In Praise of Duckfeet

I expect to be wearing these sandals for years to come.

I don’t often highlight specific products, but in an age where products don’t often meet the hype, Duckfeet is the real deal.

I have very difficult feet when it comes to finding comfortable shoes. Both my feet are wide, with high arches. Thankfully they are not as bad as they were in the past but they are still troublesome at times. I had bunion surgery in 2013 on both feet; one foot was a success, the other not so much, so my feet are now essentially two different sizes. I have tried many well-known, expensive brands of shoes over the years in my efforts to find comfortable, well-made shoes, but those experiments have often ended with one shoe that falls off and one that I can barely squeeze my foot into.

When Meiling was a baby I had a pair of fisherman sandals, made by Rockport if I remember correctly, that I quite literally wore out. They were extremely comfortable, and I walked everywhere in them for nearly three years until the leather fell apart. Every since I have looked for a similar pair but never found any that matched the style and quality of that pair I loved.

Last month Meiling sent me a picture of some sandals she was preparing to buy, fisherman sandals made by a company called Duckfeet. I got very excited when I saw them because 1) They were exactly the style of fisherman sandals I had been looking for over the years; and 2) Duckfeet shoes are naturally built for wide feet with a wide toe box.

Duckfeet are known for their minimalist, foot-formed design that offers ample room for toes to move and air to reach the feet . . . . Each pair of Duckfeet is handcrafted in Europe without the use of synthetic materials . . . . No two pair of Duckfeet are exactly alike. Every pair of boots, shoes, and sandals is naturally tanned and processed by hand, allowing for subtle variations in the leather. These variations are highlighted by the way you wear them, giving each pair its own story.

I had a pair of black sandals on my provisioning list, and since last month was a “Laura month,” I went ahead and bought a pair of Duckfeet black fisherman sandals to try. I was honestly expecting to be disappointed once again, but instead have been happy and impressed with my purchase. I received free shipping and they arrived quickly. They fit both of my weird feet right out of the box. The larger foot was only slightly tight at first but after wearing the sandals around the apartment for a few days it now fits comfortably. In fact, I like the sandals’ fit so much that I’ve added a pair of Duckfeet’s Chelsea boots to my list and will purchase before we leave. I have finally found a brand with stylish shoes that fit my weird feet, that are waterproof, and are built to last. I expect to wear these sandals for years, which is fine by me – the style is classic.

The Roskilde Chelsea boot in black: my next Duckfeet purchase

Duckfeet shoes have been making shoes in Denmark since 1975. Offering many styles, from sandals to boots, each pair is handmade made from high quality leather. The finish on the leather is naturally waterproof, and the crepe soles can be replaced when they wear out. A pair of Duckfeet shoes or sandals are not cheap, but prices are not into the stratosphere either or as high as other brands (like Mephisto, etc.). In spite of their width, they are stylish and come in a wide variety of colors.

I love my Duckfeet. May they give me years of wear and happiness!


12 thoughts on “In Praise of Duckfeet

  1. I had a pair of sandals made in Greece recently. I’ve never had sandals feel so good, with no break in time. and they were only 70€! I wore them more than my other shoes combined. It has made me realize that spending the money on high quality and good fit actually saves money. I have a bunion on one foot that I need to deal with when I get home, but those sandals really saved me.


    1. It’s really something when you find a super comfortable (and stylish) pair of shoes – makes all the difference when you’re traveling. I am carrying more pairs of shoes with me this next time – I thought I was so smart last time with my two pairs, but I wore them out quickly because of all the walking we did, and then was miserable. So, more variety this time!


    1. Shoes have been my downfall for as long as I can remember. Wide sizes were impossible to find when I was young (which is what helped cause the bunions to form) and caused callouses. I’ve never had a pair of shoes fit so comfortably so fast as this pair and I am looking forward to getting those boots!


  2. What a find! I laughed when I saw your title, as I had just purchased a pair of Hokas and needed to exchange for a wide width. Put them on and said to my husband, “I have duck feet.” But comfort is paramount at this point in life. I can’t do much with my feet in pain. Happy for you and will definitely look into this brand!


    1. I love my Hokas! I had to get them in wide size as well though, but they have fit well from the start and are going strong.

      I have had “duck feet” my entire life, so was thrilled to find this brand. They’re incredibly well made, and because they can be resoled I’m hoping for many years of wear from them.

      P.S. Brett wasn’t crazy about the black sandals, but once they arrived and I had them on he changed his mind. They’re very stylish!

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  3. Very timely, as I was just packing up all of the shoes in my closet that aren’t comfortable anymore. And after months of searching, I was finally able to replace my tennis shoes with another pair of wides, which are really hard to find. So I’m looking forward to trying this new to me brand. Thanks!


    1. I hope these work for you! I love the wide toe bed and the styles, too. I also love that the leather will soften up over time and they’ll be even more comfortable. I know what you mean though about getting rid of shoes that aren’t comfortable – I’ve decided that comfortable shoes are the most important part of my wardrobe, and if my feet don’t feel good, then it really doesn’t matter what else I’m wearing.


    1. Joan – no arch support in the sandals, but until I try to wear them for long periods or take them out for walk I don’t know if that’s going to be a problem or not because otherwise they are very comfortable. Duckfeet does have inserts available for their other shoes which I will purchase when I buy the Chelsea boots.


  4. Shoes have been the bane of my existence my whole life! My feet were not wide at all. My arches were extremely high. I don’t like shoes touching my feet. That is a problem. It seems as I age the cost of my shoes has risen which is okay with me. I want comfortable shoes. I did wear Bass for many years. My latest purchases are SAS sandals. However, I have not found a closed shoe for winter and wet. Now, late in life, I have swollen feet. So, the search is on. Trying on shoes is a must for me. I love your sandals.


    1. Same here, Linda; the same here. Until I reached my 60s, I wore a size 6 1/2 and wide (attractive) shoes in that size were nearly impossible to find. When I did I wore them out. These days I am a size 7, and I will spend more to get comfortable shoes, especially since we like to walk a lot. Finding comfortable, well-made shoes is my holy grail.

      Something weird though is that my mom had super narrow feet, like AA or AAA or something and had just as much trouble finding comfortable shoes as I do now!


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