The Next Three Years I know I keep writing about what we’re dreaming about for the future, but what about the three intervening years between now and 2018?

Here’s what we’ll be focusing on for the next three years:

  1. Get WenYu and YaYu through high school and launched off to college. This is our top priority. Meiling is already on her way, and this next year WenYu will be applying to colleges and for scholarships. YaYu has just three more years of high school to go before she leaves our nest, but she is already thinking about where she wants to go to college and what she needs to do to get there.
  2. Save. I will outline this more in the future, but we have a heap o’ saving to do in the next three years to turn our dreams into realities.
  3. Enjoy Kaua’i. I still sometimes can’t believe we live in this beautiful place. I thought we would like it, but living here is so much more and so much better than we imagined. Every day here is a gift.
  4. Officially retire. While Brett is retired, I’m not, officially that is. But, beginning in November I will start receiving a (very small) monthly pension as well as receive a (very small) lump sump disbursement from Oregon. I have loads of paperwork to get started on this month to make that happen.
  5. Stay healthy. Both Brett and I currently enjoy excellent health and we plan to keep it that way. We both feel that our health has improved since we moved to Kaua’i: we’re eating healthier, eating less, and getting more exercise. We both are sleeping better as well. A concern for both of us here is skin health, but we’re obsessive about using sunscreen (SPF 70 or higher), and I don’t move from under the umbrella when we go to the beach.
  6. Save some more.
  7. Learn Japanese. With the acquisition of Rosetta Stone for now, we’ve already gotten this started. Coming up soon will be textbooks. We have no expectations of becoming fluent, but we will know a whole lot more than we do now when it’s time for us to go in 2019.
  8. Make plans. We have three years to firm things up about where and what we will be doing, but once decisions are made then we can start the official planning, including reading every guidebook we can find, researching lodgings, airfares, etc. The goal of planning is to set up a solid foundation for a trip so we can be more flexible and spontaneous when we’re at our destination.
  9. Continue saving. Can’t do this enough!

Will there be bumps in the road along the way? Of course. But, we have our priorities in order, and know what we have to do to reach our goals, and so will roll with the punches, pick ourselves up if we get knocked down, and keep going.

And, if the next three years are anything like the past three, the time is going to fly by.