of our daughters and most recently with my husband, Brett, and our youngest daughter. One added bonus from our travels has been discovering how wonderful it has been to return home to Kaua’i.

We’re getting ready though to leave the Garden Island at the end of summer 2018 in order to do some big-time travel. After we get our youngest settled in at her college, Brett and I are taking off for an extended journey around the world, a “Big Adventure” that we’ve spent the past 18 months planning and organizing. And, after that’s over, who knows? We may decide to settle down somewhere or we may just keep traveling . . . only time will tell. The only thing we know for certain now is that a piece of our hearts will be left in Kaua’i, and that we will be back even if it’s only for a visit.

Both Brett and I are retired and live on a fixed income. We’ve stayed busy with our daughters’ schedules and needs, and with our own explorations and outings around the island, but with the youngest finally leaving the nest now it’s time for us to set out on our own. We live a very simple, uncluttered and uncomplicated life these days but love finding ways to save and are looking forward to future travels.

I hope you’ll join me (and Brett) as we share our dreams, our goals, our plans and our travels both here and elsewhere along the way.


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  1. Michael Bardrick says:

    I discovered your blog a year or so ago…I found it chasing down a recipe that you had posted. Since then, I read it on a slow evening when I want to relax without being bombarded with the news, politics, etc. You provide a fresh “slice of life” and I truly enjoy your simple approach to life on the island. One of my favorite books is “Don’t Stop the Carnival” by Herman Wouk…I think you would enjoy a tale of another’s escape to paradise. (whether you read it or not, I think you would even enjoy reading a book review about it .)
    Keep up the good work. I know writing can be a chore at times, but know that others truly appreciate your efforts.

    Mike Bardrick

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    • Laura says:

      Thank you so much for writing. I apologize for the delay in replying – life got in the way.

      To be honest, I think I write more for myself than anyone, and the fact that others read what I have to say, or are interested in what I do or how I live, still amazes me, and I am deeply touched when readers respond.

      And, thank you so much for the book recommendation! I have read many of Wouk’s books, but did not know about this one and am adding it today to my Kindle. I’m just about done with my current book, so this will be the next one up. (Just found out it’s not available for Kindle! I’ll check and see if our local library carries it.)

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  2. Bob says:

    Oh I am glad I found this blog. We live in Indiana (recent transplant from Texas) and also have son and granddaughter in Japan – Kyoto. We have been 3 times to visit, once for son’s formal Shinto wedding, and find that we enjoy Japan. Sort of wish we were on the west coast or even Hawai’i but that is not possible due to other family issues. Going to sign up for updates.
    Really glad that we have FaceTime so we can easily watch the kiddo grow up. My son is 6’4″ so the daughter will be tall. I think she is about off the charts for height over there.

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    • Laura says:

      Hi Bob! Welcome! Wondering where you are in Indiana. My dad was born and raised in Westfield, and I still have family there. Our son went to school at Earlham, in Richmond.

      Lucky you getting to go to Kyoto. I LOVE that city – so fascinating, and so different from Tokyo. We were there two years ago and am looking forward to visiting again in a couple of years.

      Re. the height thing: our son is not as tall as yours, but he is tall. His son, although the youngest in his kindergarten class is still the tallest and seems quite big compared to the other kids! Our new grandbaby though will probably be more petite like her mom (who is tiny).

      We won’t be back to Japan for another couple of years now – our son and family will be making the trip to Hawai’i for the next visit.

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  3. Bob says:

    We are in Noblesville just next door (east) to Westfield. Small world. We will be back in Japan in the fall. Kids were here at Xmas so giving them some distance for next visit. Really glad for FaceTime as we get to see them all live all the time. The GD is 15 months and a real pip and 31″ tall with really big hands – not going to be petite :-). Counting on a volleyball star here. My son is so big he cannot buy much local clothing and never shoes (size 12-13). We send them from here.
    Yes Kyoto is nice and much more laid back then Tokyo – sort of NYC vs SFO or something.

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  4. BEL says:

    We live in PA but have family on Kauai. We are usually there in the winter months to help with any projects we can, tag along to grands’ events, etc. I joined a knit group at church and really look forward to visiting with them every year. I take advantage of quilt classes as well. It is so nice to keep busy when traveling. I love the many yoga class opportunities available in the Kapaa area. I have not read all of your blogs but would love you take on the best one in your opinion and why. I am a beginner. We are retired but travel quite a bit.


