Five Frugal Things 2/3/2017

starbucks-caffe-verona-costco-1Here are five frugal things that happened last week:

  1. We put the $103.23 we would have had to pay for electricity this past month into our savings account. We still have approximately $14 of credit left for next month.
  2. Last month I made my daily goal every day on Swagbucks, and earned 629 extra Bucks. I have enough now for $60 in Amazon credit.
  3. Brett and I ate leftovers every day for lunch this past week; YaYu took leftovers every day in her lunch. All our meals were prepared at home.
  4. Brett bought only coffee beans on a trip to Costco, and besides the farmers’ market we had only one other trip into a store all week (for iceberg lettuce). (I think we’re getting good at this!)
  5. We spent only $3.99 of our monthly entertainment budget in January, to rent a movie from Amazon. Otherwise, everything we watched or streamed was free.

What were your frugal wins?