Last Day To Enter Japan Giveaway #1!

Today is the last day to enter Japan Giveaway #1 – the contest ends at midnight tonight (in Hawai’i). Even if you’ve already entered, you can add one more and increase your chances of winning.

I will announce the winner tomorrow, along with Japan Giveaway #2!

6 thoughts on “Last Day To Enter Japan Giveaway #1!

  1. Good Morning Laura, what a great way to build excitement AND bring lurkers like me who faithfully read all blog posts yet rarely comment out of the woodwork. So here’s my last entry for the buttery bird give away. I only subscribe to a few blogs and have enjoyed yours for several years. I find subscribing keeps me in the loop on the latest posts. Notice of a new post in my email is like receiving a letter from a friend. Thank you, Sonja


  2. I have been following your blog for a few months now. I find it very fascinating – especially reading about your trips to Japan. We have had three Japanese exchange students over the years and find the Japanese people to be very polite and respectful. Two of these students have married Americans and now live in the States, so we keep in touch and even reunited with one of them who lives in Chicago.
    Can’t wait to see where your mystery trip is!


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