    • Laura says:

      Welcome, BEL! Are you asking which other blogs I think are best? It would be hard to choose as I read several very different blogs on a variety of topics. If you’re asking about this blog you can click on the different categories on the side and see what topics interest you. My previous blogs dealt with different topics (getting out of debt, moving to Kaua’i, settling in on Kaua’i) – those blogs are now closed to the public – too much maintenance work to keep them open.

      If you are here this winter, I’d love to do a meet-up! Let me know.


  5. Jeremy Burns says:

    Aloha Laura and Brett,
    Hello from wintery Milwaukee WI! It’s really warmed up here today with a high in the 40’s, sure beats the teens the other week. My wife Christine and I are working on executing our Kauai relocation pending one more little hurdle (home sale… just a little hurdle). We’ve met a few people on island and one of our good friends here has owned a condo in Poipu for 20+ years. I understand your former Kauai moving / living blogs are now closed… we’d love to read them if possible as we’re always interested in new perspectives. Perhaps we can visit next time we’re on island? Have a great day, aloha, Jeremy


    • Laura says:

      Hi Jeremy – I’m only keeping the old blogs open so I can find recipes that I posted there! But otherwise they are closed for good – I hope you’ll understand. I’d be happy though to try and answer any questions you might have about moving over here. What part of the island are you moving to, or at least considering? Oh yes – we went through that whole home sale hurdle before we moved. Stay strong – it will happen.

      We’d be happy to do a meet-up next time you’re on the island – I love meeting my readers. Just shoot me a comment that you’re coming and I’ll send you and email and we can set the whole thing up!


      • Jeremy Burns says:

        Mele Kalikimaka! Makes sense, no worries, we’re just trying to learn as much as we can. We aren’t sure yet where we will start out but most likely east side… it’ll probably depend most on what is available to rent with our cat and a fit for us. We’d love to meet up sometime, it’s looking like we may be on island in Feb or Mar if all goes smoothly. I’ll let you know as it goes!
        Jeremy & Christine


  6. Elizabeth Dinawi says:

    Hi Laura. Is your big trip itinerary set in stone? We have a house in South of Crete if you want o add any dates. We dont rent it out but we do visit a few times a year. I meant to ask you befpre but not sure I actually did. Let me know xx


    • Laura says:

      Oh my, that you for letting us know! We do have our itinerary pretty well set for this trip, but believe it or not, Greece, Crete, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia are at the top of our list for the next trip. I will be in touch! Are you still going to Spain as planned?


  7. Lizzie says:

    It will still be there 🙂
    Pleased to saw I have three Greek trip and the Spanish trip booked and paid for. Like you I love the planning, searching and dreaming almost as much as the travel so plenty going on this year 🙂


  8. Mary ~ Reflections Around the Campfire says:

    Laura, I linked to your blog from “A Satisfying Retirement’ and I just wanted to say that I’m so happy I did. Your blog posts are a pleasure to read and it seems like our families may be similar regarding ages and stages: I retired in 2016 toward the end of our daughter’s junior year in high school and my husband had retired a couple of years prior to that. We were so blessed in that we were able to attend every softball game and tennis match that she played in during her final year of high school. Our daughter is still living at home and is attending a local college full time. Coincidentally, she is also adopted and we celebrate the date of her adoption as “Brother and Sister Day” at our house. (Can you guess in what month she was adopted? Yes, March!) Our son, who is five years older than his sister, is out in the workforce, but we’re fortunate in that we’re only separated from him by a couple of towns and not an ocean. You and I seem to share the exact same perspective when it comes to traveling, although my husband and I forego international travel to explore the United States by RV. I love the research and planning stage of a trip just as much as the journey itself, I think, and it doesn’t have to be a big trip to make me happy. My husband rolls his eyes (but smiles) every time I add another destination to our bucket list. Since you’re such a diligent planner, I know that whatever decision you and Brett make regarding the next step of your lives will be a well thought out one that will bring you both happiness and satisfaction. The best of luck on that journey – wherever it takes you!

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  9. Julie says:

    Hi Laura! I’ve been following your blog before your move to Kauai. I want to thank you for the beautiful, heartfelt posts and wonderful pictures. I was so happy to meet you in person in 2015 in Kauai and look forward to your Big Adventure posts. I’m on island now and it would be such a joy to meet you one last time. All the Best.


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