Farewell to Strasbourg

We will miss Strasbourg’s distinctive architecture – eye candy every day!

We have spent a wonderful three weeks in Strasbourg, but we’ll be up early tomorrow morning for pastries and coffee, and then leaving for the station to catch our train to Paris, where we’ll change stations/trains for the trip to Bordeaux.

Location, location, location – our apartment has been very small (less than 300 square feet), but it’s been very comfortable (including the sofa bed) and a great place for us to stay in Strasbourg.

Although our Strasbourg apartment has been tiny, smaller than many RVs, it’s worked out well for us and Brett and I now know how small a space we could live in if we had to! We divided the chores while we were here so that neither of us had to be in the kitchen at the same time, worked out a schedule for when the sofa bed was either unfolded or had to be put pack up, and figured out who got what space where (I like to curl up on the sofa, Brett prefers being in a chair at the counter). Our apartment in Bordeaux is going to feel like a mansion after living so small here.

One thing we’ve greatly enjoyed in our apartment, besides the terrific location, has been a Nespresso machine, and the ability to make a delicious cup of espresso every afternoon or after dinner. We are not “gadget people” but we’ve decided that once we settle somewhere we are going to get ourselves one of these machines, especially since the Nespresso pods are completely recyclable.

A plate of choucroute, with five different Alsatian sausages, sauerkraut and potatoes.

We spent our last full “free day” (Thursday) in Strasbourg going out for choucroute, perhaps the most famous regional Alsatian dish. The restaurant had several varieties available, but we each ordered a version with five different local sausages (made on site at the restaurant’s downstairs charcuterie) instead of a more traditional one that included various cuts of pork. The sausages were all delicious, and the sauerkraut absolutely perfect, and not as sour as any I’ve eaten previously in my life (I read that French sauerkraut puts the German version to shame and after our meal I agree). We left lunch with full and happy stomachs, and walked over to the Musée de l’Œuvre Notre-Dame to see the exhibits of Medieval and Renaissance art and architecture there – the museum had been closed on our last two tries because of a strike, but the third time was apparently a charm.

Twelfth to fifteenth century statues from the cathedral that have been taken down and restored – they’ll eventually go back up.
The spiral staircase at the end of the museum tour – it reminded me of octopus tentacles.

We had noticed a lot of commotion surrounding the Cathedral as we walked past on our way to the museum, and it turned out a detective/mystery series was being filmed on location. It was fascinating to watch the actors and the extras (which included some police, a CID team, and a couple of morgue workers) take their marks and then go through the scene over and over – they did three takes while we were there. We also got to see the murder “victim” back in the catering tent, in full costume – that was amusing. I may end up on French TV – all of us at standing at the police tape were apparently there as normal “gawkers” who would show up if there really was a murder or accident or such. Anyway, I will never be able to watch another episode of any show without thinking of this experience and seeing how it’s done!

Actors, extras and crew move through their scene in front of the cathedral.
We had to go back for the fancy ice cream cones once more!

All has not been fun and roses though – I came down with a massive head cold night before last, with an awful sore throat and a head that felt like a soggy bowling ball. It’s been especially miserable because I cannot remember the last time I was sick – I don’t think I had a cold the entire time we lived in Hawai’i. Brett, bless his heart, let me take the day off yesterday while he took care of the laundry so that we could pack today. I felt well enough to fix dinner last night although my appetite sure was diminished. I’m feeling better today and should be fine for tomorrow’s travel day.

So, it’s on to Bordeaux tomorrow and our last eight days in France. My suitcase is packed, and Brett will be getting his done in a little while. We have completely fallen in love with Strasbourg and will be sad to say good-bye to this wonderful city tomorrow. We’ve enjoyed our respite here, the experiences we’ve had and the things we’ve seen and done, and both of us are so very glad we decided to stay here for as long as we have.


12 thoughts on “Farewell to Strasbourg

    1. I am so glad we came here, and that we stayed here as long as we have. I can’t remember where now, but I saw a couple of pictures of the city and thought it looked like an interesting place to visit. It has been, and affordable too. We were originally going to stay longer in Bordeaux and then a short time here in Strasbourg, but now I’m glad they got flipped around.

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  1. Beautiful pictures again, and I love the fancy ice cream. Very creative. Looking forward to your next location.

    We are in Toronto for our grandson’s fifth birthday party, which is going to include a visit from live reptiles. Should be interesting. Ha!


    1. We initially went to the ice cream shop on our host’s recommendation and had no idea they did the flower thing. The second time we stuck with sorbets because a) the flavors looked good, and b) we thought the flower would be prettier.

      No reptiles for me, thank you. I had a brother that kept snakes . . . until they all escaped one day. I’ve never liked lizards. So, for a party like that I would just have to excuse myself and go home! Still hope you and your grandson have a wonderful, informative time!


    1. From this end things are moving just as we hoped they would, time wise. Sometimes the time seems to go quickly, other times slowly. It’s almost hard to believe that it was just a month ago we were arriving in France, after that horrid flight – it seems like we’ve been here longer. We’ll only be in Bordeaux eight days (not ten, as I thought) and then it’s on to a month in Florence. After that things should move quickly again as we’ll only be in Rome for a week, and ten days in Lisbon before heading back to the U.S.

      Believe it or not, we’re already talking about what we want to do when the whole things is finished – we have several options to choose from, and time to really think them over.


      1. Following you on this journey has been fun and very educational. I have definitely learned a lot about how to improve any further trips I go on, although I probably won’t be going anywhere overseas again until 2020. I was reading your post from a few weeks ago about budgeting and you mentioned you pay for most things cash, which surprised me because I just assumed you were using credit cards, but I like the idea of using ATMs and cash better.

        I look forward to finding out where you’ll eventually decide to settle. Do you think it’ll be a place you’ve lived in before? It’s probably way too early to ask that question!


      2. We do use our credit card, but not all that often – sticking with cash is what’s helping us stay within our budget. We do use the credit car for travel expenses and if we go out to a restaurant because we get double rewards points for those. We pay it off at the end of each month.

        As I mentioned above, we have several options for what we can do and where we can go when the adventure is over. We discuss them now and again, but feel like it’s still too early yet to make a decision. However, we know too that it’s better to have a decision earlier rather than later so that plans can be made and executed!


    1. Thank you for checking in and reading! I never thought I’d be writing this much, but I’ve had fun going back over my previous posts and remembering places and experiences. We’re really going to miss Strasbourg. We felt the same, but not as strongly when we left Buenos Aires.


  2. …and here you were just saying that you two have remained healthy so far… HA!! Glad you are feeling better and hope your travel day goes well.

    I’m anxious to see your next stop as I was there two years ago.


    1. This cold seemed to come out of nowhere. I literally went to bed feeling fine and woke up in the middle of the night with an awful sore throat and things went downhill from there. What’s been frustrating is that it appears to be getting better and then flares up again. Brett is making me rest a lot, and we’re not pushing any intense daily schedules for now. Plus, we have no problem spending time in this lovely apartment!


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