Where In the World Should We Go?

b87e7c8a226a650e02b516282128c80cWhen it comes to where we want to travel in the future, Brett and I are still partially in the “dream” phase. I say partially because we know we want to spend more than half the year here on Kaua’i, and we know we want to spend three months in Japan every year. It’s those remaining two or so months out of every year that we’re still dreaming about.

We would like to spend up to two months every fall traveling and living in another area of the world. We would ideally stay in one place for a month, and then move to a second city or area for a second month. Four weeks in one place would give us opportunities to more fully explore our surroundings and allow us to experience the culture a bit more deeply.

Staying in one place for month will also be more affordable. The nightly cost for an Airbnb or VRBO rental drops considerably when booked for a month versus renting for just a few days or a week. And, staying longer will mean less eating out and will help curb other expenses such as more frequent travel between locations. But, we are open to travel that might have shorter stays or require some driving.

So, where in the world should we go?

This is the list we have come up with so far, in no particular order.

  • Rome/Florence/Cinque Terre
  • New Zealand (one month on the north island, one month in the south)
  • Barcelona/Lisbon
  • Prague/Vienna
  • Athens/Istanbul
  • Nostalgic west coast (one month in Seattle, visit Portland, then drive down to California – Yosemite NP and San Francisco – and finally back up to Seattle via the Oregon Coast)
  • Buenos Aires/Montevideo
  • Bath, England/County Cork, Ireland
  • Amsterdam/Copenhagen or Stockholm

Also, there are two other places I would love to see, but Brett is not as excited about them as I am:

  • India (We would definitely do a tour for this)
  • Botswana (same as above)

What do you think? Any other suggestions? Where do you think we should go first? Second? Third?

We need to eventually decide on three to start planning. If we get through three years of traveling, we will reevaluate our health and finances and go from there.

Where in the world do you think we should go